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EDITORIAL: Diplomats should be hired on merit

Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu’s (吳釗燮) appointment of his aide Vincent Chao (趙怡翔) as head of the political division at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Washington is probably the single piece of news that, oddly enough, received a similar amount ofFULL STORY

No cross-strait ‘spiritual union’

By Lin Shih-Chia 林世嘉

On Dec. 24, the government announced that due to China’s suppression of Taiwan’s national dignity when it came to the US$1 million donation to the WHO to assist the fight against the Ebola virus, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs suspended the donation after failing toFULL STORY

Women matter in the workforce

By Lee Po-Chih 李博志

In almost every country in the world, men tend to participate in job markets more than women. However, these gender differences in participation rates have lessened in recent decades. Taiwan’s population in 1950 was only 7.6 million, of which men accounted for 51.5 percent and womenFULL STORY

Question of food waste needs to be answered

By Chen Wen-ching 陳文卿

The African swine fever threat cannot be countered by armchair strategies or wishful thinking. The focus should be on real-life problems. Hardly a day goes by without someone getting caught bringing meat products into the country, and there have been several instances where pig carcasses ofFULL STORY

Basic income the weapon to battle giants threatening society

By Guy Standing

In 1942, William Beveridge issued an epoch-defining report that established a model for welfare states in the post-World War II era. He recognized that the old social protection system had broken down and that it was “time for revolutions, not for patching.” The challenge, Beveridge said,FULL STORY

N Korea’s nuclear program moves on, pressuring US

By Jon Herskovitz and Youkyung Lee

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un this month told the world that the nation last year took steps to stop making nuclear weapons, a shift from his earlier public statements. The evidence shows production has continued and possibly expanded. Satellite-imagery analysis and leaked US intelligence suggest thatFULL STORY

Breaking the cycle of bonded labor in India

By Amar Lal

My childhood arrived late. Born to an impoverished family in a stone quarry in Rajasthan, India, I knew how to crack rocks before I could spell my name. My parents were bonded laborers and as soon as I could hold a hammer, I was, too.FULL STORY

EDITORIAL: NTU president Kuan should resign2019-01-17

Not long after Kuan Chung-ming (管中閔) took office as National Taiwan University (NTU) president, the Control Yuan on Tuesday decided to impeach him. This was just the latest development in a hugely controversial selection process for the top job in the nation’s most prestigious university. TheFULL STORY

Politics scaring off foreign investors2019-01-17

By Jerry Liu 劉仕傑

An offshore wind power development plan in Changhua County got stuck because the county government and the Bureau of Energy had different interpretations of a procedure through which electricity enterprises apply for construction permits. As a result, four developers failed to secure a favorable feed-in tariffFULL STORY

The radical rebuilding of societies2019-01-17

By Bruno Walther

US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called for much higher taxes — up to 70 percent — for rich people (“Representative punts ‘radical’ US tax strategy,” Jan. 11, page 9). Such a call was long overdue given rising inequality, not just in wealth, but also inFULL STORY

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