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EDITORIAL: A long road to improving education

Several encouraging news reports over the past week show that some of the people in charge of education are finally getting the right ideas. Nothing solid has been implemented yet, but the public should keep a close watch on developments. The biggest news is after decadesFULL STORY

Is it a question of law, or of judges?

Wu Ching-chin 吳景欽

The legislature last week confirmed the new Control Yuan nominees, one of whom, Chen Shih-meng (陳師孟), during the nomination process pledged to “launch probes against those in the judiciary who selectively take up prosecution against pan-green camp politicians and government officials.” Whether Chen has alreadyFULL STORY

Taipei quake serves as reminder

By Ma Kuo-Fong and Pan Chang-Chih 馬國鳳,潘昌志

A magnitude 5.7 earthquake with its hypocenter 140km underground happened in Taipei on Wednesday last week. As the earthquake was detected in Taipei’s Beitou District (北投), and there had been reports of large amounts of white smoke billowing from the nearby Qixing Mountain (七星山), itFULL STORY

PLA has a history of a lack of self-restraint

By HoonTing 雲程

Observers say that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has a habit of “making mischief” on Jan. 11 each year. On Jan. 11, 2007, China destroyed one of its own satellites with a missile, demonstrating its weapons capabilities, but disregarding safety in space. In 2011,FULL STORY

Battle to save EU looms and a line is drawn at an Alpine pass

By Marc Champion

Austria built a steel canopy over the northbound lanes of the highway through the alpine Brenner Pass about a year ago, ready to reimpose border controls with Italy. The shelter has yet to be used and Stefan Pan for one wants to keep it thatFULL STORY

Europe must wake up to the dire consequences of a hard Brexit

By Joris Luyendijk

Because it is such a riveting clown show with crazy episodes almost every day, Europeans can be forgiven for ignoring that Brexit is going to hurt them too. However, as the date of Britain’s departure comes closer and British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government continues itsFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Control Yuan could help repair trust2018-01-23

All 11 new Control Yuan members are to report for duty by the end of the month after the Presidential Office in a notice on Wednesday last week announced their terms, which are to last until July 31, 2020. Of the new Control Yuan members, ChenFULL STORY

Pay raises cannot solve low wages2018-01-23

By Chang Wen-po 張溫波

This year, the most important task facing President Tsai Ing-wen’s (蔡英文) administration is to comprehensively tackle the problem of low salaries — in particular among younger people. The government has said that it aspires to achieve a minimum monthly salary of NT$30,000. The Tsai administration couldFULL STORY

Army must do what it can to keep China out2018-01-23

By Lu Yu-li 陸裕黎

The news earlier this month that China has unilaterally activated northbound flights on the M503 route elicited scrutiny from the legislature and TV pundits as the debate continues over whether the Taiwan Strait should be regarded as China’s territorial waters or Taiwan’s. While the gapFULL STORY

[ LETTER ]2018-01-23

Make your country great US President Donald Trump got himself in hot water when he allegedly referred to certain countries as “shithole” countries. Do not get out of the shithole by migrating elsewhere: The only way to do it is by making your own country great. NobodyFULL STORY

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