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EDITORIAL: China’s meddling becoming smarter

Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau Director-General Leu Wen-jong (呂文忠) yesterday confirmed that China has attempted to meddle in the Nov. 24 nine-in-one elections, saying that his bureau has so far received more than 30 pieces of intelligence pointing to China either funding local candidates’ campaignsFULL STORY

Misinformation about gay marriage

By Yen Cheng-fang 顏正芳

During next month’s nine-in-one local elections, the electorate will be asked to vote on various referendums, with three opposing and two supporting same-sex marriage and making gay issues part of the national curriculum. The referendums are polarizing, with supporters lining up on each side ofFULL STORY

Gay marriage makes society whole

By MT Young

As young people mature, all over the planet, they gradually become aware of their sexuality, some sooner, some later. Ideally, their parents will discuss the matter with them, as with any other aspects of reality. However, we know that many, many parents do not doFULL STORY

Killing for money: the Chinese organ trade

By Hoon Ting 雲程

US investigative writer Ethan Gutmann testified to the Third Round Table Briefing on Forced Organ Harvesting in China at the UK Parliament last week. In his testimony, he said China was abusing organ transplantations, which were originally meant to save lives. Gutmann also said thatFULL STORY

Bribery probe hurts one of Southeast Asia’s biggest projects

By Harry Suhartono and David Yong

The home of Lippo Group deputy chairman James Riady on Wednesday was searched by anti-graft officials, the latest development in a bribery probe that has entangled one of Indonesia’s leading business conglomerates and thrown into doubt the future of a major development project touted asFULL STORY

China’s factory heartland braces for Trump’s big tariff hit

In China’s manufacturing heartland around the Pearl River Delta, US President Donald Trump’s 10 percent tariffs are causing little concern. The 25 percent duties that loom next year are another matter. Ben Yang, a furniture maker producing contemporary designs out of his facility in Dongguan —FULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Firms in China face policy risk2018-10-22

Data released by the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics on Friday showed that China’s GDP growth slowed to 6.5 percent in the third quarter, the lowest since early 2009. China’s growth faces increasing pressure from the US-China trade war, Beijing’s financial deleveraging and property curbs,FULL STORY

Ian Easton On Taiwan: Frightful questions about China2018-10-22

In a recent landmark speech, United States Vice President Michael Pence made a powerful case to the American people for strategic competition with China. The merits of such an approach are many. But for it to be effective over the long run, officials in WashingtonFULL STORY

DPP betrays conservationist image2018-10-22

By Tsai Chung-yueh 蔡中岳

After Premier William Lai’s (賴清德) strong pledge and the resignation statement of Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) Deputy Minister Thomas Chan (詹順貴), the environmental impact assessment (EIA) mechanism was damaged by holding a third EIA meeting within two weeks to discuss CPC Corp, Taiwan’s third liquefiedFULL STORY

Spurning the DPP will not further nationhood2018-10-22

By Tiffany Hsiao 蕭文婷

Anyone who knows about the history of Ireland will likely be familiar with the two campaigns for Irish independence: the Home Rule movement, which campaigned for self-governing independent status within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and the campaign for complete independence andFULL STORY

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