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EDITORIAL: Back to economic basics

The Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics on Friday raised its GDP growth forecast for Taiwan to 2.69 percent, up from 2.6 percent in May. This year, several forecasters have revised upward their economic growth predictions for Taiwan, reflecting that the nation’s 15th business cycleFULL STORY

John J. Tkacik On Taiwan: ‘Surf and Turf’: Maps and the ‘one China’ principle

Last Monday morning (Aug. 13), my attention was attracted to an eye-catching story, complete with photo and maps, in the middle of the Washington Post’s print edition headlined “Small island at heart of a US-Canada boundary dispute.” It seems that, today, in 2018, the twoFULL STORY

Megaphone diplomacy not Tsai’s game plan

By Chen Yung-chang 陳永昌

In his op-ed piece in the Taipei Times (“Reading the political winds: the case for discretion,” Aug. 13, page 6), research fellow Ryan Hass of the Brookings Institution in Washington said: “Now is not the time for Taiwan to employ megaphone diplomacy to press theFULL STORY


A postcard to the world When opening the BBC news Web site on a Sunday morning, an article that mentioned Taiwan caught my attention, and subsequently brightened my day. In Derbyshire, UK, a care home for older people with dementia had initiated an appeal online: askingFULL STORY

Unsure of how to handle Trump, China braces for ‘new Cold War’

By Daniel Ten Kate and Wes Kosova

Perhaps nowhere outside the US’ heartland is US President Donald Trump given more credit than in Beijing. In government offices and think tanks, universities and state-run newsrooms, there is an urgent debate underway about what many here see as the hidden motive for Washington’s escalating tradeFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Democracy permits dialogue2018-08-19

Taiwanese bakery and beverage shop 85°C landed itself in hot water after declaring on Wednesday that it supports the so-called “1992 consensus,” and that Taiwan and China are “one family.” The assertion that the two nations are one family has been a source of great controversyFULL STORY

Hong Kong’s future is uncertain2018-08-19

By Joseph Tse-Hei Lee 李榭熙

The deterioration of Hong Kong’s governance has to do with its undemocratic constitutional structure. The postcolonial executive leaders and senior civil servants are professionally competent at executing orders and managing urban development, but they lack a backbone to express Hong Kongers’ legitimate concerns and grievancesFULL STORY

Taiwan must persist as China fades2018-08-19

By Tzou Jiing-wen 鄒景雯

As a country prone to bullying the weak and fearing the powerful, China will never sit idle when President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) is on a foreign trip. It was expected that China would seize the opportunity this time and pull out its old tricks toFULL STORY

Changing the nation’s name should not be first2018-08-19

By James Wang 王景弘

Taiwan is Taiwan. This is how the world addresses it, and there is no question about it. However, if the nation wants to participate in international organizations as “Taiwan,” the key is not facts, or justice, but winning enough votes from member states of thoseFULL STORY

Europe must stop worrying
and recognize its power

By Zaki Laidi

US President Donald Trump and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker might have averted a trade war last month, but the challenges confronting the EU are far from resolved. In today’s increasingly Hobbesian global environment, the EU can survive only by increasing its capacity to projectFULL STORY

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