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EDITORIAL: Fintech needs steady oversight

The central bank’s quarterly board meeting on Thursday last week yielded little surprise. The benchmark rediscount rate was kept at 1.375 percent for the eighth consecutive quarter and the bank said it would maintain an accommodative monetary policy to ensure price stability, and foster steadyFULL STORY

Abraham M. Denmark On Taiwan: Partnering to protect democracy

Beijing’s efforts to interfere in the politics of neighboring democracies has received a great deal of attention in recent months. From New Zealand and Australia to the United States, it is increasingly apparent that China has invested significant resources in nontraditional areas such as thinkFULL STORY

EPA must get tough on bad habits

By Hsieh Ying-shih and Kao Szu-chi 謝英士,高思齊

On June 8 the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) released draft regulations that would ban the use of single-use plastic drinking straws for dine-in use at restaurants in government offices, schools and colleges, department stores and fast-food chains. Following the announcement, many Internet users have beenFULL STORY

Politicians should show they value green space

By Lu Ching-fu 呂清夫

Green park space reflects a city’s cultural standards. Newspaper reports have said that only 10 percent of New Taipei City’s green park space has been developed. Of 48 park locations selected by the city, only 15 have been developed, and some are only halfway done. InFULL STORY

Thailand banks on tech to end slavery at sea

By Beh Lih Yi and Rina Chandran

Enslaved on a Thai fishing vessel for 11 years, Tun Lin saw his fellow workers lose their minds one after another, with one fisherman jumping into the sea to end his life. Some would start murmuring or laughing to themselves as they worked day and nightFULL STORY

Tuberculosis is an epidemic the world needs to stop ignoring

By Jose Luis Castro

A primary-school student is diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) in a leafy neighborhood outside Washington. An infant with TB meningitis is transported by helicopter to a hospital in Eastern Canada. A preschool student in Smarves, France, is showing symptoms of TB a year after a classmateFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Victims must feel safe to take action2018-06-24

A New Taipei City elementary school came under fire on Wednesday after Taipei City Councilor Angela Ying (應曉薇) accused the school of refusing to detail its response to allegations that one of its teachers sexually assaulted eight children. Although the law stipulates that teachers must informFULL STORY

Out-of-context statistics mislead2018-06-24

By Emilio Venezian

The front page article “Cancer remains top cause as deaths hit record high” (Taipei Times, June 16) appears to have been designed to demonstrate the general incompetence of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and, in particular, of its Statistics Department. It cites, entirely outFULL STORY

Democracy in Taiwan is worth studying2018-06-24

By Kevin Frazier

American lore touts the nation as a “city on a hill” — a democracy shining brightly for the world to see and emulate. Yet, Americans should look to Taiwan — an island in the sea — for a model of the civic values and nationalFULL STORY

[ LETTERS ]2018-06-24

Uninformed criticism It is important that the Taipei Times — like other international newspapers — publishes conflicting opinions about controversial topics. Readers, but also contributors, might learn from such debates. However, that is not the case with [Nick Kent’s] letter (June 12, page 6) critically commentingFULL STORY

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