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Pucker up


Have you ever seen a fish make this face?

If you see it on a human, it might mean they want to be kissed. Or, if that person is in the water like these fish are, it might mean they are trying to breathe.

But fish don't breathe air, and they don't use their mouths to breathe.

Fish breathe underwater, through slits on the sides of their bodies called gills.

Maybe these fish want to kiss the person taking their picture, but probably not. Fish usually make this face when they are hungry and they think there is food nearby.

Next time you're hungry, try making this face and see if it works!

The words of the day

to pucker up

皺成一團 (zhou4 cheng2 yi4 tuan2)

When Tara ate the sour candy, her mouth puckered up like a fish's.



鰓 (sai1)

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