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US stock markets rebound after Trump sell-off
川普危機暫緩 美股回升

US stock markets were left heavily bruised after a massive sell-off on Thursday last week, however on Friday technology stocks spearheaded a partial recovery. With problems piling on top of one another for US President Donald Trump, markets are concerned his administration will have difficultlyFULL STORY

Muji moves into house design with Muji Hut
無印良品推出組合屋「Muji Hut 」

Japanese retailer Muji has released a new product: a nine square meter prefabricated building called “Muji Hut.” The hut, which will go on sale in August this year in Japan, will cost approximately 3 million Japanese yen (NT$822,000) inclusive of tax. The hut’s minimalist form isFULL STORY


A: You look like a drowned rat. B: I just got caught in a sudden downpour, I’m soaked right through. A: Oh no, what a disaster. B: Fortunately I’ve got a spare change of clothes and I picked up some disposable underwear from the convenience store on theFULL STORY


Chinese Practice 得不償失 the losses outweigh the gains (de2 bu4 chang2 shi1) 成語「得不償失」原作「得不酬失」,出自《後漢書》「故得不酬失,功不半勞」,意為:「因此所得到的抵償不了所失去的,所成就的不及所付出的一半」。這是描述漢代朝廷花了很多功夫鎮壓境內西羌人的抗爭,但卻效果有限。雖然漢人在數量上比西羌明顯更具優勢,且多次成功鎮壓西羌叛亂,但其所耗費之人力與金錢太過巨大,終而導致漢代國勢的衰敗。 宋代詩文大家蘇軾在回覆其弟的〈和子由除日見寄〉一詩中用到這成語,並把它寫作「得不償失」。 這句話的意思為失去的比得到的更多,英文常譯為the losses outweigh the gains。我們在四月十七日的「活用成語」單元所介紹的英文片語Pyrrhic victory (皮洛士的勝利),在某些語境中也可以用來表達得不償失的意思。另外,類似的片語還有not worth the candle(不值得點蠟燭)。中世紀時電燈尚未發明,燭光為太陽下山後唯一的照明光源。若有活動被認為是浪費時間,就可說是不值得花錢準備蠟燭來照明的。最後,還有一個片語叫作false economy(假節約),意思是說,你為了省錢而買品質較差的東西,結果長期下來,卻是花費了更多錢買東西去更換它。 (台北時報編譯林俐凱譯) 他多年來把陪家人孩子的時間都用來加班,為了多賺點錢卻失去了寶貴的親情,得不償失,他後悔不已。 (For many years he wasted time he could have spent with his child doing overtime at work, losing precious time spent with his family for the sake ofFULL STORY


A: Wow that smells delicious. What are you cooking? B: I’m making risotto for my dog. A: Err, are you sure dogs can eat risotto? B: Don’t worry, dogs can eat cooked white rice. But you shouldn’t use onions or garlic, they destroy a dog’s red blood cells. A:FULL STORY

Taipower hopes to build Green Island geothermal power plant

Taiwan Power Co (Taipower) is interested in tapping the geothermal energy in Green Island. The company is currently planning to drill two wells near Chaorih Hot Spring to conduct tests. If the tests are successful, the company will build a geothermal power plant capable ofFULL STORY


A: Have you tried this new drink from Japan, it’s the bee’s knees. B: What is it? A: It’s a soy milk green tea with chocolate chips. B: Umm… that doesn’t sound like my cup of tea. A: 你有沒有喝過這種新出來的日本飲料?好喝得不得了。 B: 那是什麼? A: 豆漿綠茶加巧克力碎片。 B: 呃……聽起來不像是我會喜歡的。 English 英文: Chinese 中文: FULL STORY

A precarious way to enjoy a day

We were looking at an elevation increase of almost 800m in 1.5km: that is, intimidatingly steep, and often relying on fixed ropes. At one stage it involved scaling a vertical rock wall 20-25 precipitous meters straight up. By the time we made it back down,FULL STORY


A: It’s been raining almost non-stop all week. B: Tell me about it, I’m beginning to get cabin fever. A: To hell with it, let’s brave the weather and go to the movies. B: Are you sure this is a good idea? We’ll get absolutely drenched. A: 這星期雨幾乎沒停過。 B: 就是啊,我都要得幽閉恐懼症了。 A:FULL STORY

Eight divas sing against homophobia

To mark International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT) on May 17, eight pop divas in the Chinese world, including Chang Hui-mei, A-lin, Elva Hsiao, Rainie Yang and Little S from Taiwan, Na Ying from China, Sandy Lam from Hong Kong and Tanya ChuaFULL STORY

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