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Chinese practice 沾沾自喜 self-satisfied; complacent (zhan1 zhan1 zi4 xi3) 此處介紹的兩個成語都是用來形容自滿,一個源自古中國,一個源自古希臘。 《史記》〈魏其武安侯列傳〉是記載漢景帝時竇太后堂姪竇嬰的生平。 漢景帝一日與其弟等人宴飲,酒酣耳熱之際,說將來要讓同為竇太后之子的弟弟繼承自己的王位,也在場的竇嬰聽了便加以反對,說此舉將破壞朝廷規矩。竇嬰此言觸怒了寵愛兒子的竇太后,便將竇嬰逐出朝廷。後來吳王與楚王造反,竇嬰再被請出來擔任將軍,平定了叛亂,而竇嬰也因此功勞被冊封為魏其侯。竇太后很讚賞竇嬰的表現,便建議漢景帝起用竇嬰作宰相。但漢景帝不以為然,說道:「魏其者,沾沾自喜耳,多易。難以為相,持重。」(魏其侯這個人,立了點功勞就沾沾自喜,辦事傲慢輕浮,很難擔當宰相這個重任。) 由此,成語「沾沾自喜」便用來形容人有點過於自滿。 古希臘人由西元前六世紀起,每四年舉辦一次祭獻太陽神阿波羅(Apollo) 的皮西安競技會(Pythian Games),與奧林匹克競技會相隔兩年,以祭獻太陽神阿波羅(Apollo)。當時的神話傳說,阿波羅愛上了女神黛芙妮,而月桂葉即代表了黛芙妮。由於此神話故事,希臘人便頒給比賽的得勝者一頂月桂冠。因此to rest on one’s laurels(靠在他的月桂冠上)這個片語是隱喻仰賴過去的成功,現作貶義,以勸誡自滿及怠惰。 (台北時報編譯林俐凱譯) 只贏了一兩次就沾沾自喜、得意忘形,你也太不長進了吧! (Well, you’re pretty satisfied with yourself after just a few victories, aren’t you. You have a ways to go yet.) 這一點小成功是我們再精進的動力,我們絕不能沾沾自喜、以此自滿。 (This small success will spur us on. We cannot be complacent, and satisfied withFULL STORY


A: Didn’t you already order sugar with your milk tea? B: Yes, but I like my tea really sweet, so I always add extra myself. A: Too much sugar will increase your risk of getting diabetes. B: Yeah, I know. But whenever I’m stressed I want to pigFULL STORY

Facebook releases global emoji survey on World Emoji Day

On July 17, World Emoji Day, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg shared results from the company’s latest survey on emojis used on Facebook. The survey shows there are over 60 million emojis used on Facebook daily, and as many as 5 billion emojis used in privateFULL STORY


A: I changed my phone number, updating from 3G to 4G. B: Really. So what’s your new number? A: Erm, I still haven’t memorized it. I’ll call you now. B: OK. I’ve updated your number. Would you like to note your number down? A: 我為了從3G換成4G,辦了一個新的門號。 B: 是喔,你的新手機號碼幾號? A: 呃,我一時背不出來,我現在直接撥電話給你。 B: 好。我更新你的號碼了。你要不要把你的號碼抄下來? EnglishFULL STORY

Exiting stage right

This photo is striking even if you don’t know who the people are, where they are or what their relationship is, because of the variation of interaction, posture and expression and the dynamism the small boy creates as he breaks away from the group. Each personFULL STORY


A: There's going to be a typhoon tonight. Remember to take the plant pots off the balcony. B: Done it already. I've also got torches, dried food and mineral water ready. A: You've thought of everything. B: The last few typhoons there have been power cuts and theFULL STORY

Chef makes “Krabby Patty” from cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants
神廚示範:海綿寶寶 「美味蟹堡」秘方曝光

Exactly how delicious is the classic “Krabby Patty” from cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants? American chef Andrew Rea recently showed people online how to make the burger for themselves. Rea even publicly revealed Mr. Krabs’ “secret formula.” In a video, the chef demonstrated how to make the burgerFULL STORY


A: I’ve been preparing for a TOEFL test recently, and I’m looking for someone to practice my spoken English with. Are you interested? B: Haven’t you already taken the TOEFL? A: I didn’t do too well, and my spoken was the worst. I want to give itFULL STORY

Online gaming restricted over fears of youth Internet addiction
憂孩童沉迷電玩 王者榮耀

To “ensure children’s healthy development,” Internet giant Tencent Games on July 4 began limiting daily playing times on its smartphone smash hit King of Glory, putting an end to all-night gaming marathons for some Chinese kids. As concerns grow in China that long periods online areFULL STORY


A: Your phone hasn’t stopped vibrating. Aren’t you going to answer it? B: Oh. That’s my mother. I don’t want to talk to her right now. A: Have you had an argument? B: No. She thinks I’ve been single too long and she wants to arrange a matchmakerFULL STORY

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