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Bilingual Music: Baroque dance suites

As the name implies, a suite is a collection of short, stylistically different dances. They were a very popular form of composition during the Baroque period. The French ordre and suite and the Italian partite are just different words meaning the same thing. In previousFULL STORY


A : Shall we find your friends? Wait, I think that’s them sitting on the grass over there. B : Yep, that’s them. Let’s go. A : I’ve brought this old sofa throw we can use as a picnic rug. Is it alright if I lay itFULL STORY

Shadow, Dear Ex lead nominees at 55th Golden Horse Awards
《影》、《誰先愛上他的》 金馬獎大熱門

The 55th Golden Horse Awards will take place tomorrow. Chinese director Zhang Yimou’s Shadow and Taiwanese directors Mag Hsu and Kidding Hsu’s Dear Ex are the strongest contestants, leading the nominees with 12 and eight nods respectively, including Best Feature Film. Other nominees for thisFULL STORY


A: I’d like a glass of the wheat beer, please. B: That will be NT$150. A: Here you are. B: I’m sorry, we only accept Love dollars inside the music festival, but you can change NT dollars into Love dollars at the desk over there. A: 你好,我想要點一杯小麥啤酒。 B: 這樣是一百五十元。 A: 這邊是一百五。 B:FULL STORY

US band Guns N’ Roses to rock Taiwan
搖滾天團槍與玫瑰 創始成員合體襲台

US hard rock band Guns N’ Roses (GNR) is to rock Taiwan with an outdoor concert at the Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium on Saturday. The show will be part of its latest “Not in This Lifetime. . . Tour.” Launched in 2016, the tour hasFULL STORY


A: Finally, we made it. Love Love Rock music festival here we come. B: Yeah. First we need to buy the tickets. Look, here’s the ticket desk. A: Hi, can I pay by credit card? B: Sorry, I’m afraid we only take cash. A: 我們終於到了。愛愛搖滾音樂節我們來啦! B: 好耶,首先我們要來買票。啊,這邊就是售票處。 A: 你好,請問我可以刷卡付款嗎? B: 不好意思,我們只接受現金哦。 English 英文: FULL STORY

UK renewable energy capacity surpasses fossil fuels for first time
英國再生能源發電 產能首度超越化石燃料

The capacity of renewable energy has overtaken that of fossil fuels in the UK for the first time, in a milestone that experts said would have been unthinkable a few years ago. In the past five years, the amount of renewable capacity has tripled while fossilFULL STORY


A: Who’s that thin guy in round glasses with his hands on your grandmother’s shoulders? B: That’s Dan. He was a very bookish man. He died last year, but was a successful playwright. A: How did he get into that? B: He started working in a theater straightFULL STORY

Insider trading investigations fall through
內線交易舉證難 多起受矚目案件不起訴

As obtaining evidence of insider trading becomes increasingly difficult, following a recent string of investigations into a number of similar cases, it is difficult not to question whether the investigations are simply a lot of hot air. Recent cases that have attracted attention include that ofFULL STORY


A: Who’s that cute little girl in your grandmother’s lap? B: That’s Lisa. She died of complications from a cold when she was little. A: That’s terrible. It couldn’t have been much after this photo was taken. B: Apparently, grandmother belonged to a religious sect that didn’t believeFULL STORY

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