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New Taipei City strays find new leash on life
新北動物之家狗狗 變身梨山果園守護犬

Mrs Hsu’s orchard in Lishan, Taichung, mainly produces premium-priced fruit such as honey peaches, honey apples and snow pears. The Animal Protection Office arranges group buys from her, and when the office happened to find out that Hsu was having difficulties, it suggested she takeFULL STORY

Bunun: the journey home

The Bunun people of Takmazuan Village in Nantou County’s Xinyi Township say that to enter the Danda Forest Area, aborigines are not only required to register in advance and provide details such as purpose of entry, but also have to present automobile license numbers andFULL STORY


A: That fussy customer is back again. B: He really is a pain, that one. He has us tying ourselves in knots bringing down the price, and in the end he doesn’t buy anything. A: Yep, pity the fool who has to deal with him.FULL STORY


A: It’s been three hours. You still here? Who are you waiting for? B: Your general manager. I have to see him today. A: I wouldn’t waste any more time if I were you, he clearly doesn’t want to see you. B: No, I’ll waitFULL STORY

Designer renovates office with superhero sticky notes
設計師變裝辦公室 便利貼貼出超級英雄

Are you getting bored in an office that never changes? An American designer who was tired of his office’s pale walls decided to decorate them with sticky notes. With more than 8,000 sticky notes on the wall, the office was no longer pale white allFULL STORY


A: How do you use the projector? Can you show me? B: You suck. Can’t you even do that? A: Before it was always someone else doing it, but there’s nobody here to help this time, I have to do it all myself. B: OK,FULL STORY

Making a fortune from litter bugs
跟拍亂丟菸蒂 檢舉達人最高月入四十五萬

With “professional” informers an omnipresent force, addicts can no longer indiscriminately dispose of their cigarette butts. Five years ago a professional informer from Hsinchu crossed into Miaoli County to seize on cigarette butt litterers. In one month the informer received NT$ 450,000 in rewards. In aFULL STORY


A: After you have sent the e-mail, remember to call to confirm that they have received it. B: What a hassle. Is that really necessary? A: It’s better than things coming to a head and only then finding out nobody got the e-mail. B: You’re rightFULL STORY

Love in the hospice
安寧醫護情 病房拍婚紗

“I thought I will never get married,” said Chen Yenhua, who comes from a broken family and is easily depressed; she even fears her patients’ death. While providing care for patients at the hospice, she saw how patients bonded with — and were accompanied byFULL STORY

Full lunar eclipse plays out on Children’s Day

A full lunar eclipse played out in the sky on April 4, adding something special to the public’s celebration of Children’s Day. The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said that a lunar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon that happens when the Moon, while traveling around its orbit,FULL STORY

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