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Mariss Jansons, conductor of top orchestras, dies at 76
傳奇指揮大師殞落 楊頌斯告別人生舞台

Mariss Jansons, conductor of top classical ensembles including the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, died at his home in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Nov. 30 after a long battle with a heart condition. He was 76. Jansons’ death was confirmedFULL STORY


A: What happened to your glasses? It looks like a car drove over them. B: I was playing badminton outside my house yesterday. My glasses flew off into the road just as a cyclist was riding past. One of the arms went under the wheel. A: NoFULL STORY

UN refugees chief urges Greece to improve ‘miserable’ camp
難民生活條件不忍卒睹 歐盟呼籲希臘盡速改善

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees urged the Greek government on Nov. 27 to improve living conditions in migrant camps and said Europe must do more to protect unaccompanied children. Greece’s new conservative government has taken a tougher stance than its leftist predecessor on the migrantFULL STORY


A: How much did your new glasses cost, all-up? B: The frames cost NT$3,300, including regular lenses. I opted for blue light-blocking lenses, which cost an additional NT$1,100, so in total I paid NT$4,400. A: That’s pretty good value for money. Hopefully they’ll last you a longFULL STORY

K-pop awards ‘MAMA’ skips HK due to protests
香港抗爭延燒 「MAMA」音樂大獎移師日本

The 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) took place in Nagoya, Japan on Wednesday. This year’s lineup included K-pop superstars such as global phenomenon BTS and girl group Twice. However, both IZ*ONE and X1, who emerged from the Produce 101 series, pulled out due toFULL STORY


B: In the end, I didn’t have to wait seven days for the glasses. They were ready to pick up from the store after only three days. A: That reminds me, my dad has a really complicated prescription. He has an astigmatism and needs prism correction,FULL STORY

American & British English

In the Oct. 10 edition of American English and British English we looked at the simplification of certain spelling conventions preferred by American lexicographer and reformer Noah Webster. These included the removal of the superfluous “u” in words such as colour, favourite and neighbour (toFULL STORY


B: I asked if there was a discount, since the lenses are supposed to be produced on-the-spot and within 30 minutes. A: Let me guess: “I’m sorry sir, there’s no discount.” B: You guessed it. I was feeling a bit miffed, so I asked to see theFULL STORY

Vietnamese language classes gaining popularity
越南語正夯 桃園國中小七六七人選讀

“Xin chao cac ban!” Looking confidently into the camera lens, first grade student Lin Hsin-yi says “Hello everyone” in fluent Vietnamese, responding to a greeting from a foreign journalist. Lin isn’t a second generation immigrant, she is a child with a keen interest in foreignFULL STORY


A: Why did it take so long for them to make your new glasses? B: The shop assistant told me it’s because I have a complicated prescription, due to an astigmatism in one eye. So instead of taking 30 minutes, he told me it would takeFULL STORY

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