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MSN Messenger to end after 15 years
MSN即時通走過十五年 即將結束

Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger will be switched off in China in October, marking a final end to the 15-year-old service. Originally known as MSN Messenger, it was launched in 1999 but was switched off for most users last year, after Microsoft bought rival Skype. Users inFULL STORY

The Sindian River Park a new home for protected birds
新店溪河濱公園 彩鷸築新巢

Protected painted snipes have appeared at the Sindian River Park. The rare and precious bird is categorized as a second-class protected animal. It habitually hides its whereabouts, but it seems that it has now found a new home at the park in Taipei. The HydraulicFULL STORY


A: Tim, I need your help with something. B: Just say the word. A: Last week we changed the unit name on the Web site from “forum” to “discussion area,” but the categories in all the manuscripts submitted to the back-end system haven’t been changed yet. CanFULL STORY

‘Rainbow siege’ in support of marriage equality

To show that there is strong support from all sectors of society for marriage equality, the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights has gathered several organizations in the Marriage Equality Revolutionary Alliance. At a press conference at the main entrance to the Legislative YuanFULL STORY


A: You were a science major in college, worked as an editor at a publishing house after graduating and then became a tour guide. Why so many different fields? B: If there’s a job I’m interested in, then I always want to give it a shot.FULL STORY


A : Sir, I need to take a personal day on Monday. B : OK. Have you found someone to cover for you? A : Yes. Ben will cover for me, but I’ll finish everything on my desk over the weekend, so all he’ll have to doFULL STORY

Are smartphones making young people emotionally stunted?
智慧手機使年輕人 情緒感受遲鈍嗎?

It is the generation that can understand exactly how you are feeling through a few simple emoticons. But now researchers claim that children are so engrossed in their phones, they are unable to accurately read how people are feeling in real life. This is the result ofFULL STORY

We are all clean freaks Survey lists top 10 unhygienic items
每人都有潔癖! 十大無法忍受的不衛生事物

Everyone has different habits and different requirements regarding hygiene and cleanliness. A Japanese Web site recently published the results of a survey in which 150 men and the same number of women aged between 20 and 39 named the things that they felt to beFULL STORY


A: The electric bill is even higher this month. What’s the deal? B: I’ve noticed some people leave their computers and monitors on when they leave the office. Maybe that’s why. A: We’ve told everyone a number of times, but we still can’t save electricity. Do weFULL STORY


A : Hello. Nice meeting you. I’m Terry from Wunderz Inc. Here’s my card. B : Hi, Terry. I’m Devin. Sorry. I’m having more cards printed because I ran out. A : That’s OK. I have your contact info from the signature line in your e-mails. BFULL STORY

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