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New York Times CEO says Chinese language site under review

New York Times Co CEO Mark Thompson said the publisher is going to keep all its money losing operations under review — including those in China. The New York Times Chinese-language Web site has been blocked in China ever since it published an article in OctoberFULL STORY


A : Here’s the company’s external briefing. Can you make it look a bit more professional? B : These are all extremely reliable surveys. I don’t know what you mean. A : This briefing is so disorganized and the font size is inconsistent. It’s really hard toFULL STORY

Taiwan college students take the gold at international culinary competition
新加坡廚藝賽 弘光科大奪三金

Students from Greater Taichung’s Hungkuang University took home three gold, one silver and two bronze medals at Singapore’s international FHA 2014 Culinary Challenge two weeks ago. Successfully setting a new record for the school and for Taiwan, it makes the school the nation’s most successfulFULL STORY

Ebola detected in Guinea victims

Samples from victims of a viral hemorrhagic fever that has killed more than a hundred people in Guinea have tested positive for the Ebola virus, government officials said, marking the first time an outbreak among humans has been detected in this West African nation. Government spokesmanFULL STORY


A : Eden, I don’t understand the data you sent over. Can you please organize it first? B : What sort of information would you like to know? A : I’d like to know the actual effect on marketing since carrying out the project. B : No problem.FULL STORY

Zengwen Reservoir nearly waterless
久旱不雨 曾文水庫快見底

A long dry spell with little or no rain has Zengwen Reservoir’s water storage levels at 13 percent of total capacity, with large areas of bare silt showing throughout the lake. Pleasure boats and shuttle boats can no longer berth at the Dapu Township pier,FULL STORY

California farmers hire dowsers to find water

With California in the grip of drought, farmers throughout the state are using a mysterious and some say foolhardy tool for locating underground water: dowsers, or water witches. Practitioners of dowsing use rudimentary tools — usually copper sticks or wooden “divining rods” that resemble large wishbonesFULL STORY


A : Sir, I’m very grateful for everything that you’ve done for me over the years. B : No need to be so polite. I actually haven’t done much of anything for you. A : It’s because you haven’t done much that I was able to haveFULL STORY

Greater Tainan amateur artist’s mini Wang Yeh ships on display
素人創作 羅德勝雕琢迷你王船

Lo De-sheng, 64, worked as a sailor as a young man. Three decades ago he happened to see a Wang Yeh boat on the river, which left him awestruck and deeply moved. Living at the seaside has also frequently exposed him to the religious beliefsFULL STORY


A : I tripped and had an ugly fall during my interview. B : That sucks. I guess the interview didn’t go very well. A : On the contrary, my interviewer remembered me because I fell and I ended up landing the job. B : So it actuallyFULL STORY

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