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Not just land heat waves: Oceans are in hot water, too
陸地遭熱浪襲擊 海洋升溫也發出警訊

Even the oceans are breaking temperature records in this summer of heat waves. Off the San Diego coast, scientists earlier this month recorded all-time high seawater temperatures since daily measurements began in 1916. “Just like we have heat waves on land, we also have heatFULL STORY


A: We’re moving house soon. My partner has started a course in a university south of the city. B: But won’t that mean that you will be moving further from work? A: We’re looking for somewhere midway between the office and the university. B: That soundsFULL STORY

Bilingual Music: Scarlatti, pan-European Baroque keyboard master

Domenico Scarlatti, the sixth child of the Italian composer Alessandro Scarlatti, demonstrated a talent for musical composition and performance from a young age, and received a comprehensive musical education from his father. His keyboard works espoused outstanding technique, including hand-crossing, voice-exchange, jumps of two octavesFULL STORY


A : I’m surprised you took this role. The part seems miles away from your background. B : Yes, but I find it’s easier to play a character that’s very different to yourself. A : And how did you prepare for the role? You don’t even playFULL STORY

Taiwan team in high spirits as Asian Games to open tomorrow
亞運會開幕在即 台灣隊名將出擊

The 18th Asian Games open tomorrow in Jakarta, Indonesia. World Weightlifting Championships gold medalist Kuo Hsing-chun, who broke the world record last year, will carry the flag of the Taiwan team at the opening ceremony, becoming Taiwan’s first female flag bearer for the Asian GamesFULL STORY


A: I’ve got the tent. I’ve checked it has everything: guy ropes, tent pegs and tent poles. B: Great. It looks fine. Light enough. Size is sufficient for two people, although it’ll be a tight squeeze. A: Yeah, and the fly sheet looks like it will keepFULL STORY

Actress Fan Bingbing’s alleged tax evasion shocks entertainment circles
女星范冰冰驚傳逃稅 娛樂圈大地震

The alleged tax evasion of actress Fan Bingbing has shaken the entertainment industry. Last Saturday, the three biggest Chinese online video platforms — iQiyi, Tencent Video and Youku Tudou Inc. — and six major TV production companies issued a joint statement, pledging to follow theFULL STORY


A: I see you’re limping today. What happened? B: Oh, I hit my leg on the corner of some furniture at home. A: From the way you’re walking, you must have really clouted it. Have you been to the hospital? B: I’ll see how it feels later.FULL STORY

EU switch on to LED lightbulbs before September’s halogen ban
歐盟下月起禁用鹵素燈泡 民眾紛換裝LED燈

From the end of this month halogen lightbulbs are to be removed from the market across Europe, with households expected to switch to LED lights – an electric light that produces light using light-emitting diode (LED) which cost more but last far longer and useFULL STORY


A: Have you finished all the cookies? B: Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were full. A: Yes, for now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t leave some for later. B: You know I can’t help myself. I have a sweet tooth. Cookies don’t last long inFULL STORY

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