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Dihua Street
迪化街 年味正濃

When it was first constructed, in the 1850s, in the Dadaocheng area in Taipei, Dihua Street was known as Center Street, presumably because of its central location within that part of town. The origin of some sections of the street stretch back further, to theFULL STORY


A: Do you have a favorite painter? B: That’s a really difficult question to answer. There are a lot of painters I like, but the one I’m most into lately is Mondrian. A: Mondrian? His paintings just look like colored-in Excel spreadsheets. B: You only see the grid.FULL STORY

Violinist Benny Tseng’s new album sets records
小提琴家曾宇謙 出新專輯創紀錄

Benny Tseng, a 22-year-old Taiwanese violinist, won the silver medal in the prestigious International Tchaikovsky Competition in 2015, the highest prize that year as first prize was not given to anybody. On Friday last week, Tseng released the instrumental album, “Reverie,” his first since joiningFULL STORY


A: Tomorrow I’m going to the botanical gardens to do some painting. Do you want to come along? B: I’m not that good at painting. Can you teach me? A: Of course. I usually use watercolors, but watercolors can be a bit difficult, I’ll start by teachingFULL STORY

Nadal playing through pain in the Australian Open

Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal Sunday revealed his long-term struggle with pain from injury, but said that since starting to work with his new coach, Carlos Moya, he hopes that he can continue his successful career. Nadal, who has been plagued with injury, said he hadFULL STORY


A: Fancy a bit of tennis later? B: Sure, but I don’t have much strength in my arms and I’m not very good. A: That’s alright. We can team up. I’ve also invited another two people. B: So long as you don’t mind me holding you back, I’dFULL STORY

Kaohsiung releases movies featuring aerial footage of eight historic trees
高雄推「老樹的故事」 空拍八棵老樹

The Kaohsiung City Agriculture Bureau last week released a series of short movies about eight local trees that are at least one hundred years old. The movies, called “Stories of Old Trees,” aim to raise awareness about the historic trees. There are a total of 605FULL STORY


A: Haven’t you switched the TV off at the source? B: Eh? Haven’t I switched it off? A: I mean the switch on the extension cord. I know it’s a pain, but over time it does cost money. B: Thanks for reminding me. I know the extension usesFULL STORY

USING IDIOMS 活用成語2017-01-17

Chinese Practice as stable as Mt. Tai 安如泰山;穩如泰山 (an1 ru2 tai4 shan1; wen3 ru2 tai4 shan1) 泰山是中國五嶽之一,位於山東省的西部,海拔一千五百四十五公尺高。泰山是帝王舉行封禪祭祀之處,整套祭儀包括祭天(「封」,於峰頂舉行)與祭地(「禪」,於山腳下舉行)。此傳統最遠可上溯至三千年前的商朝,直至最後一個朝代清朝。而在公元前二一九年,即秦帝國建立兩年後,秦始皇在泰山峰頂舉行了封禪大典,宣示他帝國的統一。這在他活著的時候的確起了作用,但秦始皇死後不久秦朝就滅亡了。 儘管如此,泰山自古被視為穩定與堅固的象徵,而成語「安如泰山」(亦作「穩如泰山」)字面上的意義是指「像泰山一樣安穩(或牢靠)」。在英文中,我們常用「mountains」(山) 來表示障礙(she has a mountain to climb if she wants to pass that exam)或表示巨大的體積(he was a mountain of a man)。相反地,若要形容某物非常穩固,或某人非常值得信賴依靠則可用「rock」(岩石)一字。例如,我們可以形容戀情as steady as a rock,或是形容伴侶就像是你的rock。 (台北時報編譯林俐凱譯) 無論外界如何紛擾,他始終安如泰山,不為所動。 (No matter what has happened, he has always been anFULL STORY

Apple mulls move to India
蘋果高層月底訪印度 談在當地製手機

Senior management from Apple Inc will travel to India on Jan. 25 to meet with officials from the Indian government’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and Ministry of Finance to discuss Apple’s plans to “Make in India.” There have already been reports in the mediaFULL STORY

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