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Chinese practice 錦上添花 (jin3 shang4 tian1 hua1) adding flowers to brocade 蛋糕是早在新石器時代即已出現的甜點。糖霜(icing)的英文亦可寫作frosting,是覆蓋在蛋糕表面的一層糖,讓蛋糕更增甜味。換句話說,糖霜不是必需品,但有它更好,會讓味覺經驗更加美好。 糖霜早在數百年前便已開始使用。目前所知糖霜配方第一次出版是在一七六九年伊麗莎白‧拉菲德所著的《有經驗的英國女管家》一書。但是,在一九五○年代才開始把「icing on the cake」用來表示在已有的事物上再加上討喜的東西、表示額外的好處,或指無足輕重的改善。 「Icing on the cake」常用來表達的意思有好有壞:它可用作正面的形容,表示好上加好,在已經很好的事物上再加上美好的事物;或是負面的、通常有挖苦的意思,表示屋漏偏逢連夜雨,讓已經很不幸的情況更加惡化。 中文裡有個類似的成語「錦上添花」,其字面上的意義是在錦緞上繡入更多花。錦緞是以五顏六色花卉圖案裝飾的織品,在此之上添入更多花,引申為讓事物更加動人或美好之意。此句早在宋朝時已出現,書法家黃庭堅曾在其〈了了菴頌〉一詩中曾用過。「錦上添花」多半是用作正面的形容,很少是用作諷刺。 (台北時報編譯林俐凱譯) 隔壁小陳國考考了狀元又升了官,真是錦上添花、喜上加喜。 (Mr Chen next door just got first place in the civil service examinations. The icing on cake is that he has also been promoted.) 我們已經夠幸運了,並不需要錦上添花。應該把獎品送給窮人,因為雪中送炭才是真正可貴的。  (We’re already very fortunate. We don’t want for anything.FULL STORY


A: How come there are so many people at the movie theater today? B: That’s because in a while there will be a movie premier and I think a celebrity is going to attend. A: Which celebrity? B: I think it’s a foreign celebrity, but I don’t knowFULL STORY

Google Maps now shows street level air pollution levels
Google 地圖推出街道空氣品質指數

Google Maps provides navigation services and real-time traffic information, and also allows users to search for restaurants and stores. Now a new function of Google Maps will enable users to view information on street level air quality, too. At the beginning of this month, GoogleFULL STORY


A: This bicycle is really difficult to ride. B: Oh really? Is there a problem with it? A: The front of the seat is tilted downward, so I keep sliding off. B: Why not try raising the height of the seat, you might find it easier to stayFULL STORY

Bilingual Arts: Ye Wang’s Koji Pottery


Colorful painted pottery statues are a common form of decoration on temple roofs and walls in Taiwan. These are traditionally fashioned from koji pottery, mostly depicting themes from fables and legends or historical stories. Koji pottery is polychromatic glazed earthenware, fired at low temperatures, using aFULL STORY


A: I’m so sorry, I’ve broken the glass. B: No matter, there’s no need to get up. I’ll go fetch the vacuum cleaner and bring some slippers for you to put on. A: Thank you so much. I can see there are some broken fragments next toFULL STORY

Rock band Mayday leads Golden Melody nominees
金曲獎明天頒獎 五月天入圍八項

Taiwanese rock band Mayday’s album History of Tomorrow leads this year’s nominees for the Golden Melody Awards with eight nominations, including Best Mandarin Album, the jury announced recently. Mayday is followed by singer Eve Ai with seven nominations, and then No Party for Cao DongFULL STORY


A : Would you like some popcorn? B : Thank you, no. I don’t like popcorn. A : Why not? Popcorn and a movie are a match made in heaven. B : The popcorn gets stuck between the teeth and feels gross. Also, there’s usually way too muchFULL STORY

Singapore dad sues principal for confiscating phone
不滿學校沒收手機 星國家長竟怒告校長

A junior high student in Singapore used his iPhone 7 during class and the school confiscated it for three months, in line with school regulations. The student’s father sued the school principal, demanding the phone be returned, but the case was thrown out of court. TheFULL STORY


A: Why don’t we go to Yilan this weekend? B: Alright, but the scenic spots in Yilan are all rather spread out so it’s best to go by car. A: We can rent a car. Do you have a license? B: I do have one, but I’m notFULL STORY

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