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A:What gift shall we take when we go visit that long-standing client next week? B:How about that cake we clubbed together for last time? I thought that was delicious. A:Where was the store we got that from? B:I’ll check the address and get back to you. A:下週一拜訪老客戶,伴手禮帶什麼好呢? B:上次團購的蛋糕怎麼樣?我覺得蠻好吃的。 A:那家店在哪裡? B:我查一下地址再跟你說。 EnglishFULL STORY

A would-be doctor with a touch of humanity
跨組報考 社會組攻進台大醫科

The results of the Advanced Subjects Test (AST) were released on August 6. Tsai Ko-wei, a humanities and society class student at Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School, will now be able, as a social science student, to enter the National Taiwan University School of Medicine.FULL STORY


A:Thank you so much for coming all the way up from Kaohsiung for the meeting, I really appreciate it. B:It’s no problem. Nowadays we have the High Speed Rail, which really saves on time. A:So, shall we go to the meeting room and get ready?FULL STORY

Treeless Taichung park causes complaints
西大墩公園有草無樹 熱 爆

The West Dadun Park in Taichung’s Situn District has been open to the public for two years, providing local residents with a large green space to relax in. Despite its size, however, there are no trees to shield people from the sun, so in summertimeFULL STORY

Miaoli cops shine a light
輪椅婦夜困路邊 警車照前程

A 61-year-old disabled woman surnamed Huang from Keelung City sells lottery tickets at Miaokou, 4 km from her home, relying on her electric mobility scooter to get there. In the small hours of Aug 11, on her way home, the scooter battery went flat, andFULL STORY


A:This is a bit complicated, I don’t think people would understand it if I put it down in an e-mail, but if I call people they’ll forget the details the minute they put the phone down. What shall I do? B:Simple. Call them and explain it,FULL STORY

Portraits of imperial Taiwanese soldiers

The father of Liu Min, a painter from Nantou’s Puli Township, used to be a Taiwanese soldier who served in the Japanese military in World War II. In order to present the lives of Taiwanese soldiers like him to the public, Liu has spent eightFULL STORY

Trams only: No dog-walking

It has been reported that some people have been treating the grass turf of Kaohsiung’s light-rail system as a park and have been going straight in to walk their dogs. The Kaohsiung City Government’s Mass Rapid Transit Bureau strongly cautions that no persons or vehiclesFULL STORY


A:I’ve heard that your company trip is to Japan. That’s pretty good. B:Oh, don’t talk about that. A:Why the long face? Don’t you want to go abroad? B:The boss has said that business has not been so good this year, and he wants us all to pullFULL STORY

Student invents app to help father
想幫父事業 女大生研發捲窗應用程式

A Far East University student who wanted to help her father’s roller door business catch up with the trends of the smart energy savings era cooperated with the teachers at her school department to write an app for a smart energy-saving roller door monitoring system.FULL STORY

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