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All aboard Jimmy’s steam train
春天小旅行 台鐵陪你看「幾米星空列車」

Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) on March 7 and 8 will operate a special liner-class steam train service, called “Steam train meets Jimmy’s The Starry Starry Night train.” The train will depart from Ruifang station at 8 :00 in the morning, following a scenic routeFULL STORY

Live shows by the airports

For those crazy about commercial airplanes, being able to watch airplanes taking off and landing at close range is the most enjoyable thing. There are many well-known plane-watching sites near Taoyuan International Airport and Taipei Songshan Airport. Not only Taiwanese love to go there, JapaneseFULL STORY


A: I really regret trusting my coworker and joining that rotating savings and credit association. B: It’s down to luck. Lighten up. A: But the leader ran off with the money. Even my coworker has disappeared. B: Perhaps they were working together. A:我真後悔聽信同事的話去標會。 B:標會這種事本來就是碰運氣,看開一點吧。 A:可是那會頭捲款潛逃了啊。連那個同事都不見了。 B:他們該不會是早就串通好的吧? English 英文: Chinese 中文: FULL STORY

Any Martian fantasies in mind?

The Mars One project, led by a private Dutch company, plans to send 24 people to Mars to colonize it beginning from 2024. The organizers recently announced a list of 100 candidates who might be sent to Mars. Knowing that their space fantasies are aboutFULL STORY


A: A delivery driver must be able to move heavy stuff. Are you strong enough? B: No problem, I exercise regularly. A: OK, follow me to the first floor, I’ll see how long it takes you to carry a sandbag to the 10th floor. B: The 10th floor?FULL STORY


A: Boss, how would this project tender be best handled? B: It’s pretty straightforward, so just follow the normal workflow. A: But didn’t one of the general manager’s relatives come here to do some lobbying? B: Who cares. Official business should be handled in the official way. IfFULL STORY

Oil price slump could cripple clean energy push

Falling oil prices could have a negative impact on global efforts to develop renewable energy sources, experts warned at a conference in Abu Dhabi last month. Oil prices have fallen by almost 60 percent since June last year, crashing on worries over global oversupply and weakFULL STORY

Our tomatoes need you!
美濃番茄 型農夢

The Agriculture Bureau in Kaohsiung is promoting “stylish farmers” in the municipality. To pitch this idea to young people, the bureau says that an annual salary of NT$1 million is no longer a dream. Meinong Township is a focus for attention in this campaign. InFULL STORY


A: It’s no good! I can’t go any further! B: Is that the best you can do? There are still three more laps to go, grin and bear it and keep up with me. A: Why do office workers like us have to run aroundFULL STORY


A: That company’s general manager is a real pain to deal with. I’ve been loads of times and it’s always difficult. B: Why not try sending Helen? A: Helen? What does that silly little girl know? B: You never know! That general manager’s known for liking ‘emFULL STORY

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