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Rapping Korean nuns fire up prayer competition
南韓出家人為宣教豁出去 饒舌嘻哈念佛經

South Korea’s top Buddhist organization held an experimental “prayer competition” on Thursday last week, featuring rapping nuns and singing monks in a bid to attract new, younger followers. More than 300 monks and nuns packed a large temple in downtown Seoul to take part in theFULL STORY


A: A detailed itinerary for this weekend’s event can be found in the handbook. Everyone, please take it home and look it over carefully. B: Who’s in charge of delivering the equipment to the venue? A: We’ll pack everything up and have a moving company take itFULL STORY

Some irked by town’s ‘redneck’ theme for parade

You might be a redneck if you do not object to a rural upstate New York town’s theme for its annual Fourth of July parade. Some people around Salem, however, are not amused by parade organizers’ decision to go with “Redneck Summer” for this year’s theme. TheFULL STORY

Watching three hours of daily TV doubles early death risk
每天看三小時電視 早死風險倍增

People who watch three or more hours of television daily may be twice as likely to die prematurely than people who watch less, according to a study published on June 25. The research in the Journal of the American Heart Association is the latest to describeFULL STORY


A: Hello sir. This is River from ABC Publishing. I haven’t received your articles for this month yet. B: I’m sorry. My computer crashed and I lost several articles that I was writing. I’m in the middle of rewriting them. Can I give them to youFULL STORY

Prosecutors call out judges on overly light sentencing against drunk drivers
三十七件酒駕判二月 檢察官點名法官輕縱

After National Taiwan University Hospital doctor Tseng Yu-tzu was fatally injured in a drunk-driving accident last year, impetus was given to an amendment of the law to stipulate harsher punishment for drunk driving. Nevertheless, public prosecutors are questioning the verdicts of a Taipei District CourtFULL STORY

Wary of competition, Singapore renews push for good English
擔心競爭力降 新加坡再推行正確英語運動

Singapore has enlisted a drag-queen comedian to give its people grammar lessons, as part of a long-running drive to encourage the correct use of English, for fear that weak language skills could dent its reputation as a business hub. Foreigners visiting the tiny affluent Southeast AsianFULL STORY


A : Congratulations. I heard you’re being promoted to section chief. B : What? Why haven’t I heard about this? Who told you that? A : Several people were talking about it. I overheard them in the lounge when I was making tea. B : Well, it doesn’tFULL STORY

Public sanitation workers stuck cleaning up marathon mess
千萬報名費入袋 馬拉松垃圾政府清

Over 17,000 runners took part in this year’s Tainan Anping Starlight Marathon, which commenced in the afternoon on July 12. The event was originally scheduled to end by 11pm that night, but some of the runners had still not returned to the designated meeting spotFULL STORY


A : Why did you apply for this job? B : I just thought it sounded like an interesting job. Big companies are supposed to be more stable, at least that’s what my folks said. A : Do you always make decisions based on what your parentsFULL STORY

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