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Children pick tea seeds in an outdoor classroom
茶園當教室 學童採茶籽

A group of 38 students from grades three to six at Pingding Elementary School in New Taipei’s Tamsui District, accompanied by school principal Su Ying-chun, teachers and parents, went to Shusing Borough on Sept. 27 to have a go at picking tea tree seeds. TheFULL STORY


A:Hey look, this job looks amazing, I’m definitely going to apply. B:Before you get carried away, look closely at the requirements and limitations. A:What do you mean? B:It says candidates must have a TOEIC score of 750, but you haven’t taken the test. How can you apply? A:你看,這工作超棒的,我一定要去應徵。 B:你先冷靜點,看清楚條件限制再說吧。 A:什麼意思? B:徵才條件有寫『多益750分以上』,你又沒考過多益,怎麼應徵? English 英文: FULL STORY


A:This is totally my fault, it’s got nothing to do with him. B:He’s never done you a good turn, why are you taking the rap for somebody else? A:How he treats me is beside the point, I really am telling the truth. B:Alright, I understand. Then that’s howFULL STORY

Do giant snakes still live on Kinmen?

In 1949, Hu Lian was the first general commander of Kinmen. In his book, “Memoirs of Kinmen” he records an interesting anecdote. At the time, to encourage the morale of front-line soldiers, he treated them to white flour noodles, but found that this was notFULL STORY

Waste water from raising fish used to grow algae
養魚廢水養藻 屏科大帶動產銷連線

After three years of research, a seaweed research team at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology’s Department of Aquaculture have successfully developed seaweed farming technology. As well as cooperating with fish farmers and using recycling farming techniques to grow healthy non-toxic seaweed, itFULL STORY


A:It has come to my attention that you have been secretly taking on projects behind the company’s back, how could you do such a thing? You have obliterated the trust I had in you. B:Who told you this? A:Henry. B:The opposite is true. He’s been taking on theFULL STORY


A:What’s wrong? Ever since you returned from visiting a client you’ve seemed preoccupied. Have you got your eyes on someone? B:Am I really that easy to read? A:Nope, but are you actually? Your love life is your own private matter and I have no control over it.FULL STORY

Farm offers full tea-making experience
百年茶園轉型 開放製茶體驗

Well known for its oriental beauty tea and bitter orange tea, the Rixin tea plantation in Miaoli County’s Toufen Township has been around for 100 years and is now under the management of fourth-generation owner Hsu Shih-wen. In recent years, he has been striving toFULL STORY


A:What does everyone think about the company’s internal reorganization? B:What’s the use in discussing it? We’ve been talking about it for years and nothing has ever been done. A:Believe it, the boss is really serious this time, he said he will definitely do it. B:Really? I stillFULL STORY

Electric swan boats make boating a breeze
電動天鵝船 遊碧潭免出力

Pedaling a swan boat on Bitan with your lover is a very romantic thing to do, but some people find that when they have been pedaling a swan boat for a while they feel worn out and have no energy left for tender conversation. InFULL STORY

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