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News retrospective: TAIEX wobbles on fears of US rate rise
新聞回顧: 台股震盪收紅 法人看好PC汽車族群

Due to concerns on Wall Street that a US interest rate hike is around the corner, the US’s four main stock market indexes closed down slightly today. The publication of third-quarter results and global stock markets adopting a wait-and-see attitude caused trade volumes to fallFULL STORY

Kenting National Park moves to protect land crabs
保護香蕉灣陸蟹 將評估道路高架化

Between the seventh and ninth month of the lunar calender every year is breeding season for Kenting Township’s land crabs. During this time, egg-laden female crabs can often be seen crossing the road. The Pingtung Environmental Conservation Alliance, which has for years participated in campaignsFULL STORY


A: Good morning, Robbie. I saw you on YouTube. B: Huh? What was I doing? A: You and some other people were rescuing a dog. B: Oh, someone filmed it. You see — I wasn’t lying. A: 早安,羅比。我在 YouTube上看到你耶。 B: 啊?我在影片裡做了什麼? A: 你和幾個人在搶救一隻狗。 B: 喔,有人把它拍下來了喔。就跟你說吧,我沒騙你。 English 英文: Chinese 中文: FULL STORY

Study: Global health on the way up
研究: 全球健康情況正逐步改善

According to a report by the Global Burden of Disease Study, the health of people around the world is gradually improving, and the average life expectancy is growing longer. The healthy life expectancy, however, is not keeping pace with this longer life expectancy, and chronicFULL STORY


A: Why are you half an hour late, Robbie? B: I saw an injured dog and helped rescue it. A: That is quite a creative excuse. B: No, it really happened, I assure you. A: 羅比,你為什麼會遲到半小時? B: 我在路上救了一隻受傷的狗。 A: 這個藉口還真有創意。 B: 這不是藉口,是真的發生了,我跟你保證。 English 英文: Chinese 中文: FULL STORY

Stairs; door; track

There are certain objects in the physical world, often related to ideas of movement or transition, that lend themselves to metaphor. Stairs, for example, allow ascension, relocation from a lower level to a higher one. People at the top may seem, or feel, powerful, but alsoFULL STORY


A: There’s a concert this evening. Do you want to go? B: Sorry, I have to stay at home and do the laundry. A: The pianist is my high-school classmate. Please come. B: Oh, all right then. I will wash my clothes some other time. A: 今晚有一場音樂會,你要來嗎? B: 抱歉,我必須待在家洗衣服。 A: 來嘛!那個鋼琴家是我的高中同學喔。 B:FULL STORY

“Let’s Connect!” The 3rd Taiwan International Queer Film Festival (TIQFF) begins today
「為愛連結」 台灣國際酷兒影展今天開幕

The 3rd Taiwan International Queer Film Festival (TIQFF) begins today and will run until Oct. 30 in Taipei. With the theme of “Let’s Connect!” this year, the TIQFF features 40 long and short films as well as documentaries from well-known directors from Taiwan and abroadFULL STORY


A: I am breathless after climbing for three hours. B: It’s worth it. Look at the beautiful scenery. A: Wow. Those autumn colors are truly spectacular. B: Yes, it looks like we came here at just the right time. A: 爬了三個小時的山,我已經上氣不接下氣了。 B: 爬這山很值得的,你看這美麗的風景。 A: 哇,楓紅真是令人嘆為觀止。 B: 對啊,看來我們來的正是時候。 English 英文: ChineseFULL STORY

Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan wins 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature
創作歌手巴布狄倫 榮獲二O一六年諾貝爾文學獎

American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature last week for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” Dylan is the first singer-songwriter to win the award. Dylan began his music career as an acoustic singer-songwriter. His first albumFULL STORY

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