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New residents in Hualien County hot for farming
新移民務農熱 花蓮農民學院夯

Farming has been gaining increasing popularity in the Hualien area over the past three years. The Hualien District Agricultural Research and Extension Station’s school for farmers provides specialized agricultural classes, with a significant number of people drawn to register for classes at the school. TheFULL STORY

Flu risk cut by vigorous exercise

Doing at least two and a half hours of vigorous exercise each week cuts the chance of developing flu, new data suggests. Around 4,800 people took part in this year’s online Flu Survey, run by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Moderate exercise did notFULL STORY


A : Why is the unemployment rate so high when so many companies are hiring? B : Companies think it is because young people can’t handle hard work. A : Do you agree? B : Not entirely. A lot of young people are willing to work hard. I’mFULL STORY


A : The company booked our tickets for the business trip to Milan. B : My goodness. I never expected it to be business-class. A : Is there a problem? B : No. It’s just that the boss is always so stingy. He always made us flyFULL STORY

Post-tsunami deaths outnumber disaster toll in Fukushima

Health complications stemming from Japan’s 2011 tsunami have killed more people in one Japanese region than the disaster itself, the local authority said. Data compiled by officials and police show that almost three years after the huge waves smashed ashore, 1,656 people living in Fukushima prefectureFULL STORY


A: Last quarter’s profit report is done. Compared to the data for the same period last year profits are down by fifty percent. B: The company has shelled out heaps of money for all these marketing events. Why aren’t they having a palpable effect? A: Our competitor’sFULL STORY

Greater Taichung seeks tourism boost from perhaps SE Asia’s largest Matsu statue
東南亞最高媽祖像 台中市府打造觀光賣點

Among the NT$1.2 billion (US$39.8 million) to be spent building the proposed Daan Matsu cultural park in Greater Taichung, around NT$600 million of the funds will go toward constructing a nearly 70m tall statue of Matsu, including the foundation and a path of reverence forFULL STORY

North Korea ‘publicly executes 80 people’

North Korea publicly executed around 80 people earlier this month, many for watching smuggled South Korean TV shows, a South Korean newspaper reported on Nov. 11 last year. The conservative JoongAng Ilbo cited a single, unidentified source, but at least one North Korean defector group saidFULL STORY


A : I am looking for Kelly in the programming department. B : Kelly has moved. I will connect you with her extension. A : She moved again? That is the third time this week. B : There have been a lot of personnel changes in the companyFULL STORY

Anxiety and insomnia on the rise as people fret over Taiwan’s future: doctors
擔心台灣未來 焦慮失眠比率升

As of late the public has been fixated on the anti-service trade pact movement. A significant number of people have been seeing doctors for psychological issues caused by anxiety and insomnia triggered by concern for various social factors, including Taiwan’s future and the student movement. HungFULL STORY

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