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Using idioms 活用成語

Chinese Practice 破釜沉舟 po4 fu3 chen2 zhou1 to smash the cooking pots and sink the boats 破釜沉舟,意即「將吃飯的鍋子打破,將船隻都鑿沉」,出自《史記》之「項羽本紀」。《史記》是兩千年前中國西漢司馬遷所著。 項羽是秦朝(西元前221-206年)末年的一位將軍。破釜沉舟這個成語講的是項羽憑著他的軍事毅力與才幹,率軍以一敵十與秦軍交戰。 為了激勵士卒,開戰前,他命士兵將煮飯的鍋子打破、將船鑿沉,讓所有人知道這一戰義無反顧,沒有退路。除了贏,他們沒有其他選擇;撤兵已經是不可能的事了。 英文裡,我們可以用「burn bridges」來形容,意思就是將退路給截斷。這句英文可以用來比喻一個別無選擇的情況,非何做某件事不可。 然而,中文的「破釜沉舟」表現的是為了完成某個目標義無反顧的決心,英文的「burn bridges」指的則是處在一個別無選擇的情況,未必是下定決心要做什麼事。 1. 為了通過律師考試,她破釜沉舟,跟男朋友分手了。 (In order to concentrate on passing the bar exam, she split up with her boyfriend.) 2. 傑森並非優柔寡斷,一旦下定決心,就會破釜沉舟去做。 (Jason is very decisive. When he makes up his mind to do something,FULL STORY

Making room for your soul
多元城市 多元文化

As the number of Southeast Asian immigrants working in Taiwan rises, the Muslim population here, never significant in the past, has grown as well. This has further enhanced multicultural Taipei’s credentials as a culturally inclusive metropolis. Originally from Egypt, Khaled Metwally and his wife have workedFULL STORY


A : I just watched a Danish film about a Nazi ex-convict paroled in a church community. B : Sounds pretty depressing. A : Actually, it was beautifully shot, the story was quirky but original, and the acting was very believable. B : Who was the love interest? AFULL STORY

Taiwan’s talent shortage set to worsen
人才短缺恐惡化 梁國源點出四大關鍵因素

It comes as no surprise that there’s a shortage of talent in Taiwan. According to the chairman of the Yuanta-Polaris Research Institute, Liang Kuo-yuan, key factors behind the shortage include a declining birth rate and aging society, the brain-drain and the failure of joint programsFULL STORY

Parking charges to be introduced to curb illegal camping
玉山塔塔加違規露營多 停車場擬收費

With camping becoming increasingly popular, many visitors try to tent out and cook food at Yushan National Park’s Tataka Saddle despite bans against such activities. To address the issue, the Yushan National Park Administration Office has invited the competent authorities to explore possible solutions. ItFULL STORY


A: How much longer before we get to the bus station? I’m feeling travel sick. B: It’s these windy mountain roads. The driver can’t help it. A: I’m not sure how long I can last. I could throw up any minute. B: Well, don’t throw up over me.FULL STORY

“Faster” cable extension gets switched on
「Faster」海纜延伸段 正式開通

On Sept. 6, Google announced the official opening of the Taiwan extension of Faster — the world’s fastest undersea fiber-optic cable. The new link will enable transmission speeds between Taiwan and Japan to reach 26 terabits (Tb) per second — more than 100 times fasterFULL STORY


A: This second novel isn’t working. I’ve been staring at a blank screen for weeks. B: So you’re saying you have writer’s block? A: No, my computer is on the blink, and I can’t afford to get it repaired. B: And the rest. Don’t worry. The inspiration willFULL STORY

Shady clearing, dangling hands
林蔭小空地 一雙懸掛著的手

Go to the parks dotted around Taipei — or other towns and cities around Taiwan — and you will likely see, and usually in the early morning, before the workers hit the offices, or the seniors return home for a late morning nap, people doingFULL STORY


A: The line for the bus is huge. Shall we get a taxi? B: Good luck finding a taxi up here in the mountains. A: Look. Here comes the bus now. B: There’s no way we’re getting on this one. We’ll have to wait for the next. A: 巴士的隊伍好長,要不要搭計程車? B:FULL STORY

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