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Melting permafrost threatens climate rescue plan
人類新危機 永凍層融化恐威脅氣候拯救計畫

Global targets aimed at warding off runaway planetary warming could be breached sooner than expected, experts warned Monday, as gases released by melting permafrost threaten to undermine human efforts to avert climate disaster. Under the current rescue plan, outlined in the 2015 Paris climate treaty, countriesFULL STORY


A: So I’m looking at size 28.5 for the running shoe. What other things do I need to consider? B: Well, the shoes should have the right grip, traction and breathability. Make sure the upper is shaped for your foot and won’t chafe. A: Right. They needFULL STORY

Bilingual Music: Leonard Bernstein
雙語音樂: 傳奇指揮大師 伯恩斯坦百歲冥誕

Slowly making his way to the podium, the acclaimed conductor Leonard Bernstein (Aug. 25, 1918 – Oct. 14, 1990) raised his baton and led the Boston Symphony Orchestra in a performance of the Four Sea Interludes by British composer Benjamin Britten and Beethoven’s SymphonyFULL STORY


A: I’ll need to measure the size of your feet. B: I usually take a US size 10, or Japanese size 27.5. A: We generally recommend more generous sizes for running shoes, to allow ample wiggle room for your toes. B: My right foot is actually slightly largerFULL STORY

A-mei and Bocelli’s duet ‘If Only’ available online
阿妹對唱波伽利 新歌《If Only》創經典

Invited by Italian pop tenor Andrea Bocelli, Taiwanese pop singer Chang Hui-mei, better known as A-mei, recently recorded a duet entitled If Only with the tenor. The new song, which will feature on Bocelli’s upcoming album set to be released next month, has beenFULL STORY


A: Hi, I want to buy a pair of running shoes. B: Are you looking for any particular brand? A: Not really, but this is the first time I’ve bought a pair of shoes specifically for running. What do you recommend? B: First, are you looking for extraFULL STORY

Elementary school lifts ban on ‘The Boy in the Dress’
大逆轉! 國小取消禁閱《穿裙子的男孩》

Long An Elementary School in Taipei’s Daan District made a U-turn last Friday by lifting the ban on the children’s book The Boy in the Dress after causing a controversy by banning it. The school said it will allow students to borrow the book fromFULL STORY


A: I need to lose some weight. I’ve decided to take up running. I’ll buy some shoes this morning. B: Go after work. Your feet swell over the course of the day. A snug fit is essential. A: I’d never even thought of that. Good tip. IfFULL STORY

Drinking responsibly: non-plastic straws

Three billion plastic straws are used in Taiwan every year. Assuming an average length of 18cm each, all of those straws, placed end to end, would be sufficient to encircle the Earth 13.5 times. Such a large number of disposable straws is not onlyFULL STORY


A: The flood has caused devastation along this whole street. B: When it rains heavily, the rainwater comes down from the ridge on the other side of the park. A: Don’t you think it’s time you moved somewhere less vulnerable? B: We own the house. Try findingFULL STORY

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