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Quakes show moon, gradually shrinking, is tectonically active
「月震」頻繁發生 證實月球逐漸縮小中

The moon may be dynamic and tectonically active like Earth — not the inert world some scientists had believed it to be — based on a new analysis disclosed on Monday of quakes measured by seismometers in operation on the moon from 1969 and 1977. ResearchersFULL STORY


A: How are you feeling after last night’s massage? B: Do you mean apart from the psychological trauma, the bruising and the aching limbs? A: Yes. Apart from those. B: I feel pretty good, actually. A lot looser, and the headache has improved. A: 昨天晚上按摩完以後,你現在感覺如何啊? B: 你是說,除了心理創傷、瘀青,還有四肢疼痛以外嗎? A: 對啊,除了那些以外。 B: 其實,我感覺還滿不錯的。比之前放鬆許多,而且頭痛減輕了。 English 英文: FULL STORY

Bilingual Music: Bach’s St John Passion (III)

In his St. John Passion, Johann Sebastian Bach assigned an evangelist to sing the text from the Bible in recitative, while soloists perform the spoken parts of Jesus Christ and other biblical characters to drive the narrative forward. As each section of the script drawsFULL STORY


A: Damn, that’s painful. Why’s he thumping my feet now? B: I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. He’s a professional massage therapist. A: But I’m having to bite my knuckles to keep from screaming. B: Don’t worry. There’s only another 45 minutes to go. A : 我的天啊實在是痛死了,他現在為什麼在搥我的腿啊? B :FULL STORY

Taeyeon and other S Korean artists to rock Taipei
太妍率多組韓星襲台 週末寶島嗨唱

The K-pop Entertaining Music Festival is to take place at the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei on Sunday. The lineup for the show includes Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon, EXO member Chen, Momoland, NCT Dream and Golden Child. Among the artists, Taeyeon holds the record asFULL STORY


A: Ouch. That’s so sore. He’s really digging in. I thought a massage was supposed to be relaxing. B: Apparently not. Ouch. My masseuse has twisted my arm into a cruel and unusual position. A: Mine is putting the full weight of his body on me. IsFULL STORY

IKEA’s most beautiful branch opens in New Taipei City
IKEA最美分店盛大開幕 京站年底進駐

Swedish furniture giant IKEA is to open a new store in New Taipei City’s Sindian District today. Located on the third and fourth floors of the MeHAS Shopping Mall jointly constructed with the MRT Xiaobitan Station, the branch will be easily accessible via public transportFULL STORY


A: The masseur is coming. Lie down on your front, put your face through the hole in the bed. B: Ouch. He’s using a lot of force. I think this is going to do me a lot of good. A: What are you laughing at? B: There’s aFULL STORY

Scientists warn a million species at risk of extinction

One million animal and plant species are at imminent risk of extinction due to humankind’s relentless pursuit of economic growth, scientists said last Monday in a landmark report on the devastating impact of modern civilization on the natural world, the Global Assessment of Biodiversity andFULL STORY


A: Nice. We get a room to ourselves. The masseuse gave us these clothes to change into. B: I like how they let their dogs run around the place. A: What do you think those metal bars on the ceiling are for? B: They’re for the massage therapistsFULL STORY

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