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Sankeng Cycle Route

The Sankeng Cycle Route, which links the Sankeng Old Street in Taoyuan’s Longtan District and Dasi Bridge in Dasi District, is 7 km in length, has gentle slopes and is filled with rural landscapes, making it a favorite of cyclists. Visitors can begin the journeyFULL STORY

The origin of Sun Wukong
猴神「哈奴曼」 化身孫悟空

Hanuman was the supreme ruler of the monkey kingdom. According to the Hindu epic, Ramayana, Hanuman had formidable powers and was the most famous monkey god. Hanuman, who had four heads and eight arms, was both wise and brave. He was in a quest forFULL STORY


A: My computer crashed. It’s typical: I hadn’t saved my files. B: Did it get a virus? Why does it keep crashing? A: I scan it for viruses every day, there really shouldn’t be any on there. B: What anti-virus software are you using? Is it regularly updated? A:FULL STORY

Houtong Leisure Park

Houtong Leisure Park is so-called because it is located in Houtong Village. Last year the managing company revamped the park, so that visitors can now take a ride on a diesel locomotive into the mine shaft. Alternatively, visitors can ride on a handcar, use aFULL STORY

Nocturnal travel in Shuangbei: Elephant Mountain’s nighttime vista
雙北夜遊景點 象山

Have you ever been to Taipei’s Elephant Mountain? 你有去過台北的象山嗎? Do you know how to get there? 你知道怎麼去嗎? Is it best to go at night or during the day? 象山最適合晚上還是白天去呢? Elephant Mountain is the highest point on the Sishou (four beast) Mountain trail. Not only does the mountain provideFULL STORY


A: What are you reading? B: A novel that was really popular a while back. It’s been turned into a movie and a TV series. A: Really. When will the movie be on? B: It started yesterday. I’ve seen it already. I strongly recommend that you go seeFULL STORY

Historic Police Museum

N ot many people are aware that behind the walls of the seemingly mysterious and closed-off National Police Agency, there is a Historic Police Museum which is open to the public. In addition to a collection of more than 2000 police-related paraphernalia, there is alsoFULL STORY


A: Are you nearsighted? I’ve never seen you wearing glasses before. B: I am very nearsighted and I have to wear glasses, but normally I wear contacts. A: You look good in glasses. The black frame really suits you. B: Thank you. A: 你有近視嗎?今天第一次看你戴眼鏡。 B: 我近視很深,一定要戴眼鏡,只是平常都戴隱形眼鏡。 A: 你戴眼鏡很好看。黑色鏡框很適合你。 B: 謝謝你。 English 英文: FULL STORY

The old railway tunnel

Do you still remember Diu Diu Dang, a popular Taiwanese folk song about trains running through tunnels? Some say that when trains went through the Old Caoling Tunnel, there were water dripping sounds inside the tunnels, which inspired the tune people sang in Yilan. Lin I-chi,FULL STORY

Tourist attractions in Taipei: The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge is located in Taipei’s Songshan District. Similar to the Crescent Bridge, the bridge is for pedestrians and bikers only. With its unique S-shape, when viewed at night from beneath after the lights are lit, the bridge resembles a flying dragon suspended inFULL STORY

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