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A: One of our regular clients is opening up a new shop this weekend. Please order a flower basket for me and have it sent over. B: OK. Should I get it at the one we normally use? What’s the budget? A: Yes, use that one. Let’sFULL STORY

Dog has its day as mayor of San Francisco
狗狗出頭天 任舊金山一日市長

A previously unknown female Chihuahua named Frida has won her first political office, being named Mayor of San Francisco for the day as part of a campaign to support the city’s animal shelter. Frida, whose owner bid US$5,000 for the privilege, will spend her special dayFULL STORY


A: I’ve arranged a group buy for a desk calendar. Anyone who wants to join, sign up here with me. B: How much are they? A: Seven for NT$1,000, NT$140 for one. You want one? B: OK, sign me up for one. A:我辦了愛心桌曆的團購活動,想參加的同事請找我登記。 B:一本多少錢? A:7本1000元,平均每本140元。你想要嗎? B:好啊,算我一份吧! FULL STORY


A : Is deputy manager Chen still busy? I’ve been waiting half an hour. B : Sorry, he’s in a meeting. I’m not sure when it will be over. A : Did you tell him that someone is waiting for him? B : Yes, but he said heFULL STORY

1,000 Suao rocks snapped up in half hour
千顆蘇花改貫通石 半小時搶光

It is said that tunnel rocks can serve as a blessing for having children. On Dec. 7 the Directorate General of Highways’ Suhua Highway Improvement Project Exhibition Center distributed 1,000 tunnel rocks from the project, and they were all gone before half an hour wasFULL STORY


A: So the result of this discussion is... B: Sorry, I’ll have to cut in. Our sales department have booked this meeting room for 2pm and it’s already 10 minutes past. How much longer will you be? A: Is it already 10 past two? We’re really sorry,FULL STORY

Walking cane of a Catholic saint brings luck to Taiwan
天主教聖女手杖 為台祈福

The walking cane of Catholic saint Teresa of Avila, Spanish national treasure and the first woman to be named Doctor of the Church, arrived at Taoyuan International Airport on Dec. 8 for a brief 48-hour stay. When the cane arrived at the airport, Father Antonio,FULL STORY


A: Hi, I’m Ken, with ABC. I just faxed you a draft contract. Could you please check that it went through? B: Hang on, I’ll take a look. Sorry, we haven’t received it yet. A: That’s odd. I faxed it 10 minutes ago. Your fax number isFULL STORY

Brittle bone sufferer overcomes life’s hurdles
成骨不全症患者不出門 自學電腦成專家

Five years ago, 35-year-old brittle bone disease sufferer Huang Shih-chi was placed into the care of the Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation after his father passed away. For the 30 years leading up to this, he had only been out of the house when he hadFULL STORY


A: Cough, cough, cough. B: Are you OK? You’ve been coughing all day. You seem to have a bad cold, why don’t you just take the day off? A: There’s no one to stand in for me, so I have to tough it out. Cough, cough cough. B:FULL STORY

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