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Seungri and other K-pop stars quit showbiz
醜聞影片衝擊 勝利等韓流男星引退

More male K-pop stars quit showbiz last week as a scandal over illicit sex videos continues to snowball across South Korea’s music industry. Yong Jun-hyung of boyband Highlight and Choi Jong-hoon of boyband FTIsland announced their retirements for watching or sharing the sex videos,FULL STORY


A: The old landlord got in contact again this morning. B: About wanting you to pay for his renovation? A: Yes. He sent me photos of the workmen stripping the wallpaper. B: He’s doing that so you know he has photographic evidence of the work. I think heFULL STORY

‘English-only’ policy not necessarily ideal: The Economist

To promote the “bilingual country” policy, the Ministry of Education proposed late last year that certain subjects be taught in English only, to boost students’ English ability. According to a report recently published in the Economist, however, an “English-only” policy for all subjects may notFULL STORY


A: Well, it’s not extortion. The landlord hasn’t made any threats, implied or explicit. B: You’d better look into it and make sure of your legal rights. A: I will. For the time being, I’m not going to reply. I don’t want to jeopardize my case ifFULL STORY

Formosan landlocked salmon conservation a success
櫻花鉤吻鮭保育有成 國寶魚數量創新高

Salmon is a migratory fish, born in an upstream river freshwater environment, from where it migrates to the sea. The adult fish then swims back upstream to the place of its birth to reproduce. It is a cold-water fish, living in temperate zones. A speciesFULL STORY


A: Before I moved out, I met the landlord at the apartment. We inspected it together. B: Did he have any problem with it then? Did he sign the contract, saying he was satisfied and that you had returned the key? A: Yes. He returned the depositFULL STORY

How powerful is Huawei?

With the US-China trade war having changed from a tariff war into a technology war, Chinese government-backed telecommunications equipment giant Huawei Technologies Co, with its roots in the People’s Liberation Army, has become a focal point for attack and defense between the two sides. HuaweiFULL STORY


A: I thought you left your apartment two months ago. Why is the landlord asking you to pay for renovations? B: He said it was to cover the cost of tearing down the wallpaper I put up. A: As I understand it, once you have left theFULL STORY

USING IDIOMS 活用成語2019-03-18

Chinese practice 隨波逐流 (sui2 bo1 zhu2 liu2) to drift with the waves and go with the flow 羅馬皇帝及哲學家馬可‧奧理略(西元一二一~一八○年)在《沉思錄》中說道:「時間像是一條由種種發生的事構成的河流,而且是條湍急的河流,才剛看見一個東西,它就被沖走,被另一事物取代,而這也會被沖走」。《沉思錄》有很多啟發人心的話語,這句話只是其中之一。「障礙反而讓行動有所進展,擋路的卻成為我們在這條路上行進的助力」,也是其中名句。這些話顯示,奧理略深知人受到現實及世事的擺佈、在此情況下的應對之道,以及人有能力因應大環境改變而調整應對方式,因此得以面對逆境和人類的處境。 上述第一句引文,常被認為是片語「go with the flow」(隨著水流移動,意指順其自然)的靈感來源。現今很多人推測此語源自一九六○年代的美國。「go with the flow」意指適應新的情勢、順應眾人之見以儘量減少衝突,或是儘可能有彈性和順服。這種做法為的是要減少衝突,因此「go with the flow」的意義主要是正面的。 對戰國時期政治家屈原(西元前三四○~前二七八年)來說,奧理略的話遲來了好幾世紀──屈原對人世感到絕望和厭惡,因此在被流放時投河自盡。 《史記》中的〈屈原列傳〉,作於屈原死後兩百年,記載了一則軼事──屈原披頭散髮、形容枯槁地在汨羅江邊行走,遇到一位漁夫。漁夫認出了屈原,並問他為何如此消沉。屈原回答說:「舉世混濁而我獨清,眾人皆醉而我獨醒,是以見放」(因為全世界都混濁骯髒,只有我一個人乾淨;因為所有人都喝醉了,只有我是清醒的,所以我被被放逐了)。漁夫說,聰明人不會選擇抽離,而會去適應他的環境:「舉世混濁,何不隨其流而揚其波」(如果全世界都混濁骯髒,為什麼不跟隨主流且推波助瀾呢)?漁夫繼續說道,人都醉倒了,那你為何不吃點酒糟、喝點薄酒?為什麼要懷抱深刻的思想和崇高的抱負,卻讓自己被放逐呢?故事末尾,屈原回答說,人不會讓清潔的自己被玷汙,他寧願跳進河裡、葬身魚腹,也不願跟世界同流合汙。 屈原人品高潔,拒絕降低自己的標準,不讓自己被腐敗的世界所污染。 《楚辭》是楚地的詩歌選集,其中一部分為屈原所作。《楚辭》中的〈漁父〉,說的是同樣的故事,幾乎與《史記》版本字句相同,但是以對話的形式出現。然而,在〈漁父〉中,最後一句話是由漁夫所說──他一邊划船離開,一邊自言自語道:「滄浪之水清兮,可以濯吾纓。滄浪之水濁兮,可以濯吾足」(滄浪河的水清澈的時候,可以洗我的帽纓;滄浪河的水渾濁時,可以洗我的腳)。 對有些讀者來說,漁夫腳踏實地的做法和務實的彈性,比起下場淒涼的屈原要更可取──屈原孤獨遺世、流落河邊,被他自己頑固的絕對主義所困。但屈原堅持原則、不惜犧牲的壯烈,讓他成為備受尊崇的英雄。 「何不隨其流而揚其波」這句話,便是成語「隨波逐流」的出處。「隨波逐流」多用來表示負面的意義,指的是沒有確定的方向和目標,只隨著環境和潮流行事。 (台北時報林俐凱譯) 在資訊爆炸的時代,很多人隨波逐流、人云亦云,變成散播假新聞的幫兇。 (In this age of unfettered information, everybody just goes along with everyone else, repeating what they hear and becoming purveyors of fakeFULL STORY


A: I got a message from my old landlord yesterday. B: That’s nice. Mine doesn’t keep in contact. A: He said he’s going to start renovating the apartment, and he wants me to help him pay for it. A: 我昨天從舊房東那邊收到一個訊息。 B: 那真好耶,我的舊房東都沒有聯絡了。 A: 舊房東說他要開始整修公寓,而且還要我幫忙負擔費用。 English 英文: Chinese 中文: FULL STORY

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