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Riding with the thief

A woman surnamed Chang was not in the habit of removing her key from her scooter. Several days ago, she discovered her scooter had vanished without a trace. After the police searched the surveillance video, they found out that the thief was a sixteen-year-old youngsterFULL STORY

Taiwan’s indigenous fighter

High school senior at National Nei-pu Senior Agricultural-Industrial Vocational High School, Pan Hung-ming is a member of the school boxing team and was courageous enough to overcome his personal difficulties and make progress to receive the Presidential Education Award this year. Pan has already beenFULL STORY


A: It’s rare that the weather is this good. You want to go out and play some ball? B: I want to, but I can’t. I’m swamped and have to work overtime. A: Take some time out. Maybe it will even help you work more efficiently. B: ForgetFULL STORY


A : Wow. You really put that cologne on didn’t you? It’s a bit robust. B : Really? I can’t smell it. A : Stuffy nose? You really can’t smell this heavy scent? B : Spot on. I’ve had a stuffy nose ever since I got upFULL STORY

Careless combing causes test-room commotion
高雄國中會考男拿梳子梳頭 恐違規

Tests for the Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students kicked off on May 16. Most of this year’s examinees were born in the lunar Year of the Dragon. In Kaohsiung more than 32,000 students sat for the tests — about 2,000 more thanFULL STORY


A: Did you seen his pen? B: Yes, why? A: It’s custom made, with diamond inlays. Is this guy the son of a wealthy family? B: Hey, you’re focusing on the wrong thing. The meeting is still ongoing. Focus. A:你看到他那枝筆沒有? B:有啊,怎麼了嗎? A:是鑲鑽的高級訂製筆耶!那傢伙該不會是個小開吧? B:喂,你注意力放錯地方了吧?現在還在開會中. 專心點! English 英文: Chinese 中文: FULL STORY

Gay rights for people with disabilities

May 17 was the International Day Against Homophobia, and organizers of the previous day’s Kaohsiung Pride Parade invited people with disabilities to participate. However, Chuang Ching-i, a member of the Alliance of Religious Groups for the Love of Families Taiwan, disagreed with the Kaohsiung PrideFULL STORY

A diploma from a past era

The Hengchun Peninsula was settled and developed rather early, but because many of its historical materials were left unattended, most of them have disappeared. Last month Nien Chi-cheng, a historical researcher who has been collecting the peninsula’s historical documents for a long time, came acrossFULL STORY


A: I don’t think I will ever cut it in a call center. B: Why not? A: I can never seem to keep it together when a customer starts to lose it. B: That takes time and practice. It’s probably helpful to ask your seniors how theyFULL STORY

The 17-year romance

On May 16, the Yilan County Government held a joint wedding ceremony at Tungshan River Park, attended by a total of 19 couples dressed in beautiful attire. One of the newlywed couples has been engaged in a 17-year-long romance; the man has always wanted toFULL STORY

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