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Tranditional Hakka Banquet
東勢客家美食辦桌 票券開賣

To promote Hakka cuisine, the Taichung City government will hold a Dongshih Hakka Cuisine Outdoor Banquet next month. The venue will have one hundred banquet tables and can seat one thousand people. The public can indulge in Hakka cuisine while enjoying a wonderful program ofFULL STORY

Golden Melody Awards Best Song of The Year goes to
Island Sunrise

On March 18 last year the Sunflower Movement erupted in protest against the opaque cross-strait service trade agreement. On March 23, Yang Ta-cheng of Fire Ex went to the legislature in search of inspiration for his new song; as it happened, the occupation of theFULL STORY


A:A simple matter like this, I’ll have it with you in three days. B:Really? Could you send me an e-mail reply as confirmation? A:Why do you need me to send you an e-mail? I’ve said I would do it. B:It’s not that I doubt you, it’sFULL STORY

Making a splash in Keelung
外木山海泳 三千人樂消暑

The Keelung City Waimushan sea swimathon kicked off in a lively fashion on the morning of June 28. Swimmers numbered almost 3,000 from a total of 15 counties and cities across Taiwan, forming a spectacular snaking chain in the water. According to Keelung City Mayor LinFULL STORY

All you need is love!
要愛不要暴力 逾千人宣誓

To reduce the occurrence of domestic violence, the Taichung City Center for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault on Jun 28 organized a thousand-strong pedge event “Love: zero violence.” Thousands of people responded by pledging “zero-tolerance to violence,” and the center arranged for a newly-engaged coupleFULL STORY


A:I’m done for. This time the boss is sure to have a real go. B:Really? I think it will be the exact opposite. He always knew this would happen, he just wanted to use this opportunity to teach you. A:He’s not that nice. So longFULL STORY

The Sound of Music
薩克斯風樂團 讓你如沐春風

A group of IT executives in the Hsinchu area who had no background in music, but had a passion for music and wanted to participate in social welfare, formed the Spring Breeze Saxophone Band. The band gives charity performances all over to entertain others andFULL STORY


A:Will you be OK in tomorrow’s interview? Need any help? B:I’m OK. Why do you ask? A:Because you’re often really quiet, I’m afraid you will be nervous and get tongue-tied. B:I’m not quiet, it’s just that sometimes I can’t be bothered to say anything. A:你明天面試OK嗎?要幫忙嗎? B:OK啊,幹嘛這麼問? A:因為你平常蠻安靜的,我怕你會緊張到講話結巴。 B:我哪有安靜,只是平常比較懶得講話好嗎。 EnglishFULL STORY


A : Has Mike really been dissing me behind my back? ? B : Absolutely. A : I had no idea he was like that. I got him wrong. B : They do say you should always be vigilant. A : Mike真的在背後亂罵我? B : 千真萬確。 A : 沒想到他是這種人。我看錯他了。 B :FULL STORY

Love just won

Nine US Supreme Court Justices have ruled that the gay marriage ban is unconstitutional and have legalized same-sex marriage across the fifty states of the US. Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Yu Mei-nu remarked, “I hope that our grand justices can also base their decisionsFULL STORY

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