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Chinese Practice 水漲船高 (shui2 zhang3 chuan2 gao1) when the water level goes up, all boats rise 英文片語a rising tide lifts all boats一般多認為出自美國前總統甘迺迪於一九六三年發表的演講,意指經濟好時,經濟體中所有人皆可受惠。甘迺迪的演講撰稿人泰德索倫森在其後曾表示這個片語並非甘迺迪或他所創,而是他幾年前在一個地方商會的信紙上看到的。甘迺迪在演講上使用了這個片語,但不是這個片語的創始人。 A rising tide lifts all boats這個說法至今已有至少一世紀的歷史,在美國一九一○年代出版的宗教書報中額為常見。這個片語看似源自於某個臨海的漁村,同樣的濱海意境,與在其一千年前出現的中文成語「水漲船高」有異曲同工之妙。 在西元一千○四年,中國宋朝的釋道原撰寫《景德傳燈錄》,記錄了多名禪師與僧人的禪法。書中提及「水長船高,泥多佛大」。「水漲船高」用於形容某人或事物提升後,連帶讓仰賴其的人或事物也跟著提升。而「泥多佛大」亦可單獨使用,意指深穩的根基或支持能造就成功。 (台北時報編譯涂宇安譯) 這名歌手爆紅後,他的樂團身價也水漲船高,現在有多家唱片公司都想要挖角他們。 (After this singer became very popular, his whole band became really famous, too, and now lots of record companies are looking toFULL STORY


A: I want to choose some luggage. What do you think of this fabric one? It’s quite light, so it’ll be easier to lug around. B: Yeah, fabric suitcases are lighter, but if it rains the stuff inside might get wet. Wouldn’t a hardshell case beFULL STORY

Why do so few elephants get cancer?

In 1977, a University of Oxford statistician named Richard Peto pointed out a simple yet puzzling biological fact: We humans should have a lot more cancer than mice, but we don’t. Dr. Peto’s argument was beguilingly simple. Every time a cell divides, there’s a small chanceFULL STORY


A: These bananas have been sitting around for ages, they’re overripe. Can they still be eaten? B: Of course. I can make banana bread with them. That will extend their shelf life, too. A: How do you make banana bread? B: It’s really easy, actually: it’s just likeFULL STORY

Close shave by the Ganges

The banks of the River Ganges in India, at the city of Varanasi, is known for the ceremonial bathing many Hindus do there. There are sections along the bank, however, bustling with people engaged in all manner of activities. This photo shows a young man shavingFULL STORY


A: Which of these postcards do you think is nicest? B: Ummm… I like this one with the red lanterns. The colors are bright, it’s quite cheery. Who is it for? A: It’s for a friend in Japan. How about this black and white one? B: Yeah, it’sFULL STORY

“SpeXial’s” popularity surges with new drama and book
「SpeXial」拍新戲、寫真書 人氣紅不讓

Taiwanese boy group “SpeXial” is so popular at the moment that some members — including Wayne, Sam, Evan and Ian — have been invited to star in this year’s KO-3AN-GUO, a Chinese adaptation of a hit TV drama with a budget of NT$300 million. TheirFULL STORY


A: Want to see a movie tomorrow night? I can book tickets online. B: OK. Is there anything good on? A: There’s one on right now about World War II, a lot of critics are saying it’s good. We can see it in 3D at the IMAX. B:FULL STORY

Pebble Beach Pro-Am: Rain disrupts first round
圓石灘配對賽 第一回合風雨攪局

The first round of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am kicked off on Feb. 10, but came a cropper due to bad weather, causing a temporary stay of play. Taiwanese professional golfer Pan Cheng-tsung, under the strong winds and downpour, only managed 13 holes, conceding twoFULL STORY


A: Ouch, I’ve got cramp in my leg. B: You need to stretch your leg out like this, slowly: if you do it too hard you’ll pull a muscle. A: Nice. It feels better now I’ve stretched. B: It might be because you don’t exercise enough. Did youFULL STORY

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