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Chef Heston Blumenthal bemoans trend to take snaps instead of bites

Heston Blumenthal has criticized the trend of diners who appear to be more interested in photographing their food than eating it. The celebrity chef, known for his culinary creations, and owner of the triple Michelin-starred Fat Duck restaurant said the issue had been discussed in hisFULL STORY


B: My mom says her frozen shoulder has been really painful recently, so she won’t be able to prepare so many dishes this year. A: We can help you to prepare some New Year’s dishes. B: Wait a minute, are you sure your cooking skills are upFULL STORY

7.5 billion-year-old meteorite contains oldest material ever found on Earth
澳洲隕石發現地球上最古老物質 可追溯至七十五億年前

Scientists analyzing a meteorite that fell down onto an Australian village in 1969 have discovered that the rock contained many particles of stardust that existed before our solar system was formed, dating them to around 7.5 billion years ago, making them the oldest material everFULL STORY


A: It’s scary how time flies; another year bites the dust. B: Don’t remind me, another year older: I don’t want to face up to the fact. A: Last year, you told me that your family prepared a mountain of food including radish cakes and New YearFULL STORY

NASA planet hunter finds Earth-sized world in ‘Goldilocks zone’
行星獵人出手 發現可適居行星

NASA’s planet hunting Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has discovered an Earth-sized world within the habitable range of its star, which could allow the presence of liquid water. Another first for TESS is its discovery of a world orbiting two stars, evoking the planet TatooineFULL STORY


B: Talking of year-end banquets, something really miraculous happens every year. A: What do you mean? B: For many years, I’ve been giving monthly donations to help disadvantaged groups and stray animals. I even adopted a child. Every year, these costs added up to almost exactly theFULL STORY

Dihua Street’s Lunar New Year market

Every year, in the two-week run up to the Lunar New Year break, businesses along Taipei’s Dihua Street hold a special Lunar New Year specialties market. The store-lined roads, with outside stalls laden with New Year dried fruits, candies, spiced drinks and meat jerkies, areFULL STORY


B: Did everything go well at last night’s show? A: Thanks to your reminder to eat something first, it went off without a hitch. B: Did you win any prizes? A: Not during the main draw, but my boss gave out bonus prizes: anyone without a prize wasFULL STORY

Singer Justin Bieber reveals he is fighting Lyme disease

Fans around the world were shocked when Canadian singer Justin Bieber revealed last week that he has Lyme disease. “I’ve been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only that but had a serious case of chronic mono which affected my skin, brain function, energy, andFULL STORY


A: I decided not to eat lunch today, so I can really stuff myself at tonight’s banquet. B: That’s a really bad idea. Are you going to perform? You need to eat something, otherwise you might faint on stage from low blood sugar. A: Alright then, I’llFULL STORY

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