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Students use Greek mythology and Korean drama to highlight food safety
拍食安微電影 宏仁女中獲獎

Six second-year students from Hung Jen Catholic Girls’ High School in Chiayi City put to use what they learnt in a case study class by splitting into two groups to conduct research into the safe limits of consumption — and the preparation methods for —FULL STORY


A: I’m off to get some supplies. Is there anything I can get for you while I’m there? B: That’s good of you. A: No worries. At home, you rely on your parents. When you move out, you rely on your friends. B: Right. I needFULL STORY


A: How’s that article the supervisor asked you to write? B: He said in some of the sections I went off on flights of fancy, and asked me to rewrite them. A: So what will you do? Someone as funny as you must find itFULL STORY

No food at this year’s International Flower Carpet Festival

As a warm-up to the 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo, this year’s International Flower Carpet Festival has been moved to the Huatien Lulang eco-park in Taichung’s Houli District. The festival will occupy an area of approximately five hectares and will include a variety ofFULL STORY

High speed rail couple prepare to tie the knot
高鐵小倆口 準備永結同心

Lu Chun-kai, who works in Taiwan High Speed Rail’s (THSR) overhead power line maintenance section, is called “THSR Spiderman” on account of the kind of work he does. He and his girlfriend Wang Chu-i meet by chance at a THSR activity. The high-speed rail hasFULL STORY


A: If you could be a superhero, who would you be? B: Spiderman. A: Why Spiderman? B: We have a lot of mosquitoes at home. A: 如果有一天你可以成為超級英雄,你要當哪一個? B: 當然是蜘蛛人。 A: 為什麼是蜘蛛人? B: 因為我們家蚊子很多。 English 英文: Chinese 中文: FULL STORY


A: I like riding the train while eating a lunch box and looking at the sea. B: Yes, I love traveling by train. I prefer it to driving or flying. A: We should take the train around Taiwan together sometime. B: That’s a great idea. A: 我好喜歡坐火車一邊欣賞海景一邊吃火車便當。 B: 對啊,我也喜歡搭火車,比開車或搭飛機都還要好。 A: 改天一起搭火車環島吧。 B:FULL STORY

Bogus investigator wangles free dinner

On the evening of Feb. 9, the second evening of the Lunar New Year Festival, a man surnamed Lee and members of his family went to eat at a well-known roast duck restaurant in the eastern part of Taipei. Lee’s niece, also surnamed Lee, claimedFULL STORY


A: I dropped my phone in the bathroom washbasin. It broke. B: Why did you bring your phone into the bathroom? A: I was afraid of missing any phone calls. B: But isn’t your wife the only who calls you? A: 我的手機掉到浴室的洗臉盆裡,壞了。 B: 為什麼進浴室還要帶手機? A: 因為我怕漏接電話啊。 B: 可是你的電話不是只有你老婆才會打給你? English 英文: FULL STORY

Sinfong watermelons are sweet and crunchy

The harvest season is underway for watermelons, a local specialty of Sinfong Township in Hsinchu County. Tien Chao-lung, known as the “watermelon prince,” has been growing melons for more than half a century, and he still starts work at sunrise. Notably, the native melon varietyFULL STORY

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