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Kaohsiung warms up for this year’s Dragon Boat Festival
高雄龍舟賽六月七日登場 菜鳥先受訓

Kaohsiung’s annual dragon boat championship will take place between June 7-9. This year a total of 137 teams and more than 2,800 participants will lock horns to win a grand total of NT$600,000 in prize money. Participants have already started practicing on Love River, butFULL STORY


A: Aren’t you taking the elevator? B: I prefer to take the stairs. A: You’re walking five floors? That’s really tiring. B: I’m used to it. It’s better for the environment, and I get some exercise. A: 你不搭電梯上去嗎? B: 我比較喜歡走樓梯。 A: 你要一口氣爬到五樓嗎?那不是很累? B: 我習慣了,這樣對環境好,也是運動。 English 英文: Chinese 中文: FULL STORY


A: Someone gave me a box of oily rice, we can share it. B: The box is really pretty. Who gave it to you? A: My cousin, his son is one month old now. B: Congratulations to their family. A: 我今天收到一盒油飯,我們可以一起吃。 B: 包裝得好漂亮,是誰送的啊? A: 是我的表哥,他兒子滿月了。 B: 真是恭喜他們家。 English 英文: ChineseFULL STORY

Man holds joint art exhibit with deceased brother and his heart recipient

Eleven years ago, Chen Cheng-hsiung, who was only 19 years old and still a college student, was declared brain dead after an unfortunate car accident. Amid their great loss, Cheng-hsiung’s family decided to donate his organs. On May 14 this year, Cheng-hsiung’s older brother ChenFULL STORY

Tainan no. 18: the dark horse of Taiwan peanuts
國產花生界的黑馬 台南十八號來囉!

In addition to its classic flavor, the Tainan no. 18 peanut — a new peanut variety developed in Taiwan — also has the advantages of big nuts and a good yield. Yielding 10 percent more than other varieties, it could be called a dark horseFULL STORY


A: Look, there’s a Taiwan Blue Magpie at the top of that tree. B: The sun’s behind it, I can’t see it clearly. You sure it isn’t just a magpie? A: The magpie’s tail isn’t that long and its beak isn’t orange. B: Isn’t the Taiwan Blue MagpieFULL STORY


A: Did you feel the earthquake last night? B: There was an earthquake last night? What time? A: Just after 11pm. It wasn’t very big, but it went on for a long time. B: I was already asleep by then. Didn’t feel a thing. A: 你有感覺到昨晚的地震嗎? B: 昨晚有地震嗎?幾點的時候? A: 晚上十一點多吧,雖然不是很大,但搖晃蠻久的。 B: 我那時已經睡著了,完全沒感覺。 EnglishFULL STORY

Newborn Indian scops owlets the stars of Bai He Elementary School
領角鴞寶寶 白河國小生命教育活教材

Last month, just as new first-grade students were enrolling at Tainan’s Bai He Elementary School, an Indian scops owl on campus hatched some chicks. The school initially thought there were only three owlets, but later found a fourth, which made all the teachers and studentsFULL STORY


A: Let’s stay up tonight. Let’s watch a horror movie. What do you say? B: OK. Did you have a particular movie in mind? A: I picked a couple, and you can decide which one. Do you want to watch zombies, aliens or a Japanese ghost movie? B:FULL STORY

in Shuiyang Forest
水漾森林意外頻傳 曾三週傳三起失蹤案

Shuiyang Forest on the border of Nantou and Chiayi counties is a lake that was created when Shigupan River in Chiayi County was blocked off by an earthquake that struck on Sept. 21, 1999. The beauty of the scenery frequently attracts hikers to the area,FULL STORY

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