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Cat lady stuck in tree rescuing cat needs rescuing herself

Several residents of an Erie, Pennsylvania neighborhood heard a cat crying from a tree for several days over the weekend, and one decided to assist the animal but ended up also needing help. As reported by the Erie Times-News, a self-proclaimed animal lover, Tara Dennis, decidedFULL STORY


A: What’s the most difficult question you’ve had to answer during a job interview? B: Probably what I think my weaknesses are. A: Why? B: Honestly, because I was afraid of making a bad impression. If you evade the truth, though, the person interviewing you will think you’reFULL STORY


A : I’d like to apply for a few envelopes to send out some contracts. B : I’m sorry. We’re all out of envelopes. You’ll have to wait until the general affairs department gets some more. A : How long will that take? I’ll go ahead andFULL STORY

Chthonic first Taiwanese band to play all three of Japan’s major music festivals.
閃靈皇軍終戰 日迷台語大合唱

As soon as Taiwanese metal band Chthonic returned home after performing in Germany and the Czech Republic in early August, they rushed off to Japan to play at the international Summer Sonic music festival on Aug. 16, making them the first Taiwanese band to performFULL STORY

Lucky koala Sir Chompsalot gets kiss of life

A lucky koala was recovering on Friday last week after being caught by firefighters when it fell unconscious from a tree before being given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Emergency crews were called to the Melbourne suburb of Langwarrin on Thursday last week after reports that an injured animalFULL STORY


A: Are you going to the company lunch tomorrow? B: Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it. I promised the wife and kids I’d take them out. A: That’s too bad. It’s not every day that the boss treats us to lunch. B: That’s OK. I’m justFULL STORY


A : Hi. I’m a sales rep from Catlonique. Your company’s looking for businesses to invest in an event. We’d like to set up a time to give a presentation. B : The person in charge of the project is away on business and won’t beFULL STORY

Action films bore me, says Lucy director Luc Besson

French director Luc Besson’s new film, Lucy, about a woman who ingests a drug that gives her supernormal mental powers, says action films bore him — but his movie still has a spectacular car chase through Paris. Besson, whose other sci-fi hit, The Fifth Element (1997),FULL STORY


A : That’s the end of the presentation for the closing of this project. Please feel free to make any suggestions you might have. B : Did you make sure all those numbers are correct for the receipt write-offs? A : Yes. The accounts match up. ThereFULL STORY

FSC initiating control measures as real estate market shrinks
不動產交易萎縮 金管會啟動控管

Falling real-estate prices and diminishing trade volumes are now a definite trend. The Financial Supervisory Commission has told financial companies to start paying more attention to the risk of slumping prices in the real-estate market. Banks say that in recent years they have been approvingFULL STORY

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