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Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok rocks Taipei Arena
香港天王郭富城 嗨爆小巨蛋

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of his 1984 debut, Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok put on two shows at the Taipei Arena on Friday and Saturday last week. With a high-tech stage costing over NT$200 million (about US$6.4 million), one of the most extravagant stagesFULL STORY


B: Did everything go smoothly with the barbecue after you resolved the problem for your vegetarian friend? A: No, things went from bad to worse. A police officer suddenly appeared and told us we had to stop immediately. B: Why? A: It turns out barbecuing isFULL STORY

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If you do an Internet search for “watch sport on TV” you get references to cricket, soccer, and Premier League football matches. If you type in “watch sports on TV” you get links about NBA basketball, NFL football and MLB baseball games. That’s because, whenFULL STORY


A: The vegetarian friend said she couldn’t eat anything because the barbecue grill had been contaminated by the meat. B: Disaster. A: We came up with an ingenious solution: we wrapped food for her in aluminum foil, so it didn’t touch the grill. B: What a greatFULL STORY

Pingtung artist showcases collection of 3,000 hand drawn postcards
數千張明信片書寫「台灣家書」 林磐聳教授開展

Lin Pang-soong, a native of Pingtung County’s Donggang Township, is rated as one of the world’s top 100 graphic designers. For several decades, Lin has been sending hand-drawn postcards to friends and family in Taiwan. To date Lin has produced over 3,000 postcards; each withFULL STORY


B: So where did you hold your Mid-Autumn Festival barbecue? A: After my neighbor objected, we decided to move to a nearby park. The next problem was I had prepared some Japanese wagyu beef steaks, but after I started to cook the beef, one of ourFULL STORY

Japan environment minister: scrap nuclear reactors

Japan’s environment minister Shinjiro Koizumi has called for the country’s nuclear reactors to be scrapped to prevent a repeat of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Koizumi’s comments, made on Sept. 11, hours after he became Japan’s third-youngest cabinet minister since the war, could set him on aFULL STORY


A: Originally we organized the barbecue on the street outside my home. B: I see. A: But as we were preparing to start, one of my neighbors complained about the smoke blowing into their apartment. B: That’s strange, pretty much everyone barbecues on the street during the Mid-AutumnFULL STORY

Death by girdling: sambars strip tree bark in Yushan National Park
玉山樹木慘遭「環剝」致死 水鹿逞凶啃樹竟是為了...

For the past few years sambar in Yushan National Park have been found gnawing bark off trees, sometimes “girdling” the entire tree by gnawing the bark along its entire circumference, cutting off the transmission of nutrients and killing the tree. The park administration opened upFULL STORY


A: How was your Mid-Autumn Festival long weekend? B: It was great. I went to a barbecue party with some friends. I ate so much I could hardly move. I was so stuffed I needed a crane to move me. A: I also had an outdoor barbecueFULL STORY

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