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Man robs bank with fruit knife, escapes with NT$300,000
刀煞挾女客搶瑞興銀 女行員嚇壞給三十萬

According to the police, at 1:12pm on Thursday afternoon last week, an unaccompanied young male wearing a motorcycle helmet, surgical mask, dark-colored top, blue jeans, white sports shoes, linen gloves and carrying a green backpack, entered a branch of Taipei Star Bank on Jiantan RoadFULL STORY

Taiwan’s only surviving sumo wrestling ring restored to its former glory
全台首座戶外相撲亭 大溪中正公園重現

Taiwan’s only surviving sumo wrestling ring from the Japanese colonial era reopened last Tuesday following reconstruction of the sumo ring’s pavilion. Located within Jhongjheng Park in Taoyuan’s Dasi District, the sumo ring was the first outdoor ring to be built in Taiwan. The water purificationFULL STORY


A: Are you allergic to any medicines? B: No, but my stomach is quite sensitive, and I often get stomachache when I take medicine. A: OK. And are you on any medication at the moment? B: I have diabetes, and I have daily insulin injections. A: 你有對藥物過敏嗎? B: 沒有,不過我的腸胃很敏感,吃藥很容易胃痛。 A:FULL STORY


Chinese Practice 洗心革面(xi3 xin1 ge2 mian4) to cleanse one’s mind and change one’s behavior 《易經》是一部古中國占卜書,以六十四卦組成一系統。《十翼》是後世為了解釋《易經》所作的《易傳》之一。《十翼》中的第五及第六翼,也就是被稱為〈繫辭傳〉的上下兩篇,據傳為孔子所作,雖然此說存疑。〈繫辭上〉記載,子曰(「子」或許指的是孔子),「聖人以此洗心,退藏於密」(聖人用它來淨化自己的心靈,退隱藏身,不使人知,以存養才能),這是在談論占卜過程和卦所帶來的好處;換句話說,它可以讓人具有洞察力,不受自己主觀意志的影響。 《易經》〈革卦〉中寫道,「君子豹變,小人革面」,意思是說,君子的改變如同豹的毛紋變得更斑斕絢麗,是真正的遷善去惡、美德顯現;而小人的改變,只不過是改變面目來巴結君王。「革面」的意思是改變其外在行為,再加上前面所說的「洗心」,即為成語「洗心革面」,字面上的意義是把心洗淨、把臉更新,也就是英語所說的「to turn over a new leaf」。 在十六世紀的英國,書的頁面被稱為「leaves」;現在我們仍用「leafing through」這樣的說法來指翻頁瀏覽一本書的大致內容。「To turn over a new leaf」意指在寫作中的書冊新起一頁:以此頁總結前文,或重新開始,或新起頭。此語用法跟「start with a clean slate」很類似。在英國維多利亞女王時代,學生在鑲木框的石板(slate)上書寫,因為如果寫錯了,或要開始新的一課,就可以把它擦乾淨。石板也用於雜貨店和酒館,以記錄客人尚未付清的食品或飲料帳款。等到客人付了帳,老闆就會把他的石板擦乾淨,他就不再欠錢,可以重新開始。如今我們雖早已不用石板寫字記帳,這個比喻的說法仍留傳了下來。 因此,「to turn over a new leaf」就和「to start with a clean slate」一樣,都指重新開始,不受過去的行為或過失所束縛。 (台北時報編譯林俐凱譯) 經過了這些年他終於出獄,總算能夠洗心革面、重新做人了。 (Finally, after all these years, he’s out of jail.FULL STORY


A: My god, your kitchen sink is piled up with dirty plates. B: Oh, I hate washing up, so I just wait until I don’t have any clean plates left and wash some up. A: I doubt you wash up that often, then. All those leftoversFULL STORY

Cleaner air, cooler buildings: urban trees save megacities millions

Trees in cities reduce air pollution, absorb noises and protect people during heatwaves, saving megacities more than US$500 million (NT$15 billion) a year in healthcare, energy costs and environmental protection, according to new research by the State University of New York (SUNY). “Greening urban areas isFULL STORY


A: I told you not to take the highway, there’s sure to be a traffic jam at this time of day. B: It’s like this everywhere at this hour. We’ll get stuck in traffic wherever we are. A: Not necessarily. If you avoid theFULL STORY

The Islamic calendar

The Islamic New Year marks the beginning of a new Islamic calendar year, the day the year count is incremented. This year it was celebrated on Sept. 21 for most Islamic countries. Last year it started on Oct. 3, while in 2008 it was asFULL STORY


A: I’ve had a dull ache in my ear ever since I did a dive in the swimming pool yesterday. B: Did you damage your ear drum when you dove? A: I suspect that’s what happened, too. B: You should go and see a doctor. For theFULL STORY

Strictest security check ever for Ariana Grande’s Taipei concert
小天后亞莉安娜攻蛋 安檢史上最嚴

After experiencing the terrorist attack in Manchester, the UK, US singer Ariana Grande has resumed her Dangerous Woman Tour. During her very first visit to Taiwan, she put on a show on Tuesday this week at the Taipei Area. In addition to regular tickets, backstageFULL STORY

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