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Chinese practice 江山易改,本性難移 It’s easier to change the landscape than your essential nature (jiang1 shan1 yi4 gai3 ben3 xing4 nan2 yi2) 晚明白話文學作家馮夢龍(1574~1645)在其作所著短篇小說集《醒世恆言》第三十五章〈徐老僕義憤成家〉中寫到一句「常言道得好,江山易改,稟性難移」,由前句「常言道得好」可知,在當時「江山易改,稟性難移」(改變自然地形很容易,但要改變一個人的天性卻很難)一句已是普遍的說法。此句極似年代更早的元曲《謝金吾詐拆清風府》第三折中一句「山河易改,本姓難移」,但此句以姓氏的「姓」代替本性的「性」,或許是應俏皮的情節而以諧音的趣味呈現。現今所用以描述改變自己之困難、與自己天性奮戰的成語「江山易改,本性難移」,便是綜合以上兩句而來。 先知耶利米也了解這個道理。聖經所記載的先知耶利米,其著述年代在西元前六百年前後。舊約耶利米書第十三章二十三節(欽定版聖經英譯)中,他說道:「古實人豈能改變皮膚呢?豹豈能改變斑點呢?若能,你們這習慣行惡的,便能行善了。」(和合本中譯)換句話說,耶利米認為,正如我們不能改變自己皮膚的顏色,或豹不能改變其毛皮上的花紋,要改變一個人的行為方式是不可能的。英文諺語「a leopard cannot change its spots」(豹不能改變牠的斑點)便是由此而來。 (台北時報編譯林俐凱譯) 雖說江山易改,本性難移,他還是克服了愛拖延的缺點,把報告如期完成,跌破眾人眼鏡。 (Despite what they say about leopards not being able to change their spots, he overcame his own procrastination problem and finished his reportFULL STORY


A: My grandfather has recently learned how to use a smartphone, and he’s got himself a Facebook account. B: Really, now. So now he can keep up with his friends on Facebook. A: Yep. He’s looked up quite a few old university friends and joined a horticulturalFULL STORY

New Cerber ransomware targets Bitcoin wallets
勒索病毒新變種 專竊比特幣錢包

Security software company Trend Micro says that Cerber ransomware, which has been targeting Taiwan and spread through malicious advertising since last year, now has a new variant. According to Trend Micro, the new wave of attacks by the Cerber malware, which is spread through email attachments,FULL STORY


A: Do you watch TV dramas? B: We don’t have a TV at home. And I don’t really watch movies on my computer, either. A: Really. Do you follow the news? B: I listen to the news broadcast. I like to listen while I cook. A: 你平常有在看電視劇嗎? B: 我家沒有電視耶。我也很少用電腦看影片。 A: 是喔,那你會看新聞嗎? B:FULL STORY

Indonesia Independence Day

THE FRIST PHOTO: Indonesian dancers prepare backstage before a ceremony to mark the 72nd Independence Day at the presidential Merdeka Palace in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Thursday. After almost 350 years of Dutch rule, the Indonesian nationalist forces unilaterally declared Indonesian independence on Aug. 17, 1945.FULL STORY


A : Oh darn, I forgot my keys. I only have my cellphone on me. B : What time does your family get home? A : Mom’s at work. She won’t be back until after seven this evening. B : Then come wait at my house. There’s stuffFULL STORY

“Bad Genius” Taiwan’s best-selling Thai movie
泰厲害!「模犯生」 登台灣影史最賣座泰片

Popular Thai film Bad Genius has remained at number one at the box office for several consecutive weeks since it opened in Taiwan, thanks to word-of-mouth publicity, and theaters have quickly increased the number of auditoriums screening it. As of last week, the film hadFULL STORY


A: I’m taking a flight tomorrow evening. I’m starting to get nervous already. B: Do you get acrophobia? A: No, but I do get claustrophobia. After they’ve shut the cabin doors, I get all restless. B: Well, I don’t get claustrophobia, but I hate flying. I can’t sleepFULL STORY

Universiade: Gueishan police commence pool security checks
因應世大運 龜山區警方實施泳池安檢

As the 2017 Taipei Universiade is about to commence, as of last Sunday the training swimming pool at the National Taiwan Sport University in Taoyuan’s Gueishan District has been available for contestants to train in. To ensure the safety of the contestants, police have setFULL STORY


A: Fancy some ice cream? B: I think I ate something bad. I’m not sure about eating ice cream. A: Really? You should take care of yourself. When it’s hot, food goes off quickly. It’s easy to get a bad stomach. B: Yep. I left a cup ofFULL STORY

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