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A: Why do you keep gawping at Jane? B: What? Was I? A: Yes. You’ve been staring at her for at least two minutes... Have you taken a liking to her? B: Oh, come now. She’s not my type. I was just thinking about how I’mFULL STORY

Lights go on at Taipei Post Office

A ceremony was held on Sunday last week to mark the completion of renovation work on the Taipei Post Office, which is listed as a grade three historic site. Lights were switched on to illuminate the building’s exterior, giving this classic edifice a romantic feel.FULL STORY


A: I so want to quit. B: Why? Where did this come from? A: I feel as if my colleagues just treat me like so much air, nobody ever listens to what I say. B: Do you think you have offended anyone somehow? Try to find outFULL STORY


A: Well, things are going well today. B: What happened? A: I went to visit the head of that company and he had a real go at me, for no reason. B: Do you think he was just venting his anger at you? A:今天真是有夠衰。 B:發生了什麼事? A:我去拜訪的那個公司主管莫名其妙把我臭罵了一頓。 B:你該不會變成他的出氣筒了吧? FULL STORY

Art is all around in Greater Kaohsiung
港都吹藝文風 文創小店藏巷弄

In recent years, Greater Kaohsiung’s Pier 2 Arts Center and Da-Dong Cultural Center have taken the lead in making Kaohsiung a more artistically and culturally oriented city. The city’s main library was also inaugurated earlier this year. The construction of Wei Wu Ying Center ForFULL STORY


A: I’m going to distribute the contact list, anyone who doesn’t have a company phone, speak now or hold your peace. B: ET. He wants to phone home. A: If you want to crack stupid jokes, please wait until after the meeting has finished. B:FULL STORY

Sun’s fountain resembles iPhone 6
國父紀念館水池 俯瞰超像哀鳳6

In April last year, office workers in Taipei 101 discovered that the fountain in front of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall was remarkably similar, in the proportions of its rectangular shape and the curve of its corners, to an iPhone. Who would have guessed, butFULL STORY


A: How come you were on the phone so long? B: It was the boss, calling again about what happened in the last meeting. A: He just won’t let it drop. He does go on, doesn’t he? B: That he does. He damn near talked my earFULL STORY

A dream house or a UFO?

With the advance in architectural technology, even containers can be turned into creative buildings with unique designs or art galleries with a strong cultural touch. By incorporating structural mechanics and thin film engineering, Sanli Container Co, which is based in Greater Tainan’s Rende District, built aFULL STORY

Moaning in my room
房內傳嬌喘 網友崩潰帶綠帽 凶手竟是...

A netizen published an article titled “Moaning In My Room” on National Taiwan University’s PTT StupidClown Board, in which he said he was returning home early one afternoon. Just as he approached the apartment corridor, he heard a woman and a man moaning. Doubts andFULL STORY

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