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China responds to Tsai’s ‘Washington Post’ interview
蔡總統談九二共識 陸國台辦舊調回應

President Tsai Ing-wen recently gave an exclusive interview to the Washington Post. During the interview, Tsai emphasized that, with regard to cross-strait issues, Taiwan is a democracy, and as such its head of state has to follow the democratic will of the people. Tsai alsoFULL STORY


A:Got any change? I want to buy a lunchbox, but I only have a thousand dollar note on me. B:Do you have an EasyCard? A:Yes, but you cannot buy a lunchbox with an EasyCard. B:Add NT$200 to the card in a convenience store, the clerk will give youFULL STORY

USING IDIOMS 活用成語2016-07-27

守株待兔 (shou3 zhu1 dai4 tu4) 相傳古中國有一名農夫,因為一次僥倖的不勞而獲,從此以為只要依賴好運,人生就能一帆風順。 原本,這名農夫非常勤勞地工作,天天日出而作,日落而息。一旦收成不好,就沒有飯吃,生活非常困苦。 秋天的某一日,一隻兔子從農人背後的草叢跑了出來,穿越農田,然而因為沒注意到前面有個樹樁,一頭撞了上去,頸子當場斷裂。 對於這個天上掉下來的好運,農人又驚又喜。他把兔子撿起來帶回家,剝了皮煮來吃。比起努力工作填飽肚子,這個方法輕鬆多了。 自此之後,他就丟下農地不管。他想,這種好運既然可以發生一次,就可以再來一次。然而同樣的好運卻再也沒有發生,他因此而挨餓受苦。 這個故事是告訴我們勤奮工作的重要性,不要相信運氣可以讓你不勞而獲。 守株待兔是非常不切實際的作法,凡事要靠自己努力才對。 (It’s unrealsitic to think you can just sit back and wait for things to come to you. You should rely on hard work.) 聰明的人不僅不會守株待兔,還會未雨綢繆。 (Smart people don’t just hope things will turn out fine. They fix the roof while the sun shines.) Waiting forFULL STORY

A very brief history of Taiwan’s railways

As the sun is going down, as the workers are heading for home, a northbound train is racing by the Keelung river on the MRT’s Tamsui Line. There was a man sitting in the window seat right next to me. He looked utterly distraught. Tears wereFULL STORY


A : I’ve made some meatball soup. Want some? B : Are you insane? You eat soup when the weather’s this hot? A : What, you don’t eat soup in hot weather? B : Sure, but I eat iced green bean soup, iced red bean soup, or icedFULL STORY

Pokemon Go a smash hit for Nintendo
Pokemon Go爆紅 創下多項驚人記錄

Following the explosive popularity of the smartphone game Pokemon Go, US foreign investment analysts say investors should keep an eye on the popular game’s revenue model, the profit levels of its parent company, its follow-up plans for future market performance and its impact on theFULL STORY

Agricultural company launches “leopard cat eggs” to help save Taiwanese leopard cats
支持石虎保育 農業公司推出石虎蛋

The agricultural company Opul Union, in collaboration with the Council of Agriculture’s Endemic Species Research Institute, is providing meat for rescued leopard cats and has launched a “leopard cat eggs” program, under which Opul Union will donate NT$5 to the institute for every pack ofFULL STORY


A:Your glasses are really dirty. You should wash them. B:Can you show me how? A:Wash them in clean water, then clean them in non-acidic dish detergent, then wash them in clean water again. Then wipe them gently with tissue. B:Oh, so that’s how you do it. A: 你的眼鏡好髒,該洗洗了。 B:請教一下,你都怎麼洗啊? A:先用清水沖乾淨,然後用中性洗碗精洗一下,再用清水沖乾淨,然後用面紙輕輕擦乾,就可以了。 B:原來如此,我以前都只用眼鏡布擦,難怪越擦越髒。 English 英文: FULL STORY

FDA approves sales of fluoridated salt

On June 15, the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced its rules concerning fluoride labeling of packaged edible salt products, stipulating the permissible product names for packaged edible salt products containing added potassium fluoride or sodium fluoride as “fluoride salt,” “fluoridated salt” or “salt withFULL STORY


A:I don’t like the men’s lavatories here. B:Why not? A:Because there aren’t any partitions between the urinals, and if there’s someone you know standing next to you, it can be embarrassing. B:Yep. And women walking past can see inside. A:我不喜歡我們的男廁。 B:什麼? A:因小便斗與小便斗間沒有隔板,如果旁邊站著熟人,會很尷尬。 B:是啊。而且有時女生從門外經過,都可以看到裡面了。 English 英文: Chinese 中文: FULL STORY

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