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Action films bore me, says Lucy director Luc Besson

French director Luc Besson’s new film, Lucy, about a woman who ingests a drug that gives her supernormal mental powers, says action films bore him — but his movie still has a spectacular car chase through Paris. Besson, whose other sci-fi hit, The Fifth Element (1997),FULL STORY


A : That’s the end of the presentation for the closing of this project. Please feel free to make any suggestions you might have. B : Did you make sure all those numbers are correct for the receipt write-offs? A : Yes. The accounts match up. ThereFULL STORY

FSC initiating control measures as real estate market shrinks
不動產交易萎縮 金管會啟動控管

Falling real-estate prices and diminishing trade volumes are now a definite trend. The Financial Supervisory Commission has told financial companies to start paying more attention to the risk of slumping prices in the real-estate market. Banks say that in recent years they have been approvingFULL STORY

Toilets in the spotlight at Prague’s new museum of relief
布拉格新解放博物館 馬桶吸睛

Toilets, bedpans and other must-haves for nature’s calls from around the world are on display at a museum in Prague that claims to be the largest of its kind. Rows of toilet paper, bathroom vessels of all types, shapes and sizes and cistern pulls made ofFULL STORY


A: Hello? Hello? Hello? B: What’s wrong? A: It’s another prank call. I keep getting them lately. B: If it happens again, just hang up. Don’t waste your time with them. A:喂?喂?喂? B:怎麼了? A:又是不出聲的騷擾電話,最近常接到。 B:下次再接到這種電話,就直接掛了吧!不用跟他浪費時間。 FULL STORY

Five gas leaks found in Nantou
南投瓦斯外洩漏夜查 找到五洩漏點

Several gas leaks were reported in downtown Nantou City on the night of Aug. 17, alarming local residents and highlighting shortcomings in the local pipeline company’s efforts at responding, including difficulties quickly gaining control of the affected area. During a disaster response review meeting onFULL STORY

Pope runs late, asks to skip prayers — or else!
趕時間 教宗要求略過禱告—否則麻煩大了!

Pope Francis has long been a stickler for setting aside enough time to pray, getting up at 4:30am to ensure he is not rushed through his daily meditations. However, he sheepishly asked to skip evening vespers on Aug. 16 after he ran behind schedule during aFULL STORY


A : That person you interviewed called asking when the interview will be posted. B : Oh no. I haven’t even cleaned up the interview manuscript yet. I’ve been totally swamped lately. What should I do? A : Actually I don’t have anything to do now. WouldFULL STORY

Solar-powered scarecrows protecting harvests, saving money and labor
台東太陽能稻草人趕鳥 比真人厲害

Chirping sparrows are a constant headache for farmers, who fear more than anything that the birds will pilfer their rice paddy and millet farm harvests. The Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station has come up with a “solar-powered dummy bird repellent.” Experimental farmland usingFULL STORY


A : Hello. I’m Peyton. I’m here for an interview. B : Did you bring your resume? A : I’m sorry. My printer broke and there weren’t any convenience stores with printers on the way here, so I don’t have a copy of my resume. B : Oh,FULL STORY

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