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Linda Ronstadt awarded White House arts honor
開創女性搖滾新時代 琳達朗絲黛獲頒美國國家文藝獎

Linda Ronstadt, who was one of the most successful female rockers of the 1970s and pioneered the role of women in that genre, was honored Monday with the highest US arts prize. US President Barack Obama bestowed the National Medal of Arts on the multiple GrammyFULL STORY


A: Anyone got anything else to say about what the sales department just told us about the client’s demands? B: It’s absurd. There’s no way we can finish everything with a delivery date so soon. A: They say the client insists. How about this? You talk withFULL STORY

Tainan historian publishes new illustrated history of Taiwan’s deity statues

Tainan, the original capital of Taiwan when it was first settled by the Han Chinese, has more temples than any other city in the country and has developed a rich temple culture. Having grown up living next to a temple, Hsieh Chi-feng was always mesmerizedFULL STORY

Salzburg Festival opens with cheers on eve of 1914 anniversary
一戰百年紀念 薩爾茲堡音樂節歡喜開場

The Salzburg Festival, despite looming financial worries, got off to a thundering start Sunday with an opera by the city’s favorite son Mozart, kicking off a month-long program of culture and glamour. Don Giovanni, directed by the festival’s theater director Sven-Eric Bechtolf, met with rousing applauseFULL STORY


A: Hello. I’m with Cameria Market Research. The government has commissioned us to conduct an opinion poll regarding the local urban renewal project. Would 8 o’clock tomorrow night be a good time to visit you? B: How long will it take? A: Around half an hour. ThereFULL STORY

Veteran artist Vince Shih’s paintings spanning a half-century on display
施並錫編年展 看見台灣生命力

Come see how Taiwan has developed over a half-century through the eyes of veteran painter Vince Shih. A chronological exhibition of the renowned painter’s works is on display at the Taichung City Seaport Art Center until Aug. 24. The exhibit includes 125 of his paintings,FULL STORY

Cosmic caffeine: Astronauts getting espresso maker

The astronauts in space will soon be sipping some good coffee. The International Space Station is getting a real Italian espresso machine. They will still have to use the pouches, but at least the freshly brewed coffee will pack some zero-gravity punch. The specially-designed-for-space espresso machine isFULL STORY


A : I think the boss is upset with me for some reason, or am I imagining things? B : There’s definitely something odd going on between you two. Did you do something to make him mad? A : Not that I’m aware of, but lately itFULL STORY

Kevin Spacey latest stage actor to let fly when audience member’s phone goes off during show

Despite endless pre-performance notices warning people to silence or switch off their handsets, it appears some theater-goers still cannot get it into their heads that a phone going off during a production will, put simply, screw up the flow of the show. Kevin Spacey has becomeFULL STORY


A : I’ve got a job interview tomorrow. I’m so nervous. B : Isn’t there plenty of advice on the Internet? Just follow that. A : It’s easy to say that, but who knows whether I’ll get an interviewer who gives me the runaround with all theseFULL STORY

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