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EDITORIAL: Collaboration key to fight spying

Australian authorities on Monday launched a high-level intelligence task force amid revelations of an increase in Chinese spying activity in the nation. Self-confessed Chinese spy William Wang Liqiang (王立強) has made claims about his own involvement in spy operations, while Duncan Lewis, the recently retired headFULL STORY

Higher education facing a storm

By Chang Ruay-shiung 張瑞雄

In 2000, the number of live births in Taiwan was 305,312. That figure declined to 260,354 the year after and 247,530 the next, a drop of 57,782 in two years — a significant decline. As those who were born in 2001 and 2002 finish senior-highFULL STORY

Hong Kong in clash of civilizations

By Joseph Tse-hei Lee 李榭熙

As the widespread struggle for democracy enters its sixth month in Hong Kong, China remains reluctant to acknowledge that the movement primarily concerns political representation, because this would reveal a total lack of public confidence in the “one country, two systems” model. In responding to theFULL STORY

Taiwan the right choice for helping the US Navy

By Yang Chung-hsin 楊宗新

After the US government passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act late last month, the Chinese government announced early this month that it would retaliate by suspending visits to Hong Kong by US military ships and imposing sanctions on five US non-governmental organizationsFULL STORY

629 Pakistani girls sold as brides to China

By Kathy Gannon

Page after page, the names stack up: 629 girls and women from across Pakistan who were sold as brides to Chinese men and taken to China. The list, obtained by The Associated Press, was compiled by Pakistani investigators determined to break up trafficking networks exploitingFULL STORY

Drone swarms set to dominate the future of aerial warfare

By Michael Safi

As evening fell on Russia’s Khmeimim airbase in western Syria, the first drones appeared. Then more, until 13 were flashing on radars, speeding toward the airbase and a nearby naval facility. The explosives-armed aircraft were no trouble for Russian air defenses, which shot down seven andFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Hong Kong: The world is watching2019-12-07

Many people in Taiwan — and around the world — will be watching Hong Kong tomorrow, where the Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) received permission to hold a large-scale demonstration, two weeks after district council elections that delivered a resounding rebuke to Hong Kong ChiefFULL STORY

The Liberty Times Editorial: Elections key to warding off China2019-12-07

An opinion piece published by the Washington Post on Monday last week suggested that if Chinese President Xi Jinping (習近平) receives a morning briefing, the briefing that day “must have been a doozy. Nothing but bad news.” First, self-professed Chinese spy William Wang Liqiang (王立強) claimedFULL STORY

China’s response to spy is telling2019-12-07

By Yu Kung 愚工

When China Innovation Investment Ltd executive director Xiang Xin (向心) and his wife, acting director Kung Ching (龔青), were detained by authorities in Taiwan on Nov. 24 after self-professed Chinese spy William Wang Liqiang (王立強) accused them of being Chinese intelligence officers, Beijing reacted strangelyFULL STORY

Nation lives forward, not in the KMT’s past2019-12-07

By Michael Danielsen

A combination of the good old days and modern populism can be a superb cocktail for winning an election. The problem for the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) populist presidential candidate, Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜), is that there are no good old days. Worse forFULL STORY

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