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EDITORIAL: Explosions cast party-state shadow

The two recent gas explosion disasters have unexpectedly brought the country’s history as a one-party state back into the limelight, and along with it a slogan popular among some young activists which says that the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) downfall is the key to securingFULL STORY

The Liberty Times Editorial: Politicking adds to tragedy of blasts

After the rescue efforts following the gas pipeline explosions in Greater Kaohsiung on July 31 and Aug. 1 were completed, the relief operation entered the clear-up phase. When reconstructing areas affected by disasters, the first task is generally to apply for an emergency disbursement fromFULL STORY

Economy needs more reform, not more China

By Wu Rong-i 吳榮義

President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) recently held a press conference in Greater Kaohsiung in which he should have focused on reconstruction after the fatal, destructive gas pipeline explosions that occurred in the city on July 31 and Aug. 1, but instead chose to cite a WallFULL STORY


Another tourism ‘black eye’ A Taipei Times article about low-cost tour groups visiting Taiwan from China (“Chinese tour group debacles reinforce limits: minister,” Aug. 9, page 3) details an issue that represents another black eye for Taiwan. The piece told of the stiff competition among operators ofFULL STORY

DNA codes prove key to catching wildlife traffickers

By Nicola Davis

As I rattle across the Welsh countryside in an early morning train, a verdant landscape bounces into view. A blurred jumble of grass, trees, brambles and bushes flies past the window. Catching a lift from Carmarthen station through the Towy valley to the National Botanic GardenFULL STORY

Blasts, bullets and two dead dogs: a US police raid gone wrong

By Fabienne Faur

Cheye Calvo was at home in his underwear in the US state of Maryland when police in commando gear stormed in, shooting his dogs with automatic weapons and throwing his mother-in-law to the floor. They were looking for drugs, but there was just one problem: TheyFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Disaster responses affect elections2014-08-19

Although campaigning for the Nov. 29 nine-in-one elections has not officially started, we can already gauge the strength of the candidates from the different parties in the different counties and cities. Many of the incumbent commissioners and mayors seeking re-election are leaving the competition inFULL STORY

Housing prices demand stability2014-08-19

By Chao Wen-heng 趙文衡

Housing prices in Taiwan have now reached ridiculously high levels. Last year, in a situation that should have been impossible given the objective conditions, the housing price-to-income ratio in Taipei was the highest in the world, although it has recently dropped to second place. SuchFULL STORY

Reliance on China restricts economy2014-08-19

By Du Yu 杜宇

While commenting on the gas pipeline explosions in Greater Kaohsiung, on July 31 and Aug. 1, President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) once again spoke of the importance of urgent approval of the cross-strait service trade agreement, the planned free economic pilot zones and other related policies. However,FULL STORY

Taiwanese must refuse to live in ‘fissure’2014-08-19

By Kengchi Goah 吳耿志

No words can describe the anguish this author experienced following Greater Kaohsiung’s gas pipeline explosions and the numerous lives the incident has taken and wrecked. Realizing that the tragedy resembles a nightmarish scenario the author had forewarned in a Taipei Times article (“Ticking bombs threaten Taiwan,”FULL STORY

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