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EDITORIAL: Soong polling strong for blue camp

News that People First Party (PFP) Chairman James Soong (宋楚瑜) might make another run for the presidency could be another bombshell for the embattled Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT), already reeling from the rise of Deputy Legislative Speaker Hung Hsiu-chu (洪秀柱) as the presumptive candidate forFULL STORY

Assigning blame for compensation

By Chiang Shen 江盛

The truth about TransAsia Airways Flight GE235 that crashed into the Keelung River in Taipei on Feb. 4 was revealed this week thanks to the black box and other evidence. At the time of the crash, many hailed the pilot as a hero and evenFULL STORY

Political ineptitude no help to disasters

By Chen Mao-hsiung 陳茂雄

The blast at Formosa Fun Coast (八仙海岸) is being treated as a national crisis. At a recent news conference, People First Party Chairman James Soong (宋楚瑜) criticized the central and local governments for leaders’ lack of integration in crisis management and resource control. Soong saidFULL STORY


World poised for low growth The inevitable failures of neo-Keynesian economics and the days of printing fiat currencies to paper over cracks on balance sheets are finally coming to an end. It is unclear whether Greece or Puerto Rico will herald the first wave of sovereign defaults,FULL STORY

Preserving world cultures creates ethical dilemmas

By Kanishk Tharoor

Every month produces new cases of the “repatriation” of antiquities from US museums to their countries of origin. In late May, Italian authorities displayed 25 looted artifacts retrieved from the US. They included some objects smuggled by the infamous dealer Giacomo Medici, convicted in 2004 forFULL STORY

David versus Goliath battle to protect a small town’s charm

By Joseph Berger

A hamlet that looks as though it would fit neatly into a model-train layout at Christmas time is battling once again to sustain its small-town character against the relentless march of the large chain stores. Twenty years ago, Katonah, 72km north of New York City inFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Introducing risk management2015-07-06

Over the past week, public prosecutors and agents from the Investigation Bureau have looked into the disaster at the Formosa Fun Coast (八仙海岸) water park in New Taipei City. The results have been astounding. First, their probes found that the water park operator had little ideaFULL STORY

China’s ‘Xiconomics’ spirals down2015-07-06

By Wang Dan 王丹

A misconception that needs to be cleared up concerns the term “Likonomics,” which was bandied about in the media for a while following the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) 18th National Congress in November 2012. “Likonomics” refers to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s (李克強) economic ideas, andFULL STORY

Shameful closed-door meeting at Harvard2015-07-06

By James Wang 王景弘

Narrow-minded President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) is a show-off who likes to compare himself with others, whether they are superior or inferior, and he thinks well of himself. He keeps boasting that during his presidency, not only cross-strait relations, but also Taiwan-US relations, have been theFULL STORY

[ LETTER ]2015-07-06

Wheelchairs and buses So this is the part where I tell my story, because most people have not heard it before. Before I even begin, it is already starting to get old. It is a story I have been carrying around for months and aFULL STORY

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