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EDITORIAL: On guard against ‘united front’

The controversy surrounding Sunday’s cross-strait music festival at the National Taiwan University (NTU) campus was yet another example of Beijing’s incessant efforts to undermine Taiwanese sovereignty. Billed as a cultural activity that is part of memorandums of understanding on cultural and arts events signed by TaipeiFULL STORY

The Liberty Times Editorial: Repairing Taiwan’s regional image

The Mainland Affairs Council has reiterated the government’s position that there is absolutely no room for cross-strait cooperation on South China Sea sovereignty issues, in response to reports of a dialogue that is to be held in the US on China-US maritime issues and internationalFULL STORY

‘Undead’ healthcare theories back

By Lee Jwo-leun 李卓倫

A few years ago, I characterized the prospective National Health Insurance (NHI) policy of “insuring major illnesses, but not insuring minor ones,” which the Cabinet was considering, as an “undead theory.” This topic was taken up by several experts who asked how anyone could draw aFULL STORY

Practical controls for financial oversight

By Wang Chien-an 王健安

Financial Supervisory Commission Chairman Wellington Koo (顧立雄) is in the spotlight regarding financial regulation as he faces issues such as family-owned businesses, the heavy fine levied by US authorities on Mega Financial Holding Co and SinoPac Financial Holdings Co’s failure to regulate its subsidiaries’ activities.FULL STORY

For Rohingya child refugees,
too many losses to count


Abdul Hamid has the wide-open smile of a child and the eyes of an adult. By age 12, the Rohingya Muslim boy has seen more than anyone should have to see in a lifetime. He saw his father shot by “Burma soldiers,” he said in aFULL STORY

Crisis dents Myanmar’s hopes of Western investment boom

By Yimou Lee and Marius Zaharia

When officials from Myanmar’s commercial capital, Yangon, toured six European countries in June, they were hoping to drum up investment in transport, energy and education. Instead, they were bombarded with questions about the nation’s treatment of the Rohingya Muslim minority, who have long complained of persecutionFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Pay raises are not enough2017-09-25

The government’s announcement of a 3 percent pay increase for military personnel, civil servants and teachers in the next fiscal year — the first since 2011 — has received broad support from across party lines and won backing from the business community. The move indicates theFULL STORY

To be president, Ko needs a party2017-09-25

By Chen Mao-hsiung 陳茂雄

Following the success of the Taipei Summer Universiade, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) has found himself far ahead of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) political heavyweights in the opinion polls. Ko’s relationship with the DPP has been strained, and it is possible that the twoFULL STORY

Homegrown subs plan misfires2017-09-25

By Masahiro Matsumura

In irritation and impatience, Taiwan has launched its plan for the indigenous development and acquisition of conventional submarines. Ever since the military balance across the Taiwan Strait shifted significantly toward China, Taiwan has been prevented from acquiring a foreign-made conventional sub — a small, but indispensableFULL STORY

Public must act to ensure reactors are shut down2017-09-25

By Yang Chung-han 楊宗翰

Aging nuclear facilities are becoming a serious issue across the world. By 2050, more than 30 nuclear reactors in the EU will have reached their retirement age and decommissioning them is expected to cost 250 billion euros (US$299 billion). Taiwan has six operational nuclear reactors. InFULL STORY

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