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EDITORIAL: Removing memorials to a dictator

Statues of former president Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) dotting school campuses and public spaces nationwide are the subject of fierce debate at this time of year — the anniversary of the 228 Incident — and increasingly so in the past five years. On Wednesday, National Sun Yat-senFULL STORY

Trump’s reverse on multilateralism

By Eric Chiou 邱奕宏

Beating the odds and most pundits, US President Donald Trump’s victory in the election last year indicates a sharp departure from the course of the political establishment prescribed in Washington’s elite circles. The impact of his administration is expected to generate gigantic storms in theFULL STORY

Taiwanese must keep guarding democracy

By Lee Min-yung 李敏勇

On the 40th anniversary of the 228 Incident in 1987, democracy pioneer Deng Nan-jung (鄭南榕), in collaboration with activists Chen Yung-hsing (陳永興) and Lee Sheng-hsiung (李勝雄), organized a non-violent movement to commemorate the victims of the massacre. The movement, which called for justice and peace, laterFULL STORY


Time to rename CKS Hall It is sad that Taiwanese commemorate and pay their respects to victims of the 228 Incident only once a year, in contrast with Jewish people, who remind the world of the tragedy of the Holocaust almost every day. I believe this isFULL STORY

Why Uber-style public services are not the answer to the burden of democracy

By Tim Dunlop

In the film I, Daniel Blake, a middle-aged man is rendered unfit for work by a heart condition. As he undertakes the tortuous process of navigating the welfare system, the film captures the way in which the privatized bureaucracies of the modern neoliberal state areFULL STORY

Checks and balances on co-investments before roads and bridges

By Paolo Mauro

In last year’s US presidential election, Hillary Rodham Clinton and now-US President Donald Trump agreed that the US economy is suffering from dilapidated infrastructure, and both called for greater investment in renovating and upgrading the country’s public capital stock. Now that the Trump administration isFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Beijing and massacring the truth2017-02-25

It turns out that after all these years there is one massacre that Beijing is willing to talk about and commemorate, just not the one that happened in the heart of the Chinese capital almost 28 years ago. China’s Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman An Fengshan (安峰山)FULL STORY

Marines at AIT a symbolic gesture2017-02-25

By Edward Chen 陳一新

At a policy seminar at the Global Taiwan Institute in Washington on Wednesday last week, former American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) director Stephen Young announced that a detachment of US Marines will be posted at the AIT’s new compound in Taipei’s Neihu District (內湖) onceFULL STORY

Trump’s challenges over China2017-02-25

By Brahma Chellaney

Over the past eight years, as China’s posturing in Asia became increasingly aggressive, many criticized then-US president Barack Obama for failing to stand up to the Asian giant. It was on Obama’s watch, after all, that China captured the disputed Scarborough Shoal (Huangyan Island, 黃岩島)FULL STORY

Government should work to salvage labor policy2017-02-25

By Chen Chia-lin 陳嘉霖

During the process of formulating the five-day workweek policy, which gives employees one fixed day and one flexible day off each week, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government was on the one hand pressured by idealist moral labor rights doctrine, while on the other handFULL STORY

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