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EDITORIAL: Best coverage for foreign fishermen

The repeated attempts by lawmakers to exclude foreign fishermen from the nation’s labor insurance and health insurance programs show how oblivious they are to the suffering of one of the most vulnerable groups of migrant workers, who are already subject to harsh working and livingFULL STORY

Detention and right to a hearing

By Liu Ching-yi 劉靜怡

Late one night around the middle of December last year, police officers in Hsinchu County arrested a man on the grounds that he had violated the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act (毒品危害防制條例). The man requested a court hearing, which took place the next day. The HsinchuFULL STORY

Simplicity may be key to reforming constitution

By Christian Fan Jiang 范姜提昂

Just as in the past, a country’s constitution is far from being the public’s main preoccupation, unless a constitutional matter makes the news for some reason. You will not hear it discussed in bars or on talk shows. The US Constitution was written behind closedFULL STORY


The pope and paradox I wonder how many people noticed the awful hypocrisy in two stories last weekend. On Jan. 18, Pope Francis is quoted issuing his strongest defense yet of church teaching opposing artificial contraception, while a headline about the pope in the following day’s TaipeiFULL STORY

Underlying human behavior reveals scientific secrets

By Jonathan Michie

Governments across the world tend — perhaps increasingly — to point to the importance of the so-called “STEM” subjects of science, technology, engineering and math. Global economic competitiveness is the aim, with innovation being seen as one of the drivers. However, are these assumptions and conclusionsFULL STORY

The ECB’s new macroeconomic realism revealed

By Jeffrey Sachs

The European Central Bank (ECB) has finally launched a policy of quantitative easing. The key question at this stage is whether Germany will give the bank the freedom to maneuver needed to carry out this monetary expansion with sufficient boldness. Though quantitative easing cannot produce long-termFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Joblessness fell; wages must rise2015-01-26

It is a welcome sign that the nation’s unemployment rate dropped to less than 4 percent last year — the best performance during President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) tenure — as the steady recovery of the global economy offered continued support to the domestic labor market.FULL STORY

Dismal ‘dance’ of macho culture2015-01-26

By Chi Hui-jung 紀惠容

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je’s (柯文哲) reaction to the “One Billion Rising” rally, organized by the Garden of Hope Foundation on Jan. 12, was very disappointing. When Ko was invited to dance with a group of children on stage, he became angry and scolded Department of SocialFULL STORY

KMT must face identity problems2015-01-26

By Alfred Tsai 蔡而復

Prominent political philosopher Michael Walzer defines a nation as “a historic community, connected to a meaningful place, enacting and revising a way of life, aiming at political or cultural self-determination.” People in Taiwan share different national identities and historical experiences. The Election Study Center of NationalFULL STORY

New KMT chairman resurrects old pattern2015-01-26

By James Wang 王景弘

The political superstars of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) have one thing in common: They are very good at shouting slogans. The KMT’s newest chairman, New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu (朱立倫), is no exception. He wants to stand on the past and reform forFULL STORY

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