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EDITORIAL: The appeals of Lien the lachrymose

“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” — a saying widely attributed to former US president Harry Truman — describes a situation in which a leader, once having reached the coveted position, finds it difficult to cope with the stress, pressure,FULL STORY

Ma must take action on pilot zones

By Du Yu 杜宇

With China and South Korea announcing the completion of free-trade agreement negotiations earlier this month, Taiwan faces even greater pressure to maintain the competitiveness of its trade. The government is again urging the legislature to pass a bill on an oversight mechanism for cross-straitFULL STORY

The hunt for realistic trade options

By Tung Chen-yuan 童振源

At the 22nd APEC leaders’ meeting in Beijing, all member economies agreed to push for the establishment of a free-trade area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP). However, APEC is a relatively loose mechanism, and both the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic PartnershipFULL STORY

Local polls set to decide future for Taiwanese

By Lin Thung-hong 林宗弘

The transmission of messages from the future is a popular theme of science fiction movies. Here are some ideas about what a possible future for Taiwan would look like. The first concerns what would happen if, when polling stations have closed on Saturday, the ChineseFULL STORY

Despite persecution, guardian of Lake Tai spotlights China’s polluters

By Andrew Jacobs

By autumn, the stench of Lake Tai and the freakish green glow of its waters usually fade with the ebbing of the summer heat, but this year is different. Standing on a concrete embankment overlooking a fetid, floating array of plastic bottles, foam takeout containers,FULL STORY

The inflation and rising interest rates that never showed up

By Paul Krugman

Six years ago, the US Federal Reserve hit rock bottom. It had been cutting the federal funds rate, the interest rate it uses to steer the economy, more or less frantically in an unsuccessful attempt to get ahead of the recession and financial crisis. ItFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Democracy more than just a ballot2014-11-26

Taiwan’s democracy has always had its fair share of being labeled “immature.” Yet calling it “chaotic” — which has become a trend among Chinese onlookers and, regrettably, among some Taiwanese — implies a warped view that democracy should be nothing more than casting and tallyingFULL STORY

China’s rise to global leadership2014-11-26

By Jeffrey Sachs

The biggest economic news of the year came almost without notice: China has overtaken the US as the world’s largest economy, according to the scorekeepers at the IMF. Furthermore, while China’s geopolitical status is rising rapidly — alongside its economic might — the US continuesFULL STORY

Deposits to participate in elections need to go2014-11-26

By Wu Ching-chin 吳景欽

Army veteran Chao Yen-ching’s (趙衍慶) candidacy in Taipei’s mayoral election has sparked a debate about the deposits that candidates have to pay. The nation’s election and recall laws do indeed impose a lot of limitations on the right to vote and stand for election, thusFULL STORY

[ LETTERS ]2014-11-26

Now is the time for change Has the public not grown tired of last-minute revelations of supposed wrongdoings just prior to elections? This last bit of sensationalist rhetoric by Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) legislators Liao Kuo-tung (廖國棟) and Su Ching-chuan (蘇清泉) in regards to the possibleFULL STORY

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