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EDITORIAL: Get real about ‘green terror’

Lawmakers on Wednesday last week passed amendments to the National Security Act (NSA, 國家安全法) that impose higher sentences and fines for espionage and for recruiting people in Taiwan on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as well as extend the act’s purview to cyberspace. TheFULL STORY

Beware the West’s ambivalence

By Strobe Driver

The unrest in Hong Kong over a proposed bill to allow the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong to extradite people to mainland China is for all intents and purposes a sinister and subversive move, albeit ill-thought through by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). TheFULL STORY

Era of diplomatic neutrality is over

By Joseph Tse-Hei Lee 李榭熙

The Indo-Pacific, widely known as the Indo-West Pacific or Indo-Pacific Asia, includes the Indian Ocean, the western and central parts of the Pacific Ocean, and the countless waterways and islands connecting these two vast maritime zones. In the past few years, the Indo-Pacific has emergedFULL STORY

Spraying is not enough to combat armyworms

By Yang Yung-nane 楊永年

As an increasing number of fall armyworm infestations are discovered, government agencies are taking measures to control the invasive pest, such as using drones to spray insecticide, but crop spraying has several secondary effects. First, insecticides affect the ecosystem and other species. In 1962, US marine biologistFULL STORY

Exploring the rise of populism

By Paul Lewis

Last summer I attended a closed-door gathering of political scientists in Segovia, Spain, surrounded by the medieval spires of the Castile and Leon region. The academics had flown in from across the world to spend a few days reviewing research on the vexed subject ofFULL STORY

Hosting the G20 summit in Osaka

By Shinzo Abe

Tomorrow I will host this year’s G20 summit in Osaka, Japan. Our agenda will focus on three key issues, each of which is particularly important for Asia. The first agenda item concerns what I believe is the most important challenge of our times: working to maintainFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Still no action on refugee act2019-06-26

On World Refugee Day on Thursday last week, lawmakers and civic groups issued a reminder that Taiwan still does not have a refugee act. First proposed in 2005, a refugee bill in 2016 finally made it past a first reading — but nothing has been doneFULL STORY

Better data needed to fight worms2019-06-26

By Emilio Venezian

A day with no articles on the status of the fall armyworm infestation brings news that suggests we are ready to go into a panic phase: “The Council of Agriculture yesterday launched a new round of compulsory measures to prevent the spread of fall armywormsFULL STORY

Taiwanese should prepare for lengthy war2019-06-26

By Huang Jei-hsuan 黃介玄

As late as a few months ago, there were mournful predictions of eventual — and destined — absorption of Taiwan by China. Washington’s geopolitical punditry has since done a 180; now it clamors for an independent Taiwan to anchor the so-called first island chain. To beFULL STORY

[ LETTER ]2019-06-26

Tsai does not need Ko According to the latest public opinion poll carried out by a think tank close to the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文), who won the DPP’s presidential primary, has an average approval rate of more than 40 percent inFULL STORY

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