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EDITORIAL: The struggle over ‘Taiwaneseness’

It is almost a historical irony that former president Lee Teng-hui (李登輝) and former vice president Lien Chan (連戰) have both sparked debate with their — arguably mutually exclusive — attitudes toward the nation’s history with China and Japan from 70 years ago. While what underliesFULL STORY

Waking up from the ‘China dream’

By Paul Lin 林保華

Taiwan’s stock market crisis has been going on for some time, while financial and economic officials are busy arguing with one another. In particular, the Ministry of Finance has ignored the crisis, which has had a strong impact on investors’ confidence, leading to the biggest-everFULL STORY

The Chinese economic contagion

By Norman Yin 殷乃平

On Aug. 11, the yuan started to plummet in value against the US dollar, sliding from 6.2066 yuan per US dollar to 6.3982 by Aug. 13. Global financial markets were severely shaken. The currencies of many Asian countries and developing economies were — at theFULL STORY

KMT’s false advertising over use of conscripts

By Lin hon-chan 林弘展

After Typhoon Soudelor swept through the nation last month, I had the opportunity to chat with a group of military personnel who were cleaning up the aftermath. From them, I learned that the military’s shortage of soldiers is so serious that it has become aFULL STORY

Rattled Chinese seek financial advice

By Edward Wong

In recent days, an advice column has circulated widely on China’s most popular social media phone app. Titled “Guide on Safe Passage Through the Economic Crisis,” it is aimed at young Chinese urban professionals. Its nuggets of wisdom include: “Work hard at your job soFULL STORY

A cautionary history of Federal Reserve’s monetary tightening

By J. Bradford DeLong

The US Federal Reserve has embarked on an effort to tighten monetary policy four times in the past four decades. On every one of these occasions, the effort triggered processes that reduced employment and output far more than the Fed’s staff had anticipated. As theFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: A perfect public relations storm2015-09-01

EasyCard Corp’s decision to use pictures of Japanese porn star Yui Hatano on new special-edition card sets has become the target of a lot of criticism, including protests and opposition from women’s rights organizations and lawmakers across the political spectrum. A disrespectful statement to theFULL STORY

The KMT’s wartime conundrum2015-09-01

By Jerome Keating

“I sing of arms and of a man,” wrote Virgil in the opening lines of the Aeneid. However, as the world celebrates the 70th anniversary of the ending of World War II, complexity fills the air in Taiwan and different questions are asked. The nationFULL STORY

Achieving maximum military readiness2015-09-01

By Su Tzu-yun 蘇紫雲

Given the size of Taiwan’s population and its aging demographic, President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) idea of an all-volunteer military was always going to be a pie in the sky. According to a Control Yuan report on the military conscription system, six previous ministers of nationalFULL STORY

[ LETTERS ]2015-09-01

Actions louder than words President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) opinions as published by the Washington Times in “The Diaoyutai Islands: ROC territory,” begin and end with references to former and future presidents of Taiwan. Indeed, the first and last sentences reveal the writer’s true purpose of hisFULL STORY

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