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EDITORIAL: KMT’s aim in occupying the podium

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) caucus conducted its first-ever occupation of the legislative speaker’s podium on Friday. What is strange is not only that the KMT made the decision to block legislative proceedings by occupying the podium, a move it had always looked down upon,FULL STORY

The age of carbon pricing is near

By Hsu Wan-ting, Chao Kung-yueh, Lin Tze-luen 許菀庭, 趙恭岳, 林子倫

On Earth Day each year, celebrities and other well-known people from various walks of life mark the event by switching off lights in a symbolic gesture showing that they cherish the Earth. This year’s Earth Day was a little different, because national representatives were inFULL STORY

Judges do not hate death penalty

By Chien Chien-jung 錢建榮

The decapitation of four-year-old Xiao Deng Pao (小燈泡, little lightbulb) in Taipei’s Neihu District (內湖) was a gruesome murder. My son, a junior-high school student, wrote in school that “The incident proves that the death penalty does not have a deterrent effect and random killingsFULL STORY

Fixing the injustice caused by the Dome

By Yang Chung-hsin 楊重信

After Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) announced that the Taipei City Government would push for the dissolution of the city’s contract with Farglory Group (遠雄集團) for the Taipei Dome complex, the future of the project has become the focus of media and public attention. ThisFULL STORY

Where jobs are squeezed by Chinese trade, voters seek extremes

By Nelson Schwartz and Quoctrung Bui

In this forlorn southern town whose once-humming factories were battered in recent years by a flood of Asian imports, Rhonda Hughes, 43, is a fervent supporter of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. Her 72-year-old mother is equally passionate about Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders. Disenchantment with theFULL STORY

Saudi Prince Mohammed’s reform plans flirt with social change

By Angus McDowall

Reforms promised by a young Saudi prince are couched in references to the kingdom’s Islamic tradition, but include ideas likely to upset some conservatives, risking future ruptures over the direction of society. Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s “Vision 2030” plan, which the 31-year-old announcedFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: China cracks down on NGOs2016-04-30

The Chinese National People’s Congress (NPC) on Thursday passed, as expected, a law that tightens controls over foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and gives police the power to closely monitor them and shut them down if they have overstepped a host of ill-defined restrictions, including “endangeringFULL STORY

Taiwan’s forgotten nuclear arms bid2016-04-30

By Chen Mao-hsiung 陳茂雄

The public have forgotten about Chang Hsien-yi (張憲義), who was the deputy director of the First Institute of the National Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST) — now the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER) — and who defected to the US in 1988.FULL STORY

Chinese intervention in free media2016-04-30

By Kung Ling-shin 孔令信

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) earlier this month released this year’s World Press Freedom Index, in which Hong Kong climbed from 70th position to 69th this year. Ironically, on Wednesday last week — the day the index was released — Hong Kong’s Ming Pao daily firedFULL STORY

Why China should return deportees2016-04-30

By Henry Tsai 蔡志宏

Taiwan has sent a Ministry of Justice-led contingent to China for talks on how to deal with the repercussions of the Kenya incident. China is adamant that it holds criminal jurisdiction over the deported Taiwanese fraud suspects, and many Taiwanese feel that a firm handFULL STORY

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