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EDITORIAL: Government must act on gay marriage

About five months after supporters of same-sex marriage celebrated the historic constitutional interpretation that made Taiwan the pride of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and queer rights in Asia, its supporters were reminded that it was merely an interpretation and has no legal effect. On Thursday,FULL STORY

Taiwanese should care about Rohingya atrocities

By Parris Chang 張旭成

For years, Taiwan has been acclaimed as a beacon of democracy, freedom and human rights in Asia. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government led by President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) has also launched the New Southbound Policy, seeking to increase Taiwan’s cultural, economic, educational, healthcare, scientificFULL STORY

Digital revolution in energy business

By Yang Chung-han 楊宗翰

At this year’s Taiwan Business Alliance Conference, 22 foreign enterprises signed letters of intent with the Ministry of Economic Affairs to invest about NT$106.3 billion (US$3.5 billion) over the next three years. “Green” energy is the highlight of all the potential investment plans. Taiwan’s low-carbon energyFULL STORY


Offering affordable housing I found Yaung Chih-liang’s (楊志良) opinion piece (“More kids require higher incomes,” Oct. 14, page 8) unusually illuminating, but some pieces of the jigsaw puzzle he presents are, in my view, missing. I will hasten to say that I looked for the most importantFULL STORY

First Nations seek to raise Canada’s rent
after 150 years of C$4 payments

By Ashifa Kassam

When Canadian fur-trader-turned-politician William Benjamin Robinson pulled up to the shores of the river that links Lake Superior and Lake Huron in North America in 1850, his mission was clear: He was to gain access to as much of the vast territory around him asFULL STORY

Advocate Rodney Syme awaits Victorian vote on assisted dying

By Melissa Davey and Gay Alcorn

Rodney Syme has been lobbying for voluntary assisted dying for more than three decades. Yesterday afternoon Victoria’s state parliament was to launch a debate on legislation that is the closest advocates, such as Syme, have come to seeing patients being granted the legal right toFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Firms give Taiwan a bad reputation2017-10-17

Labor abuses still bedevil Taiwanese firms abroad. Quanta Computer on Wednesday last week posted third-quarter sales of NT$276.17 billion (US$9.16 billion), an improvement of 17.33 percent over the previous quarter and almost 24 percent from the same quarter last year that one company official attributed toFULL STORY

Geothermal holds huge promise2017-10-17

By Lu Shyi-min 呂錫民

In April, the Environmental Protection Administration announced that Taiwan’s first geothermal power plant would be built in the Lize Industrial Zone in Yilan County’s Wujie Township (五結). It is estimated that, after construction is completed in 2025, the plant’s electric power generation capacity could reachFULL STORY

Trump battling deep establishment2017-10-17

By Masahiro Matsumura

With a chain of resignations and dismissals of ranking White House staff, this summer was particularly hot for Washington watchers. Overall, the reshuffle manifested an irreconcilable internal discord over basic policy lines, as well as personality conflicts. US mainstream media cast serious doubt over theFULL STORY

Referendum better than drawn-out protests2017-10-17

By Chang Kuo-tsai 張國財

The independence referendums recently held by the Kurds and the Catalans have renewed the referendum debate among Taiwanese. In European and North American democracies, referendums are as natural as breathing and sleeping. After all, is there a more democratic way to find out what a pluralityFULL STORY

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