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EDITORIAL: Will the latest stimulus plan work?

Although the public already held a conservative view on the nation’s economic growth in the second quarter, given a slew of disappointing economic data in recent weeks, GDP growth of less than 1 percent for the past quarter estimated by the Directorate-General of Budget, AccountingFULL STORY

Manipulation of economic figures

By Norman Yin 殷乃平

The Indian Ministry of Finance has announced that the first quarter of the year saw rapid economic growth and has predicted that GDP growth could reach 8.5 percent this year. It also raised economic growth for last year to 7.4 percent, saying that India hasFULL STORY

A creative approach to developing urban areas

By Huang Huei-hua 黃惠華

In the past few years, there has been a new trend in which many countries have tried to promote urban development by involving creative industries. The Taipei City Government has recently introduced a rejuvenation plan for the city’s Datong District (大同) and hopes to attractFULL STORY


Respect overrules law In a village in Canada’s Quebec Province, the only bus company raised its ticket prices. We, the students, found this completely unfair. On the same night, with the temperate reaching minus-30°C, about 500 of us watered the bus parking lot in front ofFULL STORY

Global population to hit 9.7 billion by 2050: UN report

By Sam Jones and Mark Anderson

Ten years ago, the world population was growing by 1.24 percent annually; today, the figure has dropped to 1.18 percent — an addition of about 83 million people per year. The overall growth rate, which peaked in the late 1960s, has been falling steadily sinceFULL STORY

Are US middle-class incomes stagnating?

By Martin Feldstein

The challenge of raising the incomes of middle-class families has emerged as an important focus of the presidential election campaign in the US. Everyone agrees that incomes at the top have surged ahead in recent decades, helped by soaring rewards for those with a high-techFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Secret China-centric indoctrination2015-08-02

After hundreds of high-school students stormed the Ministry of Education to protest adjustments to the high-school curriculum guidelines for the second time within a week, many people began questioning whether such a strong reaction was warranted, arguing that the adjustments might not have a significantFULL STORY

Wu’s untapped power of precedent2015-08-02

By Chou Fu-i 周馥儀

Despite the controversy over the manner in which high-school history, geography and civic education curriculum guidelines have been “adjusted,” the new textbooks are set to officially come into use today. The new guidelines have been drawn up in a way that contravenes procedural justice, andFULL STORY

Freedom of the press protected by constitution2015-08-02

By Christian Fan Jiang 范姜提昂

If you perform a Chinese-language search of the Republic of China Constitution (憲法) and the Additional Articles (增修條文) with the keywords “press” and “newsgathering,” you will find that nowhere in the current Constitution, nor in the Additional Articles, does it mention freedom of the pressFULL STORY

[ LETTER ]2015-08-02

Dialect criticism A recent Taipei Times editorial (“Time to ditch the Hoklo playacting,” July 30, page 8) criticized Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) presidential candidate Hung Hsiu-chu (洪秀柱) for speaking in Hoklo, [commonly known as Taiwanese], a dialect widely spoken and understood in Taiwan. Although it is unnecessaryFULL STORY

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