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Farmers blast draft association change

By Lin Chia-nan

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) yesterday staged a protest against a draft amendment that would transform irrigation associations into government entities, with thousands of farmers shouting objections outside the Legislative Yuan. The Legislative Yuan yesterday reviewed a Council of Agriculture draft amendment to the Organic RegulationsFULL STORY

Control Yuan: DPP’s Control Yuan nominees approved

By Sean Lin

All of the Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) 11 Control Yuan member nominees were approved by the legislature yesterday in a vote that went along party lines. Former Judicial Reform Foundation chief executive officer Kao Yung-cheng (高涌誠), former Presidential Office secretary-general Chen Shih-meng (陳師孟), former TaiwanFULL STORY

Control Yuan: Judges condemn Control Yuan appointment

By Jason Pan

A group representing the nation’s judges condemned Chen Shih-meng (陳師孟), who was yesterday confirmed by the legislature as a Control Yuan member, saying that he had threatened the judiciary during the nomination process and that he would undermine judicial independence through political interference. “Chen did notFULL STORY

Control Yuan: ‘United Daily News’ rejects KMT funding allegations

By Lin Liang-sheng and William Hetherington

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and the Chinese-language United Daily News on Monday denied allegations that the newspaper was founded with KMT gold. The denial came after former Presidential Office secretary-general Chen Shih-meng (陳師孟) earlier that day called on the Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee toFULL STORY

Wage goal viable in four years: Shih

By Chen Wei-han

President Tsai Ing-wen’s (蔡英文) goal of raising the minimum monthly wage to NT$30,000 (US$1,015) could be achieved in four to six years if economic and wage growth remain stable, Vice Premier Shih Jun-ji (施俊吉) said yesterday. The government on Jan. 1 raised the minimum monthly wageFULL STORY

Taipei tourism commissioner resigns amid Lantern Festival mishap rumors

By Lee I-chia

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) has approved Taipei Department of Tourism and Information Commissioner Chien Yu-yen’s (簡余晏) resignation and the vacancy is to be filled by city government deputy spokesperson Chen Hsi-yu (陳思宇), Taipei Deputy Mayor Chen Chin-jun (陳景峻) said yesterday. Chien informed Ko of herFULL STORY

Water to be tested for microplastics

By Lin Chia-nan

The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) is to research plastic pollution in drinking water and seafood, an EPA official said yesterday, as a response to Greenpeace Taiwan’s call for more monitoring of marine pollution. Greenpeace Taiwan in November last year and last month held ocean clean-up daysFULL STORY

Teacher killer sentenced

By Jason Pan

The Taichung District Court yesterday handed university student Chen Ming-feng (陳明峰) a life sentence for killing a teacher he had been in a romantic relationship with. Chen killed the teacher after the two began fighting when Chen wanted to break up, investigators said, adding that heFULL STORY

Mao Te to consider workers on EBC board

By Shelley Shan

Mao Te International Investment Co said at an administrative hearing yesterday that it would consider having representatives for workers serve on the Eastern Broadcasting Corp (EBC) board if its acquisition of the cable television network is approved by the National Communications Commission (NCC). The company,FULL STORY

Military police show opens in Taipei to celebrate ‘fidelity’

An exhibition on the Republic of China (ROC) military police, which showcases the 86-year-old agency’s history, opened in Taipei yesterday. At a the opening of the “Fidelity of the Military Police” exhibition, Military Police Commander Lieutenant General Hsu Chang (許昌) highlighted the history of the force,FULL STORY

Sports Administration revisions delay slammed

By Chen Wei-han

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmakers yesterday criticized the delay of the Sports Administration in promulgating laws and regulations to supervise sports associations, which they said is allowing associations to obstruct government efforts to reform sports bodies. The legislature passed long-awaited revisions to the National Sports ActFULL STORY

Vitamin C not a remedy for cold, flu

By Lin Yen-tung

While many people believe that consuming vitamin C can help prevent catching a cold, specialists said this is a myth. They said wearing a mask in public places is a more effective preventive measure. As the weather gets colder and the number of cases of flu-likeFULL STORY

Taipei Zoo considers closing for 12 days every year

By Tsai Ya-hua and William Hetherington

Taipei Zoo said it is mulling closing the park for 12 days per year for renovations and is inviting the public to vote on the possible measure using the city’s i-Voting Web site. The zoo welcomes 3 million visitors per year and only closes on LunarFULL STORY

Most office workers put up with ‘spoiled’ bosses for 19 months, online poll finds

Most office workers in the nation put up with unreasonable treatment from “spoiled” bosses for an average of 19 months before leaving the job, a 1111 Job Bank survey released on Monday showed. The survey found that 88 percent of office workers think their bossesFULL STORY

Trekkies flock to gallery for exhibit, Klingon lessons

A group of Star Trek fans on Sunday held a Trekkie gathering at a Taipei gallery, where Klingon was taught to devotees of one of the world’s most popular science-fiction franchises. A man who calls himself tlh’raS (賴喬迪), who gave a lecture on the Klingon language,FULL STORY

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