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Ma touts domestic submarine program

President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) yesterday reiterated Taiwan’s determination to push ahead with its domestic submarine program to modernize its fleet and bolster the nation’s defense capabilities. “We aim to acquire next-generation submarines to safeguard our coastal frontier,” Ma said at a ceremony at which twoFULL STORY

China’s mini-submarine ‘making neighbors nervous’

By William Lowther

China is designing a nuclear submarine that incorporates a mini-submarine that could be used to land special operations forces on nearby targets, such as Taiwan. The Shang-class nuclear-powered attack submarine — known as Type-93T — has been reported over the past week by US media outletsFULL STORY

DPP legislator slams military parade announcement

By Jason Pan

An opposition party legislator has castigated the government and the Ministry of National Defense over what he called devious dealings as they try to avoid confrontation with China on contentious political issues arising from planned World War II commemoration events. At events over the pastFULL STORY

Survey finds 83% of Taipei residents happy with Ko

By Abraham Gerber

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je’s (柯文哲) approval ratings remain high as he approaches 100 days in office, according to a poll conducted by Ming Chuan University. More than 83 percent of residents surveyed were satisfied with Ko’s performance in poll results announced yesterday. A nearly unanimous 98FULL STORY

Groups urge non-partisan constitutional reform work

By Lii Wen

Several civic groups yesterday urged the nation’s major political parties to establish a cross-party platform for constitutional reform, which would serve to facilitate bipartisan cooperation on the issue. Led by the Civic Alliance to Promote Constitutional Reform, the groups urged the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) toFULL STORY

Activists launch KMT assets petition

By Lii Wen

Youth political group Flanc Radical yesterday began petitioning for a referendum on recovering the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) ill-gotten party assets. Flanc Radical convener Chen I-chi (陳奕齊) said he hopes to see voters cast three ballots in the joint elections in January next year — forFULL STORY

Founder of Wild at Heart to make bid for legislative seat

By Sean Lin

Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association founder Robin Winkler yesterday announced his bid to run in the legislative election next year. Born in the US, Winkler, 60, has lived in Taiwan for more than 30 years and is now a naturalized Taiwanese. Winkler said the problems heFULL STORY

Plum rain likely to be delayed

By Sean Lin

As the nation braces for phase-three water rationing — set to begin next week — a National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) research team yesterday predicted a delay in the start of the plum rain season, and that the amount of rain would be reduced byFULL STORY

Firm blamed in seasoning scandal

By Stacy Hsu

A Taichung-based company was found to have sold chemicals meant for industrial use to several downstream companies for the manufacture of seasoning powder products, affecting more than 200 food companies nationwide, the Changhua County Public Health Bureau said yesterday. Taichung’s Changhua District Prosecutors’ Office began investigatingFULL STORY

Fewer women breastfeed exclusively, despite health agency efforts: HPA

By Stacy Hsu

Despite the government’s efforts to promote breastfeeding, the percentage of mothers who breastfeed exclusively has been declining over the past two years, the Health Promotion Administration (HPA) said yesterday. “The rate of exclusive breastfeeding in the first six months of life in Taiwan reached itsFULL STORY

‘Rules are rules,’ netizens tell upset pregnant passenger

By Lin Chia-chi and Jake Chung

A pregnant woman’s recent complaint about being asked to vacate a seat she had not bought on an express train earned no support from netizens, who said that even though yielding seats to elderly people and pregnant women is a virtue, the act should notFULL STORY

New butterfly ballot battle aims to add emblem to Keelung

By Lu Hsien-hsiu and Chen Wei-han

A campaign to select an official butterfly for Keelung is under way, with results expected by the end of the year. The mountainous city is home to at least 169 species found by the Wild Bird Society of Keelung and the Butterfly Conservation Society ofFULL STORY

NSB instructor shot, questions asked

By Jason Pan

Legislators yesterday called on the National Security Bureau (NSB) to clearly explain what happened at the bureau’s Special Service Command Center on Monday, when a firearm accident occurred that led to an instructor sustaining a serious injury. An ambulance rushed Lieutenant Colonel Kuo Keng-hung (郭耿宏) toFULL STORY

Institute culls ‘sentinel chickens’ as avian flu detected

By Sean Lin

Chickens raised by the Council of Agriculture’s Livestock Research Institute in Tainan, which were to have been used to help ensure environmental safety at poultry farms, were exterminated on Monday night after a highly pathogenic H5 avian influenza subtype was discovered in one of theFULL STORY

CAA broadens TransAsia pilot testing

By Shelley Shan

The Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) said that TransAsia Airways pilots flying Airbus A320 and Airbus A330 aircraft must undergo retraining before the end of June. Earlier this year, the CAA had asked the airline’s pilots operating ATR aircraft to be retrained following two ATR 72 aircraftFULL STORY

FEATURE: University interns learn in stores, cafes

By Kuo Yen-hui and Jake Chung

Vocational schools in Taiwan have long sought to broaden their programs by setting up restaurants, hotels and cafes on campus grounds to allow their students to intern and learn by doing. Now some liberal arts universities are following suit. Fu Jen Catholic University in New TaipeiFULL STORY

Attractive women short-circuit smokers’ focus: study

By Fang Chih-hsien and Chen Wei-han

Images of attractive women can induce a “mating mindset among male smokers” and lead to “reduced control over cigarette consumption,” according to research coordinated by Chiou Wen-bin (邱文彬), an education professor at National Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung. Increased temporal discounting — the focus on instant,FULL STORY

Taiwan, Australia to collaborate on cultural heritage

Taiwan and Australia on Monday signed a memorandum of understanding that commits the two sides to work together on cultural initiatives, such as preserving underwater cultural assets and restoring their cultural heritage. Minister of Culture Hung Meng-chi (洪孟啟) said the Bureau of Cultural Heritage signedFULL STORY

Taiwan News Quick Take

INDONESIA Fishing labor to continue Indonesia is to continue to send fishermen to work on Taiwanese vessels, according to an Agency of Placement and Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers official. Agency deputy head Agusdin Subiantoro was responding to reports that Indonesia had decided to stopFULL STORY

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