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Four-legged friends connect online at Dogster 四腳朋友 上網交友

Ted Rheingold, founder of Dogster in San Francisco, California, USA.Dogster創辦人泰德.瑞恩葛爾德在美國加州舊金山市留影。


Teenagers have online cliques at MySpace; students star in Facebook; LinkedIn is an Internet networking stage for professionals; and dogs and their human counterparts run with the pack at Dogster.

San Francisco, USA-based Dogster is a flourishing social networking website for canines, referred to as "animal companions" instead of "pets" in the politically correct City by the Bay.

Among the furry friends featured on the website is Annie, an 11-month-old female beagle from the US state of Tennessee.

Annie loves carrots, belongs to a group called "Beagles R Us" and is humbly described as "nice with large ears."

Her roster of friends includes Tank, a Shar Pei in South Africa; a New York City golden retriever named Copper, and Beanie, a poodle living in Malaysia.

Annie has a blog, an online journal, to share her thoughts and adventures with friends.

She is among more than 290,000 dogs worldwide with Internet personas portrayed in profile pages on Dogster.

Felines have a kindred website, Catster, which is purring along with more than 121,000 members.

Dogster founder Ted Rheingold credits the birth of the pooch-oriented website in January of 2004 to a simple observation.

"I realized there was nowhere to make a webpage for your dog, or more importantly, there was nowhere to share photos and stories about your dog," Rheingold said.

"You could see photos online, but you couldn't see their names - who's this dog, what's this dog's favorite treat, or what's this dog's character."

Dogster and Catster communities have grown to more than 500,000 members. Countries with the most active members are Australia, Britain, Canada, the Philippines, Singapore and the United States.(AFP)


Tony: I just joined this website called Dogster.

Greg: What do you do on the site?

Tony: Well, I don't know the ropes yet, but the basic idea is your dog gets a blog, a place to put pictures and a friends list.

Greg: But your dog can't use the computer. What's the point in that?

Tony: It's just a hobby, really. And you know how cute dogs are!






know the ropes 瞭若指掌

If you know the ropes, you know how to use some thing or make it work. The phrase could come from when sailors would have to know which ropes moved the sails in the right way.

「know the ropes」表示了解某樣東西操作或運用的方式。這片語源自水手必須學會正確操作控船的繩索。


是專業人士建立人脈的網路平台;Dogster 則是眾多狗狗和愛狗人士的專屬園地。



酷愛紅蘿蔔的安妮是「Beagles R Us」家族的一員,主人還自謙地形容牠是「有著大耳朵的可愛小姐」。









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