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Letter: Lin owes Lu an apology

By June Teufel Dreyer

This is a response to Lin Cho-shui's (林濁水) article ("Let's strengthen the Cabinet system," Aug. 6, page 8). Although I have never met Lin, I have been impressed with his previous analyses of Taiwan's politics. I was therefore horrified to read his comment that Vice President Annette Lu (呂秀蓮) "is not strong enough to rule" and "was chosen as Chen's running mate simply because ... his campaign promoted `rule by both sexes.' She was not chosen on the assumption that President Chen [Shui-bian] would be unable to finish his term."

So rule by both sexes means it's OK for women to appear on the ballot but that they'd better not try to actually exercise power? That the Democratic Progressive Party chose a vice presidential candidate whom they thought to be unfit to exercise power?

And, although Lu was strong enough to resist an autocratic government, even to the extent of spending many years in prison, she is not strong enough to govern?

These statements are insulting not only to the vice president, but to all women. Lin should either explain himself or immediately apologize.

June Teufel Dreyer

Department of Political Science, University of Miami

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