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Hate is counterproductive

By Juliane Hagen

On your editorials page I found an article about France that I think is simply unacceptable. Seldom have I read such an obvious example of pure hate and hostility against a foreign nation.

How dare you call all French people liars and suggest making it impossible for them to come to Taiwan, or do business with your country? How dare you express such arrogance against millions of people who definitely do not support selling arms to China (or, for that matter, any country), even if their government might act differently? I am not French, but I have many French friends who do not agree with French President Jacques Chirac. When I lived in Taiwan, I had many French friends who liked your country a whole lot and wouldn't want to see it harmed in any way.

As for myself, I am deeply in love with Taiwan and have very strong feelings about the threats it receives from China. I, too, watch the discussion about the lifting of the arms embargo with great anxiousness. I don't believe that France, or Germany, or the US should sell or even make weapons; I totally agree with you if you point out the dangers of such "trading."

But your arguments, which condemns a whole nation as warlords, seems to me very wrong. By writing like this, you will not be able to gain people's respect; you will not convince the world of Taiwan's needs. You may reach a few narrow-minded nationalists, but I strongly hope -- and believe -- that such people won't change the world. What we need is peace, love, and understanding. Most of all, we need reasonable people who do not get carried away by feelings of hate.

Juliane Hagen


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