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Malaysia: a place for everyone

By Tourism Malaysia Taipei

Ask regular visitors what the name Malaysia conjures up in their minds and they will inevitably tell you the same thing - mystical, enchanting, crisp mountain air, tranquility, long stretches of deserted beaches, legendary islands, fascinating cultures and friendly people - and they will be absolutely right. Malaysia is truly a fascinating country.

While Thailand seems synonymous with glimmering temples, and Singapore is remembered as a bustling modern city with excellent shopping, Malaysia has a bit of the best of what Southeast Asian countries have to offer.

History is what makes a country and Malaysia's history is all the more fascinating as it is the history of many people in Southeast Asia - Malaysia is Asia in miniature. It is a country that still clings tenaciously to its ancient traditions.

Each of Malaysia's ethnic groups adds a distinct heritage to her pluralistic society. The kaleidoscope of Malaysian history unfolds itself with a cast of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, Portuguese, Dutch, English and many others.

Each and every state epitomizes all that is appealing about Malaysia, each with a charm of its own - brought to life in quaint old towns that offer a fascinating retrospect into previous eras, a spectacular range of cultural dances, breathtaking scenery, captivating beaches of white powdery sand that glistens under the Malaysian moon, endless shopping opportunities and a great variety of scintillating Malaysian original delicacies as well as a potpourri of Portuguese, Dutch and English influenced dishes.

Malaysia is a land of delightful contrasts - from cool mountain retreats to sunny beaches; there is a whole battery of attractions to captivate everyone - Malaysia indeed has something for everyone.

With her deep-rooted culture, her fascinating history, her unique beauty and her friendly people who are the key to the country's vitality, diversity and character, Malaysia must surely be one of Asia's most satisfying travel destination. Only in Malaysia can you find the richness and amazing variety of a multi-racial society displaying all the exotic cultures of Asia side by side with a modern cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Malaysia - a name that conjures visions of mystery, legend, adventure, treasures and pleasures, will lure you back again and again and you will likely yield.

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