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Tainan volunteers make sweet potato rolls for fundraising
籌關懷基金 里長夫妻供農產賣饅頭

Volunteers at Kanping community aid center in Tainan’s Cigu District pose for a group photograph on Mar. 22.

Photo: Liu Wan-chun, Liberty Times

Due to the cold weather, sweet potato supplies have fallen and prices are rising. In Tainan’s Cigu District, in order to raise funds for senior residents and families in need, Kanping Borough Warden Chang Chih-hsiang has been supplying home-grown, pesticide-free purple sweet potatoes free of charge to a local community aid center, where his wife Chang Lee Mei-hui, having first learned the skill from a steamed bun chef, teaches volunteers to make purple sweet potato rolls and buns, a limited amount of which are offered for sale every Tuesday. Borough residents can buy them at a discounted price, while those who live outside the borough can order them at a promotional price.

Early every Tuesday morning, volunteers at the community aid center begin to clean and peel the sweet potatoes, which are then steamed until they are fully cooked. Volunteers then mix them with flour and, after waiting for the dough to ferment, knead the dough by hand for two hours until there is no air in it. They then cut the dough into smaller pieces and wrap the stuffing inside. The rolls and buns do not come out of the oven until the afternoon, so the entire process takes considerable time.

Cigu District Commissioner Chuang Ming-hao says there are many places in Cigu that grow purple sweet potatoes. Seeing how Kanping has developed sweet potato rolls as a unique snack using local produce, Chuang hopes to adopt Kanping’s business model and encourage other areas in Cigu to follow its example.

(Liberty Times, translated by Yu-an Tu)



1. peel v.

削皮 (xiao1 pi2)

例: He is peeling apples in the kitchen.


1. knead v.

搓揉 (cuo1 rou2)

例: The apprentice does not know how to knead the dough.


1. produce n.

農產品 (nong2 chan2 pin3)

例: You can buy local produce at the market.




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