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Great olive mystery baffles Australian farmers 澳洲橄欖離奇消失之謎

A farmer harvests olives in Maussane-les-Alpilles, France, on Nov. 13, 2007.


The quiet community of boutique wineries and upmarket guesthouses of Lovedale in Australia’s Hunter Valley has been gripped by mysterious goings-on in its olive groves at night.

Around eight tonnes of olives disappeared without a trace from hundreds of trees on five properties in the popular tourist destination virtually overnight last month, residents said.

The first Quentin von Essen heard about it was when a neighbor telephoned to say that when pickers turned up to strip his 120 trees, they found them bare of olives.

“We promptly went and checked our larger grove of 400 trees around a boutique guest house,” von Essen said. “All except two, which had a spotlight on them, had been stripped of their olives.”

What made the disappearance particularly strange was its thoroughness.

“It takes six people about three days to pick our groves, and we don’t bother with the top of some of the higher trees, but these guys stripped the trees from top to bottom and they even took the olives off the ground.

“That I really just don’t understand — I find it incredibly bizarre, it’s like they just vacuumed them off the trees and vacuumed them off the ground at night,” he said.

Ruling out birds, bats and any other creature — “no droppings, you’d need a helluva lot of them and why would they leave two trees” — von Essen describes the event as “a bit extraterrestrial.”

Pressed for the most likely explanation, von Essen said he guesses that it was a “very, very large team” of thieves.

“The police were called, came and looked and scratched their heads and are on the case and taking it seriously,” von Essen said.




Colleen: What are you so upset about?

May: Jeff still isn’t talking to me. I don’t know how much longer I can handle this.

Colleen: Why don’t you try offering him an olive branch.

May: Like what?

Colleen: Make dinner for him. That’ll show that you still care about him. Besides, you know how much he likes to eat.






offer an olive branch 釋出善意

To offer an olive branch is to make a gesture that shows you want to end an argument. For example, “Leonard offered an olive branch by planting new flowers in the garden.”

「offer an olive branch」的意思就是釋出想結束爭執的善意,例如:「里奧納在花園裡種新花,以釋出善意」。











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