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Jeff Huang not guilty of libel 黃立成誹謗案 一審判無罪

Jeff Huang's friends congratulate him after they learn the judge's verdict, May 11, 2007.


Jeff Huang founded the LA Boyz group and helped bring American rap culture to Taiwan. Lawmaker Chiu Yi-ying took him to court for libel. Huang said in a pop song that two lawmakers, including Chiu, were corrupt.

The judge ruled him innocent, saying he didn't mean to do any harm.

"I'm glad about the verdict," Huang said in comments aired by TVBS Cable News on May 11. He believes the courts have "given creative room and freedom for songwriters."

Huang believes the decision "will inspire more creative music in Taiwan."

Huang formed LA Boyz with younger brother Stanley and cousin Steven Lin about 10 years ago in Taiwan after the three Taiwanese Americans returned from the US.

The band made several hit songs mixing ideas of US rap with traditional Taiwanese music before breaking up about three years ago.

Jeff Huang, 36, is now lead vocalist for another band, Machi.

(Jason Cox, Staff Writer with AP)

曾組少男團體LA Boyz、並把美國饒舌文化帶進台灣的黃立成,因在一首流行歌曲中提及兩名立委收賄,被他點名的立委邱議瑩憤而控告他誹謗。




大約十年前,黃立成與胞弟黃立行、表弟林智文三人自美返台,組成團體LA Boyz。

LA Boyz曾創作了好幾首融合美式饒舌與台灣傳統音樂的暢銷歌曲。LA Boyz約在三年前解散。




1. libel n.

誹謗 (fei3 bang4)

例: Libel is the publishing of false statements harmful to a person's reputation.


2. corrupt adj.

貪污的 (tan1 wu1 de5)

例: The official was charged with corruption for taking a NT$1 million bribe.


3. verdict n.

裁決 (cai2 jue2)

例: The jury delivered a verdict in favor of the defendant, so he didn't go to jail.


4. vocalist n.

歌手 (ge1 shou3)

例: A singer can also be called a vocalist.


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