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Highways and Byways: Bamboo Mountain’s botanical treasure house

By Steven Crook

I’d been cycling around Jhushan (竹山) in central Taiwan for an hour, and was starting to wonder if this town of 54,000 people had anything worth writing about. Approaching from Linnei (林內) in neighboring Yunlin County, my plan had been to turn south off Freeway 3FULL STORY

Art exhibition listings

By Sheryl Cheung

Since 2013, the Cultural Bureau of the Tainan City Government has been organizing Next Art Tainan, an annual art competition that collaborates with local galleries and art fairs to promote exceptional young artists. This year, 10 pairs of emerging and established artists from Taiwan, theFULL STORY

Women at work2019-03-21

By Davina Tham

Global auditor PwC this month released its annual Women in Work Index assessing female economic empowerment across 33 members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The top two positions went to Nordic countries Iceland and Sweden, followed by New Zealand in third place. TaiwanFULL STORY

A cornucopia of dance talent2019-03-21

By Diane Baker

Established choreographers and up-and-coming talent have been invited to showcase recent works, expanded versions of earlier dances and excerpts from longer works this weekend in Taipei as part of the 2019 CoDance (2019 相遇舞蹈節) production at Umay Theater. The event, curated by Sun-Shier Dance Theatre (三FULL STORY

Taipei Shorts Continues LAB’s Tradition2019-03-21

By Jerome Keating

Taiwan’s English-language theater took a big hit when Brook Hall closed LAB Space’s doors last year, but in true theater fashion, Taiwan’s thespians are determined that the show must go on. As last year ended, Stew Glen and Infinity Key produced White Rabbit, Red Rabbit,FULL STORY

Perfection is not all it’s cracked up to be2019-03-20

By Han Cheung

Chen Kao-teng (陳高登) communicates with the objects he repairs — whether bowls, plates or teapots, he doesn’t discriminate. Chen does so, he says, because it’s the best way to channel his creativity, a lesson he learned from his mentor Lai Chih-hsien (賴志賢). He would laterFULL STORY

Can men be feminists?2019-03-19

By Davina Tham

When more than 100 supporters braved the rain to march for women’s rights and gender equality at the third annual Women’s March in Taipei on March 9, there was little to suggest that a confrontation over the role of men at the march had beenFULL STORY

Actors show different brain activity when in character: study2019-03-18

By Nicola Davis

“Acting is the least mysterious of all crafts,” Marlon Brando once said. But for scientists, working out what is going on in an actor’s head has always been something of a puzzle. Now, researchers have said thespians show different patterns of brain activity depending on whetherFULL STORY

Taiwan in Time: The Lost Army’s final retreat2019-03-17

By Han Cheung

March 18 to March 24 After fighting in the jungles of Myanmar for 12 years, Yang Tien (楊沺) did not want to come to Taiwan, which was much further away from Yunnan, his homeland. But by 1960, things were not looking goodFULL STORY

Restaurant review: The Tavernist2019-03-16

By Davina Tham

The lobby of Taipei’s Kimpton Daan Hotel on Renai Road (仁愛路) has the inexplicable herbal aroma and minimalist look of a place that is not content to be just a hotel, but insists on being a lifestyle. This thought distracts me as a kind bellboyFULL STORY

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