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Highways and Byways: The two faces of Hamasen

By Steven Crook

I had a free morning in Kaohsiung, so I decided to see a bit more of Hamasen (哈瑪星) in the southernmost part of the city’s Gushan District (鼓山區). This neighborhood is often bypassed by tourists eager to visit the nearby Former British Consulate. The toponymFULL STORY

Art exhibition listings

By Sheryl Cheung

Chinese artist Hang Chunhui (杭春暉) creates paintings that blur the boundaries between painting and sculpture. Trained in Western abstract painting and Eastern ink painting, Hang’s earlier works showed interest in combining ink-and-brush techniques with Baroque art concerns such as religious symbolism, manipulation of light andFULL STORY

Highlight: Sentimental hometown memories

By Diane Baker

The Hsinchu-based Lei Dance Theater (艸雨田舞蹈劇場) will be in Taipei this weekend with its latest production, its seventh, Impressions of Our Hometown (竹鄉印象—四幕景), which premiered on Nov. 9 at the Hsinchu City Performing Arts Center, followed by shows at the Hsinchu County Experimental Lab theFULL STORY

Dance and theater for winter nights2018-12-13

By Diane Baker

The School of Dance and School of Theater Arts at Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) in Guandu District (關渡) have been busy over the past few weeks preparing for their annual end-of-the-year shows. The shows are always a great chance to see potentialFULL STORY

Movie review: Late Life: The Chien-Ming Wang Story2018-12-13

By Han Cheung

Taiwanese-Canadian director Frank Chen (陳惟揚) definitely took a gamble when he embarked on his four-year journey documenting baseball star Wang Chien-ming’s (王建民) comeback to the American major leagues. Although Chen told reporters during a screening in Taipei that he had a backup scenario just inFULL STORY

Hello my baby, hello my honey ...2018-12-13

By Christina Larso

City frogs and rainforest frogs don’t sing the same tune, researchers have found. A study released Monday examined why Panama’s tiny tungara frogs adapt their mating calls in urban areas — an unexpected example of how animals change communication strategies when cities encroach on forests. These frogsFULL STORY

Vast, zombie-like microbial life lurks beneath seabed2018-12-13

By Ivan Courrone and Kerry Sheridan

Scientists have drilled 2.5km beneath the seabed and found vast underground forests of “deep life,” including microbes that persist for thousands, maybe millions of years, researchers said Monday. Feeding on nothing but the energy from rocks, and existing in a slow-motion, even zombie-like state, previously unknownFULL STORY

A sea change in Taiwanese politics2018-12-12

By Noah Buchan

When Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Kaohsiung mayoral candidate Chen Chi-mai (陳其邁) announced the day before last month’s nine-in-one election that he would end his rally sooner than the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) candidate Han kuo-yu (韓國瑜), pundits speculated that Chen was going to smear hisFULL STORY

Contrasting conceptions of colonial rule2018-12-11

By Gerrit van der Wees

The Japanese colonial period (1895-1945) is perceived quite differently in Taiwan: while pro-China groups consider it negatively and emphasize the colonial aspect, pro-localization groups see it as a period of strict but fair rule, when Taiwan made major strides in infrastructure, health care, agriculture andFULL STORY

The sky’s the limit2018-12-10

By Natalie Obiko Pearson

Take a 35-minute ferry ride across the impossibly clear glacial waters of British Columbia’s Kootenay Lake, and you’ll find yourself on the East Shore. For generations, lush tracts of marijuana flourished here along the abandoned logging roads that snake through its craggy mountains. Not long ago,FULL STORY

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