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EDITORIAL: New thinking on receipts required

The Consumers’ Foundation on Monday urged the government to explore alternatives to thermal paper for receipts, which are produced using chemicals that are harmful to the body and make the receipts non-recyclable. After the government began limiting the use of the compound bisphenol A (BPA), manyFULL STORY

Election focus is on beating Tsai

By Paul Lin 林保華

Late on Sept. 16, the Formosa Alliance announced that it had nominated former vice president Annette Lu (呂秀蓮) as its presidential candidate. That was followed by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co founder Terry Gou’s (郭台銘) announcement that he would not be running for president. ThisFULL STORY

US support vital for Hong Kong

By Joseph Tse-hei Lee 李榭熙

The anti-China extradition bill struggle in Hong Kong has entered its fourth month. Looking at the developments from afar, China perceives this summer’s popular uprising as part of an intense moment of localized upheavals that foretell a troublesome period of domestic instability. Just as theFULL STORY

Beijing’s subterfuge providing good laughs

By Tzou Jiing-wen 鄒景雯

After 36 years, diplomatic relations between the Solomon Islands and the Republic of China (ROC) ended on Monday after the former switched recognition to the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Summing up the gains and losses of the incident, anyone with good logic cannot helpFULL STORY

Saudi oil attack part of dangerous new pattern

By Jon Gambrell

The recent assault on the beating heart of Saudi Arabia’s vast oil empire follows a new and dangerous pattern that has emerged across the Persian Gulf this summer of precise attacks that leave few obvious clues as to who launched them. Beginning in May with theFULL STORY

China’s young climate heroes fight for change

By Michael Standaert

One is a student engineer who became obsessed after watching an incendiary film about air pollution. The other is a 16-year-old who went on China’s first climate strike. Zhao Jiaxin (趙家鑫) and Howey Ou (歐荷薇) are part of a small, but growing minority of young ChineseFULL STORY

EDITORIAL: Stepping up disaster prevention2019-09-21

Twenty years ago today, Taiwan suffered its second-deadliest earthquake, a magnitude 7.6 temblor centered near Nantou County’s Jiji Township (集集). The following year, the government designated Sept. 21 as National Disaster Prevention Day to commemorate the 921 Earthquake. Yet, each year, as the anniversary rolls around,FULL STORY

‘One country, two systems’ dead2019-09-21

By Liu Chin-tsai 柳金財

A wave of protests in the past three months against a proposed extradition bill has swept Hong Kong in what has become the largest anti-China protests since the 1997 handover to Beijing. The demonstrations have become increasingly intense, with demonstrators proclaiming the slogan “Reclaim HongFULL STORY

Opposing China’s ‘hybrid warfare’2019-09-21

By Shawn Chen 陳尚勇

The Institute for National Defense and Security Research, the Ministry of National Defense’s think tank, published an article in the Chinese-language Defense Situation Monthly on Aug. 30 about the government’s proposed legislative amendments to bar Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents. The article indicated that China hasFULL STORY

Chances of KMT taking back power look slim2019-09-21

By Chen Mao-hsiung 陳茂雄

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) failed its midterm exam at last year’s nine-in-one elections and many were expecting it to also fail its final exam in next year’s presidential election. Unexpectedly, however, the support rating of Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜), the Chinese Nationalist Party’sFULL STORY

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