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US needs new strategy for Taiwan

By Jerome Keating

Thus, it might be excused from not knowing or at least not completely understanding all that was happening in Taiwan, China and Asia. That excuse is no longer valid.

The CCP, on the other hand, has always been clear on what game it is playing. It continues to press for new territory and wields its chess pieces to profess how under the “one China” principle, Taiwan belongs to China and Beijing cannot put off forever waiting for the situation to be rectified.

Related here is a separate weak and similarly confused position of the US: namely that it supports Taiwan’s participation in all organizations that do not require statehood as a qualification for membership.

Is the US not aware of the Montevideo Convention, which it signed and which Taiwan fulfills all four requirements of?

Taiwan has defined boundaries and a defined population; it also has a political authority and has entered into agreements with other states. To throw in an added benefit, Taiwan is also a thriving democracy.

As found in the convention, a state does not need or require recognition by other states to be a state, but despite this qualification Taiwan is a state that is recognized by other states.

However, the US remains lost, wandering in its self-created limbo rhetoric of the 1970s. What holds the US back from realizing this problem and catching up with the changing reality? Why does it still puzzle over how China and others are playing chess, while it still desires a game of checkers, a game with simple moves where there are only two sides that are easily distinguished by color?

Other nations are also caught in this limbo. They want Taiwan to be in organizations, such as the WHO and its World Health Assembly, but they cannot see that the connection depends on them admitting to the Montevideo Convention.

They are the ones that must ignore China’s economic blackmail, which pressures them to not “officially” recognize Taiwan as a state.

The UN also fits in here and cannot be used as an excuse, for it is not a determiner of statehood. The UN is simply a club of states. The UN can deny nations or states such as Taiwan from being club members, but it cannot determine or deny whether they are states.

The UN club is hampered by China’s permanent membership in the UN Security Council. It can veto any application Taiwan would make to join the club. China did so in 1972, when it initially denied UN membership to Bangladesh.

Taiwanese also have problems to settle. They need to change the name of the state to show that they are not the ejected followers of Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石), because in UN Resolution 2758 of October 1971, it was the “representatives of Chiang Kai-shek” that were specifically tossed out of the UN and not Taiwanese, who had been forced to live under martial law by Chiang and the KMT.

Taiwanese were not involved in the founding of the UN.

Taiwanese must realize that there are people in Taiwan who still consider themselves representatives of Chiang. Those “loyalists” are the reason that Taiwan has never received its right of self-determination under the UN Charter.

As Taiwanese seek to jettison the ill-begotten name of the Republic of China, they must examine closely who the enemies of their democracy are.

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