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Fri, Oct 06, 2017 - Page 8 News List

The Liberty Times Editorial: ‘Civil war’ to decide Taiwan’s fate

Oct. 1 is the People’s Republic of China’s National Day and Oct. 10 is the ROC’s. These competing national days used to embody tense confrontation between the KMT and the CCP, but the ice has thawed in the process of Taiwan’s democratization. That old conflict has been replaced by a state of “civil war” within the ROC. This “civil war” involves supporters of unification with China, who have gone from waging civil war with the CCP to collaborating with it. These people do all they can to harass Taiwan, sparking a war without gun smoke in this nation.

The confederation of forces aligned with ROC 2.0 need to make good use of the rule of law and clever strategy, helping themselves and seeking help from others, to achieve the goal of winning the war on two fronts — at home and overseas. If they can do that, they really can return Taiwan to its rightful owners.

Translated by Julian Clegg

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