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US’ return to Asia a welcome move

By Paul Lin 林保華

Western countries are not opposed to China’s rise, but they do oppose any moves toward fascist militarism that threatens regional stability and world peace.

The US’ pivot to Asia is not only a matter of the return of military force.

Even more important is the strategic confrontation between democracies and autocracies. This is not only a matter of military confrontation, it is also a matter of confrontation between ideologies, an attempt to bring about reform in China and make it accept universal values to avoid war.

Over the past year, Western countries have helped the Chinese Communist Party defeat Bo Xilai’s (薄熙來) attempt to take China down the road toward fascism. Next year, the US should use its supervision of illegal funds to help China combat corruption and ferret out the most corrupt and reactionary privileged groups in order to eliminate the opposition to reform.

This is the kind of interference in domestic politics that would not meet with disapproval from the Chinese public, and would help defeat radical Chinese nationalism.

Paul Lin is a political commentator.

Translated by Perry Svensson

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