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Surely, Ma is not so naive as to think that if the “German model” is adopted, China will convert from communism to democracy?

Regardless, Taiwanese may not want to join China again, having been separated for 117 years.

If Ma forces Taiwan to unite with China, he might have a chance to win a Nobel Peace prize, but Taiwanese will definitely lose their freedom again, possibly forever. Such a peace prize would be a disgrace rather than an honor.

Ma’s recipe for Taiwan’s future seems more like the “Vietnamese model” than the “German model.”

Many Taiwanese think that Ma refuses to replace Minister of Economic Affairs Shih Yen-shiang (施顏祥) because he wants the economy to deteriorate such an extent that his unification plan will be enhanced.

Only a president fixed on betrayal would be interested in such a legacy.

Ma should create an innovative idea about Taiwan-China relations for the benefit of Taiwanese instead of copying from the Vietnamese or German experience. This novel idea should be based on Ma’s own campaign promises that “the future of Taiwan shall be decided by 23 million Taiwanese” and “Taiwan shall not negotiate at gunpoint.”

Nothing is more important for a politician than to keep their promises.

Charles Hong

Columbus, Ohio

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