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DPP must avoid KMT path

I agree with a lot of the content of Chan Shin-ping’s letter “We are family” (Letters, Oct. 30, page 8).

At the same time, when Chan writes that “we were there to fight against the People’s Liberation Army in Kinmen,” I wonder if he/she realizes just what he/she is saying.

Where are these people who fought there now?

Why don’t they take to the streets to protest against President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) and his government?

Because they should know that they fought for nothing when (not if) Ma gives Taiwan back to China.

No, they are afraid they will lose all the perks they get, so they keep quiet.

I would like to know who all these people voted for during the elections. I bet 100 percent voted for the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT).

I agree with him/her that the people who fought for our freedom should be well looked after, and they are.

However, the contrast is too big when I see an old soldier being pushed in a wheelchair by an Indonesian caregiver or when I see an old Taiwanese lady rummaging through rubbish bags to try to find something to eat or get hold of something that she can sell.

Too big when I see old soldiers living in luxurious apartments in Qingshui — with fitness rooms only their children use when they visit them at the weekend — while other old people live in wooden shacks.

Of course the old soldiers vote for the KMT and if they do not, their children do, because they do not want to lose their perks.

I believe most politicians are crooks and corrupt, but the KMT is very close to being a criminal organization, rather than a political one, and what worries me most is that the Democratic Progressive Party is following and now trying to copy the KMT.

Gerry Floor

Greater Taichung

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