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China looks to be on the warpath

By Richard Halloran

The Japanese in 1941 sought to overcome the US without a fight. Chinese leaders today have indicated they hope to do the same.

‧ If that strategy failed, the Japanese planned to march through Southeast Asia and sail into the Pacific islands, then sue for peace as they thought the US had no will for a long fight. China, after pre-emptive strikes, would assume a defensive stance, CSBA said, “until the US determines that it would be too costly to undo” a fait accompli.

The vital question today is whether, having failed to dissuade the Japanese from aggression in 1941, the US can persuade the Chinese that trying to drive the US from Asia without force will not work.

The ultimate question is whether the Chinese can be dissuaded from a miscalculation that would cause a catastrophic war.

Richard Halloran is a commentator based in Hawaii.

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