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Yes to potential leash law

Reading through your articles online, I was so pleased to see that leash laws are on the agenda (“Kaohsiung mulls new leash laws,” Dec. 6, page 2). It is my wish that the law passes, as it is one of my biggest concerns living in southern Taiwan.

Coming from Canada — where leashes are mandatory — to this area where dogs are allowed to freely roam the streets, comes as quite a shock. There seems to be little to no animal control. I was happy to read the article because I firmly believe that leashes protect civilians and other animals.

Also, we have to face the fact that some people do not know how to control aggression. Some of these pets are disasters waiting to happen. There have been numerous times, while walking my dog — on a leash — that I have come into contact with nasty canines. Most of them leave you alone when you threaten them, but what about children? How many kids need to be bitten before everyone wakes up and realizes that leash laws are a must? What is the use of yelling at your dog after it has injured someone or another dog? The damage has been done.

We can also assume that most dog owners that allow their pets to run around freely do not clean up after their pets. I doubt that they would follow their dogs’ steps in order to clean up the poo. So in essence, the leash law helps with the laws pertaining to cleaning up after your dogs.

If we take Canada, the US and many other developed democratic countries as an example, we can see that the majority have instituted leash laws. These laws protect the dogs, their owners and everyone else who comes in contact with them. Thus, I am very pleased to hear about Greater Kaohsiung considering implementing leash laws, but I will be even happier when I see it become law.



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