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THE LIBERTY TIMES EDITORIAL: Ma twisting history to suit his goals

President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) government is making continuously greater efforts to link Taiwan with China. Ma plans to sign an economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA) with China to lock Taiwan to China’s economy to reach his ultimate goal of eventual unification.

We can be sure that once Taiwan’s economy becomes part of China’s, the current level of independence and freedom enjoyed here in Taiwan will change. In addition, China, intent on swallowing Taiwan, will seek to “yield benefits” to Taiwan once an ECFA is signed to disguise its evil plan of using economic means to obtain its goal of unification.

As all of this has been going on, Ma has also been busy trying to establish the theory that the territorial sovereignty of Taiwan belongs to the Republic of China (ROC).

While on the surface this theory may seem to be aimed at establishing a basis linking the ROC to Taiwan, in reality it is a crude attempt on Ma’s behalf to legitimize China’s claims that Taiwan is part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

To establish this theory, the celebration for the 100th anniversary of the ROC has avoided talk of “nation building,” as this highlights the fact that Taiwan and China are two separate nations, and instead is focusing on hammering home the point that the sovereignty of Taiwan “belongs” to the ROC and is a “fact” with a legal basis.

If Ma manages to establish this theory it will follow as a matter of course that when the PRC succeeds the ROC it will also own Taiwan’s sovereignty. This shows us just how scary and potentially harmful Ma’s schemes are.

Last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a memorandum on Taiwan’s international position in which it stressed that the ROC government accepted the surrender of Japan in Nanjing on Sept. 9, 1945, and then on Oct. 25 that year also accepted the surrender of Japan’s governor-general of Taiwan in Taipei’s Zhongshan Hall.

The memorandum stated that these two incidents “prove” that the ROC regained territorial sovereignty over Taiwan both de jure and de facto.

It also stated that this “fact” was later reaffirmed when the Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty (中日和約), also known as the Treaty of Taipei, was signed on April 28, 1952.

On March 29, at a press conference for the celebration of the ROC’s 100th anniversary, Ma stated matter-of-factly that the ROC government was relocated here and that Taiwan’s sovereignty thus belongs to the ROC. This is, of course, an outright lie.

To be blunt, it is wishful thinking to try and use such a rough theory to make a claim to Taiwan’s sovereignty.

At the end of World War II, dictator Chiang Kai-shek’s (蔣介石) troops came to Taiwan to accept surrender of the Japanese army under direction of the Allied forces’ General Order No. 1.

This was, however, a temporary military occupation that had nothing to do with a transfer of sovereignty. At that time, the Japanese were also ordered to surrender Indochina north of the 16th parallel to Chiang. Does this mean the ROC has a claim to territory in Vietnam? Of course it doesn’t.

Furthermore, back then, the Japanese surrendered the Three Eastern Provinces (東三省) of China, being Heilongjiang (黑龍江), Jilin (吉林) and Liaoning (遼寧) to the commander-in-chief of Soviet forces in the Far East. Following Ma’s logic, does this mean these three provinces are territories of the Soviet Union? It is therefore extremely dishonest of the Ma government to try and use temporary military occupation to prove that Taiwan belongs to the ROC.

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