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DPP infighting must stop

In response to the letter from the former president’s daughter, Chen Hsing-yu (陳幸妤), that appeared in the Liberty Times, I would like to believe that she was telling the truth (“Former first daughter apologizes to Hsieh,” Jan. 26, page 1). However, I don’t like that former president Chen Shui-bian (A-bian, 陳水扁) disclosed inner circle gossip about some former Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leaders.

It’s not appropriate to exchange such trash talk when it might hurt the DPP and pan-green camp a second time, given that President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) and his Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) gang have been suppressing pro-independence Taiwanese political elites since regaining power. While neither A-bian nor Frank Hsieh (謝長廷) might have told us the truth about what actually happened between them, it’s not worth it for the DPP to be eradicated by such trash talk.

While morality and courage are a must for all of us, including DPP members, to fight the “Evil Ma,” we may want to temporarily put aside these principles. It’s more critical to first solidify ourselves until we drag the “evil” away from its rule of Taiwan. I really am not interested in finding out whether A-bian or Hsieh is lying. Instead, I’m more concerned about Ma turning Taiwan over to China’s hands.

In my opinion, A-bian still deserves our support and no DPP members should distance themselves from him unless he is proven guilty under a fair trial. Ma and his KMT would be very happy to watch infighting among the DPP’s political elites destroy the party. It would be too easy for Ma to knock the DPP off Taiwan’s political stage without firing a single bullet.


Austin, Texas

Plaque change is a big deal

The decision to restore the plaque bearing the name of a former dictator to Taiwan Democracy Hall must be condemned by all who value Taiwan’s democracy. The ruling party’s decision shows that they value dictatorship above democracy.

The KMT has turned its back on any efforts at promoting reconciliation and transitional justice. Instead it seeks to promote its own version of history, a history where dictators are glorified.

Some might see the change as merely being a few words or point to how the DPP handled the name change so poorly when it was in government. However, at least the DPP chose a name that represents a value all Taiwanese can identify with and support.

The KMT is showing a blatant disregard for the very people that elected it to government by continuing to honor a man who unleashed decades of terror on Taiwan.


Xindian, Taipei County

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