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The UN is broken

Clearly, when a sovereign democracy like Taiwan is denied a voice among the nations that assemble as the “United Nations” under the banner of peace, human rights and equal representation, the problem is not China, nor is it the other member states as a whole: It is the UN’s mechanics and rules. The UN is broken.

What has happened to the UN? It has been strong-armed and overpowered by a single member that, out of spite, singles out a sovereign nation it has “dibs” on, and uses its veto power to deny that nation its rightful membership in the world body.

Until the UN Charter is repaired and the “loophole” closed that allows a single state among more than 100 members to control the UN like a puppet and lock an entire nation, culture and economic powerhouse like Taiwan out of its “one China” private UN club, all complaints and requests to join will remain as useless as beating on a broken radio to get a signal.

No single country owns the UN.

This is the target Taiwan should focus on and should lobby for it to be repaired. Once this has been fixed, Taiwan can waltz right in.



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