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Chang’s political barrow

I refer readers to Chang Ling-chen’s (張麟徵) piece (“Give up the UN bid, it’s hopeless,” Aug. 27, page 8).

I’m not sure which particular political barrow Chang is trying to push, but what I am sure of is that I’ve rarely read such rubbish in my life.

“Now that Beijing has given an inch by showing its willingness to cooperate on the diplomatic truce, Taiwan wants to take a foot.”

Excuse me? Just what political space or opportunities for cross-strait collaboration (as indicated in this nonsensical statement) has Beijing so far offered up since the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) came to power?

Sure, China and Taiwan now exchange a few more hundred tourists a day but so what? This is hardly the panacea for what some people see as Taiwan’s ailing economy.

Again, in Chang’s assertion here, we see a certain debasement of reality: “Taiwan should not only take its own interests into account and try to push China around.”

Excuse me? Which country is the most populous in the world, with a massive economy, huge arms spending and currently holds all the diplomatic bargaining chips?

Which country has so far not been the willing political partner the KMT wants it to be?

I’m definitely no fan of President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) foreign policy, but as far as I can see it’s been him and Taiwan doing all the heavy-lifting so far in this relationship.

Free visa anyone?

Really, if Taiwan were to simply wait obediently and subserviently in the diplomatic shadows hoping to feed on the scraps China discards, as Chang seems to suggest, the average Taiwanese had better start tightening their belts.



Why is A-bian still on TV?

Cao Changqing (曹長青) was right on the money when commenting on the scandal in which former president Chen Shui-bian’s (陳水扁) finds himself embroiled (“Wipe off that blood and start again,” Aug. 26, page 8).

I hate watching local news at the moment, because most of the “news” is about Chen and his family.

I don’t really care if his daughter lost her temper. I’d probably lose my temper too if it were me.

And I don’t care if the son missed, or didn’t miss, student orientation.

I thought as soon as Chen wasn’t president any longer, I wouldn’t have to hear about him anymore.

I was so wrong.

I often wonder if the Chicoms will be happy with anything less than his death.

Cao was brilliant when he said that the real hero is the one who can stand up again after the fight, regardless of whether the blood is his enemy’s or his own.

I hope that Chen is able to stand upright in the end, after the Chicoms have found a bigger victim to pursue.

If so, he will be a greater man than he was as president.

Shervin Marsh

Lotung, Ilan County

Pan-greens need new coach

Though I appreciate reading about the past corruption of the KMT, I believe there is an attitude that exists among certain pro-independence individuals and groups that should be vigorously challenged.

Politics is often played like sports.

Just like with any professional team, you will have a group of hardcore fans that stick with their team through thick and thin.

I personally admire the loyalty and doggedness of many of these people.

The pro-independence movement in Taiwan is going through a bad season and desperately needs a new coach to lead it forward.

The previous coach has been saddled with allegations of shady financial dealings. Instead of cleaning house, some fans are questioning the fairness of the allegations made against the embattled coach.

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