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LETTERS: New Year's resolution

At the threshold of another major advance in democracy, Taiwanese should use their hard-earned votes to unequivocally express their desire for self-determination.

By doing so, starting with the legislative elections on Jan. 12, Taiwanese will finally be able to thwart the sabotage of the Taiwanese government by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) dominated Legislative Yuan, judiciary and media. This will also defeat China's attempts to annex Taiwan.

This should be a year to celebrate the advancement of Taiwan consciousness; millions of newly awakened Taiwanese now identify themselves with Taiwan.

Taiwanese democracy is also supported by many Chinese dissidents who see Taiwan as a model to be emulated by China.

On March 22, Taiwanese must resolve to vote for the presidential candidate who will work for the nation. Any candidate who advocates unification with China is ignoring the well documented and egregious violations of human rights perpetrated by China. Voters must reject the illegitimate Cairo Declaration -- US president Franklin Roosevelt and British prime minister Winston Churchill had never seen Taiwan in person and they had no right to give the island to Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) as a war trophy -- without the consent of Taiwanese. Chiang's tyrannical rule has been proven worse than that of Japan's colonial forces.

On the same day, Taiwanese should vote in support of the Democratic Progressive Party's UN referendum. This will prevent Taiwan being used as a bargaining chip by China, the unconscionable KMT and foreign nations.

Samuel Yang

Bloomfield Hill, Michigan

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