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Letters: Driving test worse than lottery

I always joked that most Taiwanese drivers must have won their driving licenses in a lottery. Having just passed my driving test I must eat my words. Winning in a lottery requires at least some luck, whereas passing a driving test in Taiwan only requires one hour with a driving teacher to learn how to pass a test in a parking lot. This test has nothing to do with actual driving skills at all.

There are no poles in real life to guide you into a parking space, there are no S corners to drive out backwards, and for sure there are other cars, motorcycles, and people outside that parking lot. As for the motorcycle test, everybody who has ever ridden a bicycle can pass that test with 10 minutes of practice. As with most things in Taiwan, people just learn how to pass a test that has nothing to do with the real world.

How an advanced country like Taiwan can endanger it's own people by letting them loose on each other without any driving skills whatsoever is beyond my understanding.

Herbert Winter

Luzhou, Taipei County

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