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Letters: Chinese interference in UN

Let me see if I got this right; President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) sends a second letter to the UN secretary-general to request consideration for Taiwan's entry to the UN. The letter is curtly returned with no reply.

Concurrently, a member of the UN Security Council, China ridicules the Taiwanese leader in particular and the Taiwanese people in general for being so presumptuous as to ask to join the UN, calling the letter "a petty trick ... an extremely grave separatist move, ....[Chen] has once again exposed himself as a downright international troublemaker."

It's already rude for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to not acknowledge a letter representing 23 million people -- but for the Chinese ambassador to the UN, Wang Guangya (王光亞), to sit back in his padded seat with a grin on his face and ridicule the expressed will of Taiwanese is the epitome of rudeness.

Taiwan's request for recognition should be taken up with the full membership of the UN.

The UN's new secretary general is derelict in his job for not enabling such a process -- and for being unduly swayed by China's heavy-handed manipulations to covet Taiwan.

Ken Albertsen


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