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Letters: Beware of China

I agree with Lin Ren-jie regarding China taking advantage of its summer camps to indoctrinate Taiwanese youth into believing in the "one China" myth (Letters, July 27, page 8).

Beijing has synchronized its "three warfares" to incorporate resources from a variety of fields, including politics, ideology, spirituality, psychology and law. "Media warfare" focuses on drawing an uninvolved third party to your side. "Psychological warfare" aims to bring your opponents to collapse. "Legal warsfare" tries to mislead people with false proof.

But the aim of all three is to annex Taiwan through the guise of reunification. Therefore, we should strengthen our psychological defenses, so we won't fall prey to China.

We must construct countermeasures to unite our people. Unity and cohesion are the core strengths of the nation's permanent existence and development. All we can do is clearly understand the true intentions of China and then make an appropriate response to crush its attempts.

Tang Chang-hong


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