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Johnny Neihu's Mailbag

A deportee and a whiter-than-white collar worker get all hot under the collar about Johnny's columns. Dr Neihu's prescription: Empathy therapy and a course on Taiwanese political economy for dummies

Rogerian therapist: "So, you'd like to piss in the face of the first Taiwanese tosser you see."

Kev: "And thinking about those ugly old expats still getting laid with all them slinky slappers makes me wanna punch the shite out of them."

Therapist: "So, you'd like to punch the, er ... `shite' ... out of them."

Kev: "Oi you twat, you making fun of how I talk?"

Therapist: "So, you're angry about me making fun of how you -- "

[Kev floors Therapist with a right hook, then starts stomping on his head.]

Kev: Sod off, you pillock! Toe-rag batty boy! Turd-burgling prat!

Therapist: "So, you're cursing me and stomping on my head."

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