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Letters: Screaming for Mommy

Have you ever been in a shopping center and heard the piecing cry of a child throwing a temper tantrum? Often it's because they've just been told they cannot have something they want. Quite often there is a reason why the parent has told the child no, but a child doesn't understand rules or laws. They want it and they want it now! Now! Now!

If you watch these children you will see a virtuoso performance as they usually know exactly which buttons to push and which strings to pull.

Their voice goes up, screaming into a pitch that makes other's ears hurt. They stamp their feet and cry until they are red in the face. They also fall to the ground forcing the parent to try and drag them away. All along screaming for what they want.

I've been watching the news lately and I've seen a lot of immature people sitting on the ground, not wanting to move, screaming until they are red all over for something, regardless of the rules.

It's about time these people grew up and abided by the laws like every other adult in the world and wait for the justice system to sort out the accusations made against President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁).

There's another tactic children use to get their way, if screaming until they're red in the face doesn't work, they may try to hold their breath until it turns blue!

Michael Gruber


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