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Jones is no victim

As a US attorney and former journalist, I must object that your article "Woman cries foul on US court system" (Nov. 28, page 2) is a sorry excuse for a "news" story and fails to meet the basic journalistic requirement of balance and thoroughness.

The position of the US court to have Jones appear in person is clearly NOT based on racial discrimination as it would apply equally to ANYONE of any color who found themselves in Jones' circumstance.

The facts as presented by Jones and her representative Lee are indeed unfortunate and deserve sympathy. However, it is for the court to decide if what Jones is saying is factual, not for a single legislative representative (read self-serving politician). This is the foundation of the rule of law in US society.

I simply don't believe "white" lawyers in California would not represent Jones based on race. This is beyond ludicrous and would if true be a basis for disbarment of any such individual.

If Jones can't afford the fees quoted by a lawyer, I can't see that there is any blame on the attorney.

I don't believe the US judiciary forced Jones to marry a US citizen, live in the US and give birth to a child who benefits from US citizenship. It is those facts which are at the root of the US court's assertion of jurisdiction.

In trying to find a fair and just resolution to what sounds like a tragic situation and protect the interests of a child, it is only proper that the court require all parties to appear.

Next time call me or one of my colleagues to comment on a story like this.

Your one-sided reporting as represented in the Jones article is harmful to many interests and, in the long run, to US-Taiwan relations.

Joseph M. Lovell, JD


Editor's note: The article was a news report filed by the CNA, not by this newspaper's staff reporters; also, the report was about the allegations made by PFP lawmaker Lee Yung-ping and Jones, and did not necessarily represent the facts of the case.

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