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Two Bali bombers express regret for killing Muslims


Two of the three Muslim militants on death row for involvement in the 2002 Bali bombings said they were sorry for killing fellow Muslims, while insisting their attack had gone according to plan.

In an interview at their remote island prison, taped secretly by national TV channel Lativi, Imam Samudra, 37, and Amrozi, 45, said it was regrettable Muslims were among the 202 killed on the resort island's nightclub attacks.

"Yes, I regret [the Muslim deaths] ... I cried," Samudra said in the interview aired on Wednesday night. But he added that he had bowed "in grace" after the blasts were detonated.

Asked why Bali, Samudra said that it was better to hit one place rather than several and Bali "was the best because there are a lot of infidels."

Samudra said had a group of infidels been outside his own house, "I would have blown up my house."

Amrozi also admitted his regret but repeated a joke made in bad taste while being tried in court, answering when asked whether he regretted the attacks that he was sorry "only 200" were killed.

"I am fasting for two months consecutively, it's to prove that I regret that Muslims were killed. Please say I am sorry for the Muslim victims," said the convict, who has in the past apologized to the families of the Muslims killed.

The Islamic militant was dubbed "the laughing bomber" during his trial for his apparent indifference to victims.

Amrozi said that the Bali attack had promoted the idea of jihad and that his death would ensure the popularity of the concept.

"When I was arrested no one knew of jihad ... now everyone is talking about it, and this is when I am still alive. Imagine after I am dead," he said.

The three militants are being held at Nusakambangan prison off the south coast of Java island, where they were moved from Bali for security reasons.

Two Lativi staff members posed as relatives of the convicts and accompanied their family members to gain access to the men.

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