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I want to drink your blood: Vampire bat’s genetic secrets revealed

If you want to know how vampire bats can survive on a diet that — as everyone knows — consists exclusively of blood, the answer is simple. It’s in their genes. Scientists on Monday said they have mapped for the first time the complete genomeFULL STORY


A: I want to lose weight. Do you have any suitable courses? B: You could take the aerobics class twice a week and add to that some weight-lifting practice. A: Wow, will I be able to develop a six-pack? B: Of course you can. You just need toFULL STORY

Bilingual Arts: Max Ernst’s “Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale”

Max Ernst’s (1891-1976) Deux enfants sont menaces par un rossignol (Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale) was created in 1924, the year the Surrealism movement was officially started. Surrealism straddled art and literature, seeking to — through Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory — achieve theFULL STORY


A: Excuse me, are you looking for a particular kind of watch? B: I’m looking for a watch with a compass that is also digital. A: Normally compass watches don’t have digital functionality, but this style of digital watch can display the time and has a compass. B:FULL STORY

Japan’s “Ice Prince” Yuzuru Hanyu wins Winter Olympic gold
冬奧週日閉幕 「滑冰王子」羽生勇奪金牌

The 23rd Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea will end Sunday, and four Taiwanese athletes are competing this time around, including luger Lien Te-an and speed skaters Huang Yu-ting, Sung Ching-yang and Tai Wei-lin. For the sport of figure skating that has attracted the most attention,FULL STORY


A: I really want to read that book. Should I buy a paper version or the e-book? B: It depends on your needs. A paper book is tactile, but an e-book is all about convenience. A: I like the smell of books, but I’ve got so many,FULL STORY

Ishigaki City holds fundraiser for Hualien earthquake

Following the severe damage wreaked by the Hualien earthquake on Feb. 6th here in Taiwan, Ishigaki City, in Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture, organized a fundraising event outside a stadium during the 2018 Asia Gateway Interleague Power Series being held there. The Lamigo Monkeys team played twoFULL STORY


A: Oh no, earthquake! Can you feel it? B: OK, I’m standing still now. Yes, I can feel it. A: Phew, it wasn’t a big one and it’s over now. What should you do in a big one? B: Well we’re on a high-up floor,FULL STORY

Taiwan Dog

The Taiwanese mountain dog, also known as the “Formosan Dog,” was traditionally used by villagers in Taiwan to guard their houses and aid them in hunting expeditions. For a long time, however, the indigenous Taiwanese dog has been accorded a distinctly lowly status. OriginallyFULL STORY


A: Who is that person over there? He’s always walking around with his nose in the air. B: That’s Bob. He’s not being arrogant, that’s just his posture. A: It looks like he’s always putting on airs. B: I know. It tends to get people’s backs up, butFULL STORY

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