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Taipei hospital’s breakthrough research in retinal regeneration
北榮幹細胞技術突破 視網膜可望再生

Macular degeneration is one of the three main causes of loss of eyesight in Taiwan. At present, it is only possible to retard the degeneration of the condition, with no effective treatment available. Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGH) now hopes to use pluripotent stem cellsFULL STORY


A: I really hate flying. B: Are you scared of heights? A: No, I’m not scared, I just hate having to sit in a seat for hours on end without moving. B: Yeah, you’re quite tall. Sitting on a plane must be torture. A: 我真的很討厭搭飛機。 B: 你會怕高嗎? A: 不怕,但我很受不了在座位上好幾個小時不能動。 B: 你身材比較高大,搭飛機應該很痛苦吧。 English 英文: FULL STORY

COP23 writes rule book
落實巴黎協定 波昂氣候高峰會議至關重要

The 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP23) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held in Bonn, Germany, from Nov. 6 to 17. This was the first major international climate conference since US President Donald Trump announced his intention toFULL STORY


A: What are you rubbing on? B: Eye cream so I can avoid lines around the eyes. A: Your skin is very good as it is. Do you need to rub that stuff on? B: Of course. Once you get wrinkles, they’re there to stay. A: 你在擦什麼? B: 我在擦眼霜,這樣可以預防眼睛四周長細紋。 A: 你的皮膚已經很好了,還須要擦這個嗎? B:FULL STORY

Uni President plans unmanned retail stores

Uni President Chain Store Corp chairman Alex Lo has announced that, in order to keep pace with changes in the retail sector, the company is considering allowing the more than 5,000 retail stores it operates across Taiwan to take on a more unique feel andFULL STORY

Talented young musician with autism puts on concert
自閉兒堅持不放棄 上週辦音樂會

Lai Hsiang-wei was diagnosed with moderate autism when he was two years and nine months old. Lai threw all his energy into his love of music and this year has scooped the Presidential Education Award. Lai demonstrated the fruits of his labor by putting onFULL STORY


A: My dog’s getting old. She has cataracts. B: Have you taken her to the vet? A: Yes. The vet said I’d have to take her to a specialist veterinary eye clinic and have her operated on, but we don’t have one in my town. B: I haveFULL STORY

USING IDIOMS 活用成語2017-11-20

Chinese practice 集思廣益 (ji2 si1 guang3 yi4) collecting opinions is of wide benefit 諸葛亮(西元一八一~二三四年)是三國時期蜀國的軍師與丞相。《三國志.卷三九.蜀書》記載,諸葛亮向屬下官員提供了建議,他說:「當你參與政事時,把許多人的智慧結合起來是很重要的,吸收各種意見對你來說會很有幫助。」他繼續說,若因為怕得罪人而避免提出不同的意見,會讓人更難做事。 諸葛亮用「集眾思廣忠益也」來表示收集許多人的不同意見是有助益的。成語「集思廣益」便是由此而來,其字面意思是「收集意見是很有助益的」,或「由廣泛的建議中獲益」。 一個意義類似的英文諺語是「two heads are better than one」(兩個頭比一個頭好),其中「two」意指「多於一個」。我們已知這說法在十六世紀中期之前已在使用了,因為它被收錄在英格蘭作家約翰‧海伍德(約西元一四九七~一五八○年)的《英文諺語全集》中。海伍德寫道: Some heades haue taken two headis better then one: But ten heads without wit, I wene as good none. 海伍德此言說明集結眾人的點子雖是件好事,但如果這些人不是特別聰明(「without wit」),結合眾多人(例如此處所說的十人)的意見卻沒有好處。 英國小說家和學者C.S.路易斯(西元一八九八~一九六三年)為這一概念增添了歷史的面向。他寫道:「Two heads are better than one, notFULL STORY


A: A few days ago I uploaded the photos from my Korea trip, and only one person has left a comment. B: Oh, yes, I saw the photos you uploaded. A: Why didn’t you click “like”? B: You uploaded 600 photos in one go. I haven’t had timeFULL STORY

New parking system at Taoyuan Airport helps drivers find parking and cars2017-11-19

A new parking guidance and car search system recently installed at the P1 and P2 parking lots of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport’s Terminal 1 can help drivers quickly find available parking spots and locate their parked cars simply by entering their license plate number. BothFULL STORY

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