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The Islamic calendar

The Islamic New Year marks the beginning of a new Islamic calendar year, the day the year count is incremented. This year it was celebrated on Sept. 21 for most Islamic countries. Last year it started on Oct. 3, while in 2008 it was asFULL STORY


A: I’ve had a dull ache in my ear ever since I did a dive in the swimming pool yesterday. B: Did you damage your ear drum when you dove? A: I suspect that’s what happened, too. B: You should go and see a doctor. For theFULL STORY

Strictest security check ever for Ariana Grande’s Taipei concert
小天后亞莉安娜攻蛋 安檢史上最嚴

After experiencing the terrorist attack in Manchester, the UK, US singer Ariana Grande has resumed her Dangerous Woman Tour. During her very first visit to Taiwan, she put on a show on Tuesday this week at the Taipei Area. In addition to regular tickets, backstageFULL STORY


A: What do you think of this hotel? It’s very reasonable and very close to the train station. B: OK. Can you show me where it is on the map? A: Sure. It’s here, only two blocks from the station. B: Hmm, the areas around trainFULL STORY

Thirty percent of high school students addicted to smartphones

A new Ministry of Education (MOE) survey published on Sept. 15 has found that approximately 30 percent of junior and senior high school students spend too much time on their smartphones. According to Chou Chien, a professor at National Chiao Tung University’s Institute of Education whoFULL STORY


A: Can you turn the music down a little? I want to take a lunchtime nap. B: It’s not that loud. Can you hear it in the next room? A: Yes, I can. The walls aren’t very soundproof. B: No problem. I’ll use headphones. A: 可以把音樂調小聲一點嗎?我想要午睡一下。 B: 我沒有放很大聲耶。你在隔壁房間聽得到嗎? A:FULL STORY

Countries to ban gasoline and diesel cars to reduce air pollution
減少空汙 各國將逐步禁止汽柴油車

Lung cancer has become one of the most common fatal diseases in Taiwan. This is not exclusive to smokers: non-smokers are increasingly at risk of getting the disease in recent years, too, highlighting the threat air pollution poses to health. Diesel emissions are listed as GroupFULL STORY


A: This is the first time I’ve ever seen a NT$200 bill. B: NT$200 notes are really rare, but they’ve been in circulation for more than 10 years now. A: Really. So why are they so rare? B: Not many were printed in the original runFULL STORY

Latest North Korean missile test fails to ruffle markets’ feathers
北韓射彈不驚 新台幣午盤貶轉升一點三分

Last Friday North Korea fired another missile over Hokkaido in northern Japan, however global financial markets seemed unperturbed, with the New Taiwan dollar ending the morning session up. The NT dollar gained against the US dollar, rising NT$0.013 to close at NT$30.093 at the endFULL STORY

Tainan gets an artistic makeover for this year’s Taiwan Design Expo
台灣設計展暖身 十八裝置藝術吸睛

Tainan’s famous historic districts are about to undergo an artistic makeover. In addition to the huge flock of sheep that has commandeered the lawn outside Chihkan Tower, one of the events at this year’s Taiwan Design Expo, “Dancing together in the city — street cornerFULL STORY

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