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B: Doctors say that if you are healthy and asymptomatic, there’s no need to wear a face mask.

A: I see, but I read that the novel coronavirus has an incubation period of two weeks. Someone could have no symptoms, but still be spreading the disease.

B: Yes, but if you avoid densely populated public spaces such as movie theaters or festivals, the risk of contracting the virus is apparently very low.

B: 醫生們的建議是說,如果你健康狀況良好、沒有症狀,就不需要戴口罩。

A: 我懂了。但我也有看到報導說,新型冠狀病毒有兩個星期的潛伏期,所以有些人可能沒有症狀,但是仍然在傳播疫情。

B: 沒錯,但如果你避免去人潮擁擠的公共場所,例如電影院或是節慶活動,那麼感染到病毒的風險顯然就會變得很低。

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