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A: What happened to your glasses? It looks like a car drove over them.

B: I was playing badminton outside my house yesterday. My glasses flew off into the road just as a cyclist was riding past. One of the arms went under the wheel.

A: No wonder they’re all bent out of shape. Can you have them repaired?

B: I doubt it. Looks like I’m going to have to shell out another NT$4,000.

A: 你的眼鏡怎麼了?看起來好像被車輾過。

B: 我昨天在我家外面打羽毛球。打到一半眼鏡飛出去掉在路上,一名腳踏車騎士正好騎車經過。一邊的鏡架就被車輪壓過去了。

A: 難怪它們都被折到彎曲變形了。它們還能修復嗎?

B: 應該不行吧。看來我又要再掏出新台幣四千元了。

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