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B: Hey, wake up sleepyhead. The boss is coming our way.

A: Oh, thanks for the heads-up. I had a bad night’s sleep last night: Around midnight, just after I drifted off, I was woken up by fire truck sirens.

B: Gosh, was there a fire?

A: Yep, in an old apartment building, just a few doors down from me.

B: 嘿,瞌睡蟲快醒來,老闆朝我們這邊走過來了。

A: 喔,感謝你的提醒。我昨晚睡得不太好︰午夜才剛入睡,就被消防車的警笛聲給吵醒了。

B: 天啊,發生火警囉?

A: 對啊,是一棟老舊的公寓大樓,就離我住的大樓不遠。

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