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Director Ang Lee, actor Will Smith to visit Taiwan
《雙子殺手》上映 李安、威爾史密斯襲台

Taiwanese director Ang Lee, right, and US actor Will Smith attend the premiere of Gemini Man in Budapest, Hungary on Sept. 25.

Photo: EPA

Gemini Man, a new film by Taiwanese director Ang Lee, will open in Taiwan on Lee’s 65th birthday on Wednesday next week — two days before it hits the screens worldwide. The director, lead actor Will Smith, and movie producers are set to visit Taipei from today to Tuesday, and will attend the premiere at the Miramar Entertainment Park on Monday.

The sci-fi movie tells the story of a hitman being hunted by a much younger “clone” of himself, as Smith confronts a computer-generated character of a 23-year-old Smith. When asked what advice he would give to his younger self if he could go back to the past, the superstar joked: “I would say, ‘Why didn’t you do The Matrix?’”

However, since the movie was actually made in “3D+” with a rate of 120 frames-per-second (fps), no theater in Taiwan is capable of playing it in the original format. All screenings this time, including IMAX, will run at either 24 or 60 fps.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)






1. Gemini n.


(shuang1 zi3 xing1, shuang1 zi3 zuo4)

2. premiere n.

首映會 (shou3 ying4 hui4)

3. sci-fi adj.

科幻的 (ke1 huan4 de5)

4. clone n.


(fu4 zhi4 ren2)

5. frames-per-second n.


(mei2 miao3 xian3 shi4 zhen1 shu4)

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