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A: I’m getting the hang of crossing the road now. In Vietnam you just have to keep walking and the scooters will weave around you.

B: Yes, the rider will have seen you and will get out of your way, but if you panic and freeze, you’ll actually confuse them and might cause an accident.

A: It’s totally the opposite in Taiwan: never assume the driver has seen you.

A: 我開始掌握到過馬路的訣竅囉,在越南你要勇往直前,機車就會從身邊穿梭而過。

B: 對啊,騎士們一定會看到你並自動閃開,但如果你太慌張或呆住不動,會讓他們搞不清楚反而可能發生車禍。

A: 這跟在台灣完全相反︰在台灣千萬別假設駕駛一定會看到你。

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