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A: I can imagine what it would be like having domestic robot helpers, with white metal cladding, looking like benevolent Stormtroopers in aprons, rolling around on wheels. How do they climb the stairs?

B: Actually, they’re very life-like, modeled on young adults. For the most part, they’re quite attractive.

A: So how can you distinguish between the robot and a real human being?

A: 我可以想像有家庭機器人傭工會是什麼樣子,包著白色金屬,身穿圍裙對人親切的機械兵團,裝著輪子到處趴趴走。他們要怎麼爬樓梯啊?

B: 事實上,機器人看起來很逼真,他們以年輕人為範本,整體上蠻有吸引力的。

A: 那要如何區分人類和機器人呢?

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