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A: The woman came to and wondered what she was doing on the floor.

B: Perhaps she had lost consciousness before she had fallen.

A: Then the doctors started asking her how she felt. They had equipment to test her blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

B: Perhaps she hadn’t eaten lunch and she was hypoglycemic, or anemic or diabetic, giving her low blood pressure. Or perhaps she had sunstroke.

A: 那位女士自己也覺得很奇怪,怎麼醒來人就在地板上。

B: 她可能是先失去意識,然後才倒地的吧。

A: 後來醫生開始詢問她有沒有哪裡不舒服?血壓計跟血糖機都帶來了。

B: 或許她沒吃中飯導致血糖太低,或是貧血、還是糖尿病導致血壓太低,也有可能是中暑了。

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