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Amazon’s facial recognition causing human rights concerns
亞馬遜「臉部辨識」技術 引發人權爭議

Researchers at Yuan Ze University’s Department of Industrial Engineering and Management in Taoyuan display their newly-developed facial recognition system on Jan. 22.

Photo: Wu Po-hsuan, Liberty Times
照片:自由時報記者吳柏軒 Inc. announced on June 10 that the company will continue to offer its facial recognition (FR) technology to any government agency that follows the law, in contrast with rival Microsoft Corp. “We will serve the federal government, and they will have to use the technology responsibly,” said Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services. He also hoped that the authorities in charge would act promptly, “otherwise, you’ll have 50 different laws in 50 different states.”

According to Reuters, Microsoft said that the company had rejected a similar deal with a California law enforcement agency, fearing that it might lead to innocent women and ethnic minorities being “disproportionately” held for questioning. Such “artificial intelligence” (AI) tools are often trained largely on images of white men.

Despite Amazon’s announcement, the New York Times reported on the same day that tens of thousands of images of travelers and vehicle license plates stored by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have been hacked recently, once more highlighting the security issue.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)






1. Amazon n.

亞馬遜 (ya2 ma3 xun4)

2. facial recognition phr.


(lian3 bu4 bian4 shi4)

3. responsibly adv.


(fu4 ze2 ren4 de5)

4. innocent adj.

無辜的 (wu2 gu1 de5)

5. disproportionately adv.


(bu4 cheng2 bi3 li4 de5)

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