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A: At first, she was complaining about pains in her chest, so we took her to the rehabilitation clinic, where she had electrotherapy and stretching exercises for a number of weeks. She seemed to be improving.

B: Actually chest pains are a sign of kidney problems. Healthy kidneys produce hemopoietin hormones. Without these, the body can lack oxygen, leading to fatigue and muscular pain.

A: 一開始外婆說她胸口痛,所以我們帶她去看復健科,連續好幾個星期都固定回診做電療跟伸展,她確實感覺有好一點。

B: 其實,胸痛好像是腎功能異常的徵兆之一,健康的腎臟會製造紅血球生成素。要是缺少紅血球,身體裡面的氧氣就會減少,自然會感覺疲倦跟肌肉痠痛。

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