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Taiwan’s Dragon Boat Festival zongzi gold rush
搶端午商機 量販、超商「粽動員」

Bundles of wrapped zongzi.

Photo: Liu Hsiao-hsin, Liberty Times

In the battle for a slice of the Dragon Boat Festival gift and zongzi (glutinous rice dumplings) market, convenience store franchises President Chain Store Corp (PCSC) — which runs the 7-Eleven brand in Taiwan — and Taiwan FamilyMart are reporting they have already sold 20 percent more preorders compared with last year. Meanwhile, supermarket chains Pxmart and Carrefour Taiwan have teamed up with well-known chefs and restaurants to release flagship zongzi products, and they expect sales growth to the tune of 10 to 20 percent this year.

According to PCSC, traditional northern-style zongzi are selling the fastest, such as authentic pork zongzi in collaboration with Jia Chi Wan restaurant, preorders for which have already reached 6,000 sets. The company is predicting overall sales during the holiday period to be 25 percent higher than last year.

Meanwhile, FamilyMart has arranged its Dragon Boat Festival preorders around the twin strategy of “creative collaboration” and “rice feast.” Through trans-industry collaboration, the company is extending the festive tradition of eating zongzi to introduce tastes from other rice-based cuisines, which it says has pushed preorder sales 50 percent above last year’s levels.

FamilyMart says best sellers within its “creative collaboration” range are Green Giant sweetcorn flavor zongzi and Kokto Maitake mushroom and Taiwan red quinoa vegetarian zongzi. Its branded range of zongzi come from Kinmen’s Liu Family Zongzi restaurant and include their classic “mini zongzi,” “ice crystal sweet zongzi” and “wild ginger lily zongzi” — currently FamilyMart’s top three best selling zongzi products.

Carrefour says last year its Dragon Boat Festival business takings totaled nearly NT$30 million (approx. US$953,500). The company says this year it will be jumping in feet first on to the nationwide trend for “crazy zongzi” and will offer a total of 56 different varieties, with featured seafood varieties including premium quality salmon “double flavor” zongzi: scallop in XO sauce with salmon zongzi. The company expects to achieve 10 percent growth on last year’s sales.


1. Dragon Boat Festival phr.

端午節(duan1 wu3 jie2)

2. preorder n.

預購(yu4 gou4)

3. flagship adj.

主打的(zhu2 da3 de5)

4. jump in feet first phr.

迎戰(ying2 zhan4)

5. premium quality phr.

頂級(ding3 ji2)

6. roadside banquet phr.

辦桌(ban4 zhuo1)

Finally, Pxmart has enlisted the help of two famous “roadside banquet” masterchefs A-chiu and Benson Ko to produce old-fashioned flavor zongzi and spicy-hot zongzi. Pxmart has also teamed up with Jia Chi Wan and Formosa Chang restaurants to sell their branded zongzi and the supermarket chain expects this year’s offerings will boost sales by 20 percent.

(Translated by Edward Jones, Taipei Times)








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  • President Chain Store Corp anticipates sales of Dragon Boat Festival related products will be substantially higher than last year.

  • FamilyMart has teamed up with famous brands and restaurants to offer special varieties of zongzi this year.
  • FamilyMart expects an increase in preorder sales just shy of 50 percent.

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