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A: Nightjars are nocturnal and it’s their breeding season. What you’re hearing is their mating call.

B: I’ve read that this type of bird is known for disturbing people’s sleep, but where do they build their nests? I’ve never seen one.

A: Nightjars will seek out apartment building roofs that are not in use. There, they hatch their eggs and raise their young.

A: 夜鷹是晝伏夜出的鳥類,現在正好是繁殖季,所以你聽到的是求偶聲。

B: 我確實有聽過新聞報導,說這種鳥類擾人清夢。但它們都在哪裡築巢啊,我從來都沒有看過。

A: 夜鷹會尋找廢棄無人使用的公寓頂樓,直接在上面孵蛋跟養育雛鳥。

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