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A: How does the tea get its honey aroma, do you know?

B: Yes, leafhopper insects called Jacobiasca formosana, suck plant sap from the tea stems, leaves and buds. This causes a chemical reaction which produces the tea’s distinctive honey aroma.

A: Ah I see.

A: 這種茶是怎麼樣獲得蜂蜜的香氣的啊?你知道嗎?

B: 我知道哇,有一種葉蟬類昆蟲,叫做小綠葉蟬,會從茶樹的枝幹、葉子和嫩芽吸取樹汁。因此導致化學反應,製造出這種茶獨特的蜜香。

A: 哦,我了解了。

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