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AI technology causing sensation in translation world
「人工智慧」技術 轟動全球翻譯界

Three foreign nationals display Xiaobao AI translation sticks at a news conference in Taipei on Nov. 11 last year, held to announce the launch of the Chinese company’s product into the Taiwanese market.

Photo: Wu Pei-hua, Liberty Times

Through artificial intelligence (AI), there may be another kind of imagination for translation, said Nicolas Bousquet, the scientific director of Quantmetry, a French consulting firm specializing in AI. The expert made the comment when attending a forum, titled “Translation in the Era of Artificial Intelligence,” at the 2019 Taipei International Book Exhibition on Feb. 15.

Earlier last year, Quantmetry and German start-up DeepL shocked the industry by completing the translation of an 800-page book in 12 hours using AI. It would take a translator about five to six months to translate a book that thick. However, translator Mu Zhuo-yun believes that since humans and machines comprehend sentences differently, only the former is able to truly capture the more artistic conception of literature that an author wants to convey.

In addition to the evolution of written translation, the demand for real-time language translation devices that translate speech, images and street signs is on the rise. Some AI-powered gadgets even boast that they are capable of interpreting 30 to 40 languages.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)






1. artificial intelligence phr.


(ren2 gong1 zhi4 hui4)

2. imagination n.

想像 (xiang3 xiang4)

3. translate v.

翻譯 (fan1 yi4)

4. translator n.

譯者 (yi4 zhe3)

5. interpret v.

口譯 (kou3 yi4)

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