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A: Has NASA’s New Horizon space probe made any other important discoveries?

B: Yes, in 2015 it flew past Pluto and showed scientists that the planet is actually slightly larger than previously thought.

A: Interesting.

B: Not only that, it also revealed that there are methane-rich dunes on Pluto’s surface.

A: 美國太空總署的「新視野號」還有獲得其它重要的發現嗎?

B: 有哇。它在二○一五年飛過冥王星,讓科學家知道這顆行星其實比之前認為的稍大一些。

A: 真有趣。

B: 不只如此,這艘太空船還揭露出冥王星表面有富含甲烷的沙丘。

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