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A: So, the question is, was she trying to pull a fast one, or was she delusional?

B: It might simply have been a case of her being an attention seeker, just looking for her 15 minutes.

A: I’ll give you a clue. The university had air conditioning.

B: Oh, I see. You want me to deduce the answer, based upon the facts.

A: 所以問題是,她到底在騙人,還是有幻覺呢?

B: 也有可能單純是她想要獲得大家的注意,只是在追求那成名的十五分鐘。

A: 我給你一個線索:那間大學的實驗室有空調系統哦。

B: 我知道了。你想要我自己根據事實推論出答案。

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