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A: The scientists tested the husband first. Just as his wife had asserted, he did not have the special power.

B: And then they tested the woman and her children?

A: They placed a range of metal objects on their skin. All the objects, without exception, slid off and fell to the ground.

B: Well, that was predictable, but I’m still waiting for the explanation.

A: 那些科學家就先測試了丈夫。正如同那位太太所聲稱,丈夫沒有特異功能。

B: 然後他們再來測試這名女士跟她的孩子們嗎?

A: 科學家把好幾種金屬物件放在她們的皮膚上。結果全部的物件通通滑落下來掉到地上,沒有例外。

B: 嗯,這是預料中的事,不過我還在等一個解釋啊。

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